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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an online marketing strategy that helps businesses reach more local customers, expand search engine visibility, and earn more revenue. It focuses on boosting your search engine ranking when potential customers search for targeted keywords in your area.

Considering 45% of Google searches are local businesses, investing in local SEO can be incredibly beneficial for your brand. This is especially true for medical practices, hospitality businesses, law firms, and local services.

If you are looking for advice and help to improve your local SEO, Media Shark can help. With 10+ years of experience, we can build a solid local SEO strategy that will consistently build your online presence.

Where do local Search Results Show?

Local search results appear in a boxed area under the pay-per-click ads alongside a map with a dropped pin. Often known as the Local Pack, they are a selection of the most relevant results and are followed by the regular search engine results.

Local 3-Pack

This is a list of three businesses that appear in the “Local Pack” box at the top of the search engine results page. 33% of local searches show up here, while 40% of them go to organic search results, making both important.

Google My Business

An optimized GMB profile allows a business to get on Google’s business directory. It contains vital information about your business, such as contact details, location, address, images, website address, customer reviews, and opening hours.

Ensuring that this information is up-to-date is crucial as it allows your business shows up when customers run a locality search.

Organic Search Results

Improving your overall SEO performance increases your chances of appearing in the coveted Local 3-Pack.

How Can Media Shark Help? Our Local SEO Services

We offer comprehensive local SEO services designed to help growing businesses generate high-quality traffic and increase profitability.

Local Link Building and Listing

We help you develop quality backlinks from trusted sources like local directories, guest-posting sites, citation websites, and social properties. These links give your brand explicit authority when it comes to local searches.

On-Page Optimization

Search engines need to know what your brand is about before it can be ranked. Our local SEO techniques cover all critical on-page optimization factors such as web design, meta tags, and content. This gives you optimal exposure on search engines.

Google My Business

We manage your GMB profile, ensuring it’s optimized with current information. We also provide Yahoo and Bing optimized as part of our managed SEO services.

Our local SEO company ensures that these profiles carry the same brand identity and are optimized for local searches.

Keyword Search and Strategy

We perform extensive keyword research and analysis to identify the industry-specific and local keywords – and map them out for you. Targeting the right keywords brings your business to the forefront of local SERPs, thus expanding your reach and growing your business.

NAP Citations

The name, address, and phone number of your business need to be up-to-date and consistent. We use effective citation-building techniques to ensure that this is the case.

Online Reviews

Many customers check online ratings and reviews before making a purchase decision. Let us help you leverage reviews to improve your business search rankings and appear in the coveted local pack.

Localized Content

Blogs are a great way to provide any relevant information that may not be appropriate for website landing pages. We can localize your meta descriptions, meta titles, page content, image tags, and more to boost your SERP ranking.

The Amazing Benefits ofLocal SEO for your Business

Investing in the best local SEO services can make the difference between a successful and a failing business. Because most growing businesses rely on local customers, focusing your efforts on local SEO can have unparalleled benefits.

Better Online Visibility 

If your business doesn’t appear in the top 5 search results on Google, chances are that your target customers don’t know you exist. Local SEO puts your brand where your customers are and crack into the top search results, thus improving your odds of being found.

Local Return Customers 

Local SEO gives you two touchpoints for nearby consumers. They will discover your business and stop by. Your business can then provide them with an incredible experience and win them as loyal customers. This helps build long-lasting relationships and transforms one client into hundreds of them.

More Relevant Traffic 

About 72% of local searches result in an in-person visit within five miles of the user. With local SEO, you target local consumers who actually need what you are offering.

Take, for instance, a pet store that publishes blogs related to pet care and doesn’t target locals. While it may land hits from all over the world, people won’t travel overseas to purchase a chew toy.

Reduced Ad Costs 

Most customers include “near me” when searching for products or services on Google. By improving your SERPs ranking, local SEO makes it for potential customers to find your products. This saves you the money you would otherwise spend on newspaper ads and other forms of marketing.

Build Business Relationships 

Local SEO ensures that you show up sites, giving you a competitive edge. Let’s say you are a realtor. You can leverage local SEO and cross-promote with an interior design company within the same company.

When another business knows about yours, they will likely mention you in blog posts and refer customers to you.

Why Choose Us for Local SEO?

We tailor every campaign to the unique needs of our clients.

We provide regular updates, direct answers, and proactive check-ins throughout your project.

Our local SEO company believes in keeping promises and deadlines so that you can deliver on yours.

As a leading local SEO agency, we provide high-quality small business SEO services at an affordable cost.

Dominate the Local Marketwith Data-Driven Local SEO

Growing businesses, regardless of the industry, need every advantage they can get to dominate the market.

And what better advantage than Local SEO?

Contact the local SEO experts at Media Shark today to get a customized plan.

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