What Are the Benefits of Diversity Marketing?

diversity marketing

What Are the Benefits of Diversity Marketing?

Diversity in marketing is not just about employing people from different backgrounds, it’s also about using a range of imagery to get your brand noticed. 

91% of people agree that diversity marketing should be the main focus for companies. However, not all companies are successful at making their workplace more inclusive.


Because inclusive marketing means you need the right tools and strategy. Thankfully, after reading this article you’ll have everything you need to make your workplace a friendly and welcoming environment. 

Here’s why diverse marketing is the only way to get success in the business world today. 

What Is Diversity Marketing?

There are so many types of marketing that can attract a diverse audience from digital ADs to social media marketing. Plus, you can’t forget programmatic radio and programmatic video…

But, all these types of advertising are centered on delivering a message to your target demographic. Normally, in email marketing or content marketing, you use words to promote certain products or services. 

With diversity marketing, it’s all about showing the content and motivation behind your brand. This form of marketing aims to include as many people as possible from various backgrounds and ethnicities. 

Now, you might be wondering, how do you make a diverse marketing campaign? 

Diverse Marketing Gone Wrong 

You need to make sure your message is culturally appropriate and authentic. There’s nothing worse than reinforced stereotypes that are meant to attract people but end up insulting their background. 

For example, let’s take a look at the Dolce & Gabbana campaign that caused outrage in China. 

A few years ago, the famous fashion brand released a marketing video aimed at the Chinese market. In the footage, an Asian model is eating Italian food with chopsticks. 

However, Chinese citizens viewed it as offensive and insensitive as it conveyed them as inferior and uncultured. A mistake like this can be easily avoided with the right marketing team which is well informed. 

So, if you do diversity marketing the correct way, you can have huge success! 

And, you can avoid damaging your brand with culturally offensive content. 

Benefits of Diversity Marketing 

At the end of the day, diversity marketing is about making every consumer feel appreciated for their individuality. Whether that be gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or income range it’s the small details that matter. 

Educating your marketing team is the first step to making inclusivity a key part of your brand. Once people understand cultural differences and their importance, you can work towards integrating them into your company.

1. More Business Opportunities 

Online platforms like LinkedIn are already embracing diverse cultures in the workplace which is getting a lot of attention from all over the world.

If you’re struggling to get traffic onto your website, or you’re looking to increase sales then diversity is the secret weapon to reaching more people. Making your brand more relatable is one way to get more attention. 

Now, it doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. It can be as easy as using photos that represent different body types and skin tones. That way, if someone sees a model that looks like them, they feel valued. 

Therefore, you’re more likely to build a loyal community of customers. People want to invest in your company culture just as much as your product. And, diversity marketing is a way to showcase your best side as a business. 

2. Better Reputation

As diversity is becoming a crucial feature in whether or not a consumer buys a product or uses a service, it means that if you decide to improve the inclusivity of your marketing you’re going to succeed. 

If you develop a good reputation for being diverse and inclusive, then through word of mouth your brand will be leading the way for other businesses to follow in your footsteps. 

3. Authentic Branding 

Marketing is no longer about just hitting sales, it’s about making your business appear more authentic.

Personalizing your marketing can be done through emails and social media posts, but if your team of staff isn’t reflecting your content then you could have problems.

To make sure your business is transparent with your target demographic, you can host live chats in the office on social media platforms. Or, you can record vlogs that show a day in a life of an employee.

These small gestures will create authentic branding and prove you are as diverse as you say.

4. Modernize Your Company 

Diversity concerns are very important to the younger generation, which means companies need to keep up with their feedback when it comes to making changes internally. 

If you want to keep employing talented, young staff then diversity is a major component in modernizing your company and making it more appealing to all age groups. 

You don’t want to miss out on talented employees because your brand seems backward and stuck in the past. Apart from these benefits, there are also other reasons to embrace diversity marketing such as:

  • Increased innovation in the workplace 
  • Attracts a diverse group of people 
  • Happier workplace 
  • Better productivity 
  • More employees to choose from 

As you can see, many ways to improve your workplace and make it more inclusive can benefit your business. From, increasing sales to attracting more employees the list is endless! 

However, if you need assistance with diversity marketing, OTT, or google display ads then Media Shark will help you with whatever you need. All you need to do is make a quick call and tell them what you need. 

Thrive With Diversity Marketing 

Diversity marketing doesn’t need to blow your whole budget, it can be as simple as crafting the right social media post, or hiring an inclusive marketing team. 

Yet, even if you do everything the correct way you can still run into problems. Are you struggling to have success with diversity marketing? 

Then, you’ve come to the perfect place. Give Media Shark a call to find out more about what the team can do for you.

Once you’ve unlocked the diversity magic, your brand can only get better!

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