Will There Be a Role for Influencer Marketing in 2022?

influencer marketing

Will There Be a Role for Influencer Marketing in 2022?

Sleep naked!

No, that’s not a crazed party order from your frat or sorority. But it was the name of a campaign launched by Swisspers, a US Cotton brand that seized upon a growing trend amongst celebrities that were posting make-up-less selfies. By encouraging beauty bloggers and followers to do the same, the awareness for their “Sleep Naked” Sweepstakes skyrocketed.

And you can cash in on the reach of influencers! So let’s bring back the covers on influencer marketing. Is it worth it in 2022?

The Rise of Tiktok

According to Cisco, over 82% of online content will be videos. And with the video-crazed addicts amongst Generation Z, then Tiktok is looking at a bright future.

You’d best jump on the bandwagon before it gets too crowded. With only a small margin of marketers using the platform in 2021, a mid-year survey from Forbes found that more than half of polled marketing agencies stated that they were going to use the hip new platform.

With its easy-to-use UI, along with a strong emphasis on accessible video editing, brands can reach a wider audience than ever! While Instagram is more tailored for businesses, with heavy brand/product promotion, Tiktok’s emphasis on fun and creativity offers great opportunities to inject some style into your brand’s image. The influencers in the space can connect you to that audience.

Get started blasting ideas onto your planning boards with our six swanky tips!

Partnering Is Easier Than Ever

Influencers are nothing without their content, and platforms are making it easier than ever to whip up wicked-looking forms of it. And with the covid pandemic rocking the world in 2020, now is the time for you to connect to the latest video trends.

Instagram is leading the charge, rising from the social media battlefield with a host of innovative tools, the primadonna of which is “Collabs”, a creator-centric addition that allows users to “collab” together. This opens up spacious windows for an influencer to work with brands on the platform!

This isn’t even counting the “Add Your Sticker” feature, shifting the dynamic of how users interact with Stories. Now, users can react to a brand’s stories by posting their own “Story” in the thread!

So start collaborating! It’s easier than ever!

Growing Incentive for Influencers

The incentive for influencers to partner with you will grow larger than ever in 2022. In June of 2021, Instagram dropped a major bombshell on the affiliate marketing world!

Before, influencers could earn some cash from ads that played along with their content, but that is a mere dip in the water compared to this splash.

With the new Shops feature, creators can now tag products in their content, that they wish to promote. They then earn a commission if a follower buys that product from their video.

This is a new way to appeal to influencers, especially if you play to your niche. It’s also much more responsive to results, as, with blogs and written content, it can take some time for SEO to work its magic. Now, with the power of video, brands can reach new audiences, and makes sales, by a partnership with influencers.

Not too shabby for your brand, eh?

Influencers Will Overtake Your Marketing Funnel

The times are a-changin’, and so is the traditional marketing funnel. Whereas in the “old days”, social media served the purpose of getting consumers to enter the marketing funnel.

Well, with the new tools being thrown into the mix, influencers are now taking over the entire marketing funnel, from awareness to purchase! Landing pages just got a little more lonely!

Social media is becoming the gateway to eCommerce exposure, with more than 130 million users clicking through on links to shops. So if you are struggling with marketing funnels, then now is the time to influencers to build new ones.

The Professional Influencers

But not all influencers are shaded the same. While some are hip and promote to the younger crowd, others ply more professional waters.

Welcome to Linkedin influencers, who were the white-collar. These CEOs and Business executives are providing richer opportunities for B2B companies that are looking to build up brand credibility, and to target a more relevant demographic.

Linkedin’s “Creator Mode” is aimed at filling this void by making it easier for professionals to use their expertise to assist brands in promotional partnerships.

Fight the Death of Cookies

2023 is a dreaded state for many a marketer. Why? Because, according to Google, third-party cookies will meet their demise. This heralds a new reality, that marketers will have to identify new ways to focus on first-party data.

And with niche influencers, you have a great way to appeal to an audience that is engaged and active within their sphere. By utilizing these “middlemen”, you have a door to a greater audience.

So, dive into your data, and let your customers’ purchasing habits talk to you! Use that data to locate “brand champions” who can serve as ambassadors within your marketing strategy.

Still Struggling with Influencer Marketing?

Are you still wading through the mist and haze of influencer marketing? Influencers can be a splendid way to cut through the uncertainty, and connect with a devoted audience that has been fostered through the efforts of an influencer.

But, should the mist be too strong, then we stand ready at your service to slice through it like Samurai Tom Cruise! Check out here to find out how we can launch your brand’s awareness on social media.

Just, put your clothes on, please.

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