Your Guide to the Benefits of Organic Traffic

organic traffic

Every day Google processes around 3.5 billion searches. When you set up a website for your company, the goal should be to divert this traffic to your site and turn it into conversions. But where do you begin in such a crowded online environment?

There are many methods to do this but one of the most successful and cost-effective is SEO. Read on as we tell you how to harness organic traffic using SEO for your website. 

What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic describes any website visitors who naturally arrive at your website, using unpaid sources. Mostly, they arrive through a recommendation from a search engine. 

When people type in a search query, the engine will display results that their algorithms believe are the best match to answer the term or question. If you are on top of the results, you stand to get the traffic for that search. 

How Do I Increase Organic Traffic?

The organic search results page is known as the SERPs. The factors that determine how relevant your page is can be vast. Google’s algorithms have over 200 of them. 

Unfortunately, they are often quite secretive about how these work. It also takes a lot of work to hone your website to the point where it gets regular, organic traffic. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO itself is a multifaceted approach, involving processes on your website and externally. When starting it may seem like a mountain to climb, but you will soon find that increasing organic website traffic has numerous benefits. 

1. It Brings High-Quality Traffic

Keywords are terms that users type into the search engines. There are different types of keywords. Some may be short, one-word searches while others may be more extensive and are known as long-tail keywords. 

To get organic traffic, you want a mix of short and long-tail keywords. Generally, long-term keywords will bring less traffic as they are more specific and used less frequently. However, because they are specific they bring in high-quality traffic. 

Imagine you have two search terms. The first is ‘Red Sneakers.’ Many people type this into Google every day and people who do will generally visit a few websites, browsing through various products. 

If the keyword is ‘Nike Air Jordan Limited Edition Red Sneakers 2022’ then the person knows exactly what they want. They probably have an end goal in mind which will be purchasing the product. You can harness this high-quality traffic and increase purchases with the right keywords. 

2. It Is Free

Any website traffic that occurs as a result of organic searching is free. You can have paid ads on search engines, but they are not always as effective. That means every lead you generate comes at the cost of nothing. 

Of course, you need to put in a lot of time to get to this point. If you decide to do SEO yourself, at the start it can quickly begin to match the hours of a full-time job.

That is why people decide to put money into it and quicken up the process. This can be done either by hiring people to create content or by getting people to optimize their website

3. Increase Brand Awareness

When you improve your SEO you will start to appear higher in the SERPS. Even if people don’t follow your link, they will see it and recall it as a leading company in the field. This boosts your brand awareness. 

Brand awareness is a measure of how recognizable an organization is to its target audience. When people see your website in multiple searches, they are more likely to notice it. 

Not only is this great for customers, but it also positions you as a leading voice in your industry or sector. When you combine this with high-quality content, competitors, possible collaborators, and leads will all view you as an expert. 

4. Give a Competitive Advantage

Keywords also have certain levels of competition. Understandably, the ones that have the most searches attract the most competition. Yet these are not always the best ones to target, particularly if you are a small business.

The chances are that you won’t be able to compete with major brands and stores for big keywords. Instead, you should carefully find keywords that have good traffic but low competition. You can snag the traffic giving you a competitive advantage. 

In some cases, you can even spy on the competition using SEO tools. By checking what words they are ranking for, you can take the ones they have missed. 

5. Provides Long Term Results

When you end a paid marketing campaign, the results tend to tail off quite quickly. The same works with any paid campaign online. One of the benefits of an organic traffic strategy is that your results remain long-term.

One of the key ranking factors for search engines is how much traffic your site already gets. When you increase your SEO, you get more traffic and a snowball effect begins. 

This does not mean you can do SEO and forget about it. Good SEO should be embedded into everything you do. You may need to create content, update your technical specifications once in a while, and adapt to any changes made by the search engines.

Starting Your Organic Traffic Journey

Now you know the benefits of organic traffic, you need a solid SEO strategy to begin. If you don’t have the expertise, don’t be afraid to get assistance. It can quickly become a full-time job in itself. 

Go Media Shark should be your first stop for digital marketing. We drive results and sales, taking your digital dollar further. Contact us here and let us help you thrive in the digital economy. 

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