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When you swim in the ocean of online advertising you want to swim with sharks, Media Shark to be exact. So if you want a digital advertising agency that offers the best advertising strategy fit for your company then you have swam to the right sharks. We’ll bite right into the digital marketing plan that won’t get away from our jaws.

Dynamic Creative

Dynamic Creative

Optimize your message with data-driven creative that adapts to your audience in real-time

Audience & Data

Audience & Data

Utilizing 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data, our ad management platform targets audiences tailor made for your brand

Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media

Omnichannel campaign management across display, mobile, native, video, CTV, digital audio, paid search, and paid social

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

24/7 Access to customized reporting dashboard 24/7 to unlock key data trends & campaign insights

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A Few Of Our Partners

With the help of various platforms we make sure that your custom marketing solution is exactly what your company needs.

How We Dominate

Behavioral Targeting
Targeting the right people is of paramount importance when running ads online. That is why Media Shark specializes in strategizing the right combination of demographics, audiences and geographic data needed to ensure your digital ads reach the right people the first time. We have the expertise your company needs, giving your organization the competitive edge in your digital advertising efforts.
Digital Advertising
Offering the best advertising plan fit for your company, Media Shark specializes in digital marketing efforts with our our impressive strategize and investigate platform. No matter the digital ad type or platform your organization needs to run on, Media Shark has the specializations your company needs to ensure only the highest quality customers interacting with your ads for maximum return on ads.
Conversion Optimization
The culmination of any good digital marketing strategy is the payoff. More importantly the conversion goals an organization is looking to obtain for paid online marketing success. That is why conversions are top of mind in any Media Shark digital advertising strategy. We succeed through a relentless pursuit to improve every campaign for optimal conversion goals at the highest value from your ads.
Custom Tailored Reporting
At Media Shark we know the shark is only as good as its bite. That is why all of our digital advertising services come with stunning custom reporting. Media Shark’s live reporting platform derives data directly from the ad networks your ads run on which establishes complete accuracy. Our reporting gives your organization the information needed to strategize intelligent advertising decisions to help grow your business with Media Shark.

Our Niche

Auto Dealers

Getting new customers hyped up to visit your dealership

Small Business

Helping the little guys compete with their goliath


Letting others know you are here to help them


Bringing a friendly face to the dental industry (its working!)


Ready to scale but need some help with where to do it

White Label

Growth with the help of others to reach your goals


Sell sell sell, we bring you the customers to make those sales.


Even institutions need help bring in prospective students

Ad Results Estimator

These numbers are based on industry standards and our own data. We strive to outdo any numbers that you may see here. We’re not happy with “industry standard.”

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