7 Common WordPress Mistakes You Need To Fix

WordPress is a fantastic tool for building websites. It has a number of options for customizing and enhancing features. It is easy to use for beginners, yet complex enough to be customized by experienced designers. 

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When starting a WordPress site, there are a few mistakes many first-timers make. In this article, we help you by providing our 7 common WordPress mistakes that you need to avoid!

Going Overboard With Plug-Ins

WordPress runs on plugins, and there are many that add a lot of functionality to your site. But plugins often have a flip side to them. They can slow down your pages and cause a lot of problems. 

When you spot a really good plugin, question yourself and decide if you really need it. Although it may be helpful, is it going to benefit your site in terms of sales or conversions? Will it increase your SEO score or make your site user friendly? 

If you really need it, take a look at the stats. Is it compatible with your version of WordPress and is it updated regularly? Check online testimonials to see what others say about how well it works and if it can be used. 

Ignoring Updates

Generally, websites are updated to improve user functionality and improve security. WordPress updates are tested rigorously and it is very seldom that they will break or crash your website. However, many people still cling on to this belief. 

Updating is quick and easy, so no webmaster should have any excuse to avoid it. By not updating you are open to hacking, exposing the data of yourself and your users. You will also miss out on all the great new functions WordPress has to offer.

If the upgrade does cause problems, they should be easy to fix. Any plugin worth keeping on your site should hopefully have people ready to fix bugs if they cause problems, or you can find an alternative elsewhere.

Using Weak Admin Names and Passwords

Admin is the default username for anyone who starts a WordPress site. In the excitement of building the visual aspect and adding all the plugins, it can often be very easy to forget the security aspect of what you are doing. Change your login immediately. 

WordPress is a very common target for hackers. As such, a weak password leaves it open to attack, and people will attack it. Use a long password that contains both numbers and symbols making it much harder to crack. 

Installing Free Themes

Wanting a unique looking website that costs very little is a tempting promise. The internet is filled with free WordPress themes that promise the earth. You may even find one that lives up to expectations.

The truth is that most of them have hidden codes and links that will hinder your website. If a theme becomes defective or obsolete, it can cause a lot of headaches further down the line.

You really don’t have to pay much for a unique, user-friendly theme that works well. There are lots of companies who will be willing to provide them, tweak them, and many even offer after-sales service. 

WordPress Mistakes 101

If your website goes down and you have not backed it up, you lose everything. It is not stored on a cloud or a hard drive. It is gone. Luckily, backing up a website is much easier and simple than you would believe. 

The manual backup simply involves downloading a file from the backend. If this seems too much, then you can find plugins that will do the job for you. Finally, commercials services are also available. 

Not Installing Caching

Having a fast website benefits you in multiple ways. The first is that Google actually looks at your page load speed for SEO rankings. Slower websites will not rank for topics, meaning people will not find you when they search on Google. 

Secondly, having a slow website will help you lose customers and conversions. You have around 3 seconds to load a page before people close it and go elsewhere. Your site needs to be speedy.

Caching is one way to speed up the delivery of your page. It stores an easily accessible memory so that people who have already accessed your page can use that same set of data. As they are not trawling the whole page and transferring the whole data amount once more, it appears faster in their browser. 

Some plugins or packages that offer to speed up your website may often have built-in caching services. Very often, you may need to empty the cache to see any updates on your page. 

Not Being Mobile Responsive

The good news is that you have created an awesome looking site, with amazing user functionality and speedy load times. The bad news is no one will see it, because you made it for a desktop and everyone is looking at it on mobile. 

Most internet browsing is done on mobile these days, so you need to be mobile-friendly. Again, Google uses this as a ranking tool for SEO. You would be surprised by how many major companies and businesses have slow running mobile sites.

There are a number of ways to address the problem. Start by choosing a theme that advertises itself as user friendly. Secondly, you can create separate mobile pages to direct users to. 

The last idea is to create amp pages. These are essentially lightweight, user-friendly pages fed to mobile. They are much faster than normal desktop pages. 

Build the Perfect Site!

Now you have the website, with no WordPress mistakes in it, all you need to do is let people see it. For that, you need digital marketing, and that is where Media Shark can help. Message us for a quote and to discuss all your digital marketing needs so we can get your website off the ground quickly!

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