How to Increase YouTube CPM Rate for New Channels

YouTube CPM rate

It goes without saying that YouTube is one of the best content sites on the Internet today. It’s also a reliable tool for businesses. As social media is used as a tool for promoting a business, having a popular YouTube channel is also beneficial for building an audience, and increasing your customer base. Knowing how to improve your YouTube CPM rate will help you grow faster in 2020.

Have you ever wondered about the importance of the YouTube CPM rate?

CPM stands for cost per mile. This is the cost that advertisers have to pay when an ad is shown on a YouTube video.

This is a crucial aspect of advertising on YouTube. If you have a new YouTube channel, you want to increase the CPM rate. This is imperative for your digital marketing strategy. By implementing this, you’ll increase your revenue and it will lead more interested advertisers to your YouTube channel.

So how do you achieve this?

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to show you how.

The Guide to Increasing Your YouTube CPM Rate

CPM is the cost that an advertiser pays to have their advertisement shown on a YouTube video. The payment goes toward the YouTube platform and a portion goes toward the YouTube channel creator.

It is the rate that the advertiser has to pay for every 1,000 views that the YouTube video reviews. If the rate that the advertiser pays increases, then so does the commission given to the channel creator.

Here’s what you need to know on how to increase the CPM rate:

1. Appease the Advertisers

As a YouTube creator, you may be tempted to think that YouTube is there to serve you and make you rich like your favorite YouTube stars and vloggers! But your business and its channel is not the main concern for YouTube.

YouTube’s focus is to have more advertisers to place their ads on YouTube videos. This will only happen if there are videos that accumulate many views. But these videos will only accumulate views if they produce great content.

You need to focus on creating good content. You also want to consider the profitable niches and topics that draw advertisers in.

Your business has to always keep in mind that it has to appease the advertisers in order to increase the CPM rate. 

A great strategy, to begin with, is to look at the popular videos on YouTube in your particular niche. If they are showing ads and have high viewership, it means that they are doing something right. You need to analyze these videos to get an idea of the track you should be on.

2. Understand the YouTube Analytics

You need to understand what progress your channel is making – or not making you need to understand how YouTube analytics works.

These analytics will tell you what you’re doing right and what needs to improve. The YouTube analytics provide information regarding the views each of your videos has accumulated, the total number of subscribers, and of course, your monetization efforts. 

You will be able to see the progress that your channel is making. It’s crucial for every business to understand its YouTube analytics as one would want to know website analytics and social media analytics.

You want to focus on increasing video views and your subscriber count. 

3. Understand Google AdSense Reports

To earn income to your YouTube videos, once you qualify, all you have to do is sign up with Google AdSense. Your advertising revenue will be earned through Google’s AdSense service.

Once you create your AdSense account, you need to learn how to understand Google AdSense reports. 

Your reports will let you see a variety of metrics including page views, impressions, clicks, among others. You will also be able to look at the revenue per thousand impressions, also known as RPM. This will help you estimate your potential earnings.

We also suggest understanding how Google AdSense works. As it’s not catered to YouTube advertising, you can understand how it creates ads and what it’s looking for when looking for video content to advertise on. If you boost Google rankings, you’ll also see a greater engagement on YouTube.

4. What You Need to Know About User Engagement

So how do you measure user engagement with your YouTube channel and videos? How do you ensure that you are doing the right thing and working to increasing your YouTube CPM rate?

For example, you need to look at your views and then look at your likes and dislikes. Are there many views of your video but few people are expressing their opinion (like or dislike) of the video? 

If you are experiencing the above example, then you should consider that your video is unable to truly grip your audience. Perhaps it’s playing in the background but they aren’t paying close attention to it?

If your video has many views and more dislikes than likes, you might want to consider removing it altogether. Or you may wish to consider that either the quality of the content is poor or that the audience doesn’t like the content (in terms of the topic) itself.

You can even test out your videos first with a keen audience. Before making your videos public, share them privately with trusted individuals and groups to see how they react to your content. This will give you an idea of what’s working and what’s not.

5. Be Authentic

While only you can decide what is the best content to create for your audience. One thing that you do have to keep in mind is being authentic.

An advertiser doesn’t want to bet their money on content that is rehashed and unoriginal. Similarly, an audience will get bored with seeing the same content over and over again. At times, being authentic may only target a niche audience. But being too vague will certainly not attract a large audience.

You may have to consider being “clean” with your content. While adult-oriented content can certainly find advertisers, if you lay off the vulgar language or any other adult content, you are likely to attract a broader range of advertisers.

You want to look at the most popular YouTubers as well as your favorite YouTube channels. It’s very likely that the reason that they are popular and why you like them is that they are unique in the type of content that they produce. Make sure you also stand out with your content.

6. When Ad Space Is Purchased

Advertisers are always looking to promote brands and services on YouTube. However, there are times that are busier than others. 

The busiest times will usually be the winter holiday season. Any time around a national holiday will also be a great time to boost video views or create a relevant video. If there’s a release of a slew of blockbuster films, then this is also when advertisers are particularly busy.

During the time that advertisers are their busiest, you should also be your busiest. This is the time to produce more videos than you normally would. This can also be the time to extensively promote previous videos more.

When ad space is in demand, you want to make sure that you are front and center for advertisers.

7. Repeat What Works

While you should always strive to create original content, it doesn’t hurt to follow what has already been working.

Look at your most popular videos and try to continue on the same theme. Maybe you can do a ‘sequel’ to such videos. For example, do you have a popular ‘Top 10 of 2019′ type video? If so, follow it up with a Top 10 of 2020’ video.

You will soon see what your audience responds to the most. This is the content you should focus on repeating and following up.

These videos are also the ones that advertisers may want to target the most. You also want to look at what videos bring in the most money. These are the ones that are working most with advertisers and should be the ones that you focus most on.

8. Understand What Is Advertiser-Friendly

You need to understand that not all content will be advertiser-friendly. As we mentioned, it’s best to not create adult content as this will turn off many potential advertisers. 

However, YouTube also has its own guidelines as to what is acceptable advertiser-friendly content. While this can change at a whim and you always need to be aware of new guidelines put out by YouTube, in general, you should avoid creating content centered around race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, politics, sex, excessive profanity, among other factors.

If you are excessive with “offensive” content, it can also lead to your channel being entirely demonetized and it can even lead to your channel being shut down entirely. Always err on the side of caution and produce family-friendly content so that you are always adhering to YouTube’s guidelines.

9. SEO For YouTube

YouTube’s search engine also uses Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This means that there are keywords that you can use in your video to help your video show up in search results.

Do your research on what keywords are most prevalent in your niche. These keywords should be included in your video’s title and description.

While you may be tempted to use metaphor or allegory in your video’s title, it helps show up in search results if you are direct. For example, if ‘Vacation’ is a widely-searched keyword in your niche, your video title should read ’10 Places For Your Next Vacation’ rather than something abstract like ‘Where Your Next Sojourn Should Be.’

In your description, use a few keywords that will bring your audience in. You can also research popular hashtags and use these in your description to bring in an audience.

Remember that advertisers are also looking to target an audience that is searching with particular keywords. By implementing SEO strategies in your video’s copy, you are bringing in advertisers as well as an audience.

10. Make Your Content Accessible

One major feature that even seasoned content creators miss out on is making their content more accessible. This happens by captioning your videos as well as subtitling them in foreign languages. A third step if you want to go the extra mile is to have a voiceover or different audio versions of your videos in different languages.

By having captions on your videos you will be able to attract an audience who is deaf or hard of hearing. By adding subtitles or dubbing, you will attract a global audience.

Many advertisers want to reach an international audience. This will come from videos that are also catered to reach an international audience. If you go back to add captions, subtitles, and dubbing to your most popular videos you will likely see them become even more popular. This is a surefire way to increase the YouTube CPM rate!

11. Take Advantage of YouTube’s Algorithms

It will take a lot of time to understand YouTube’s algorithm – particularly because this can change at any time.

But as a general rule, you should always keep an eye on what’s trending on YouTube and see if you can create relevant content to this trend. For example, if there is a breaking news story, you know that scores of YouTube creators will create content related to the news. If it fits with your business, then you should also be making content that relates to this breaking news.

By always keeping an eye on what YouTube is promoting, you know what you should focus your content on.

Share This with Your Marketing Team

Now that you have gone through this guide, you should share it with your marketing team. YouTube is one of the more challenging platforms to grow an audience on. It is competitive and video content requires more effort than any other type of content.

Nevertheless, if you follow these steps you will see an increase in the YouTube CPM rate from advertisers. You will see advertisers investing more time and money into your content and your revenue will increase.

As digital marketing can be tricky to navigate, why not reach out to us for a FREE strategy session?

We’ll discuss your brand’s goals and help you increase your presence on YouTube and on other digital media platforms.

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