What Are Some Important Programmatic Advertising Tips?

programmatic advertising

What Are Some Important Programmatic Advertising Tips?

Paid advertising could help you generate a 200% ROI rate. After all, 85% of consumers use the internet to find businesses. With a strong programmatic advertising strategy, you can start growing a business with ease!

Not sure how to start advertising using programmatic ad campaigns? Here are nine advertising strategies that can help.

With these advertising tips, you can get more bang for your buck while helping your business grow.

Discover the best ways to advertise online with these tips today.

1. Segment Your Audience

If you’re marketing to a generalized group, your ads might not appeal to consumers. Instead, try to advertise to smaller groups. Focusing on a more precise type of buyer will help you appeal to their needs and interests.

If you can appeal to the consumer’s distinct needs, you might have an easier time converting them into a lead.

You can set your programmatic ad campaigns up for success with segmentation and personalization. First, gather as much demographic research about your customers as you can. Think about age groups, gender, location, or household income.

Then, consider behaviors, interests, pain points, and other psychographics. Psychographic segmentation will help you appeal to the consumer’s mindset.

Using segmentation with your programmatic ads will help you cater your ads to your audience. You can use interest-based ads to ensure your messages are relevant to the consumer.

Once they realize you understand their needs, they might decide to learn more about your business. Then, you can leverage that interest to convert more leads and sales. 

2. Consider Their Journey

Think about every touchpoint between the first time consumers interact with your brand to when they make a purchase. The customer journey can vary based on the consumer and their shopping experience. Understanding the consumer’s journey can help you improve that experience.

First, make sure your website is fast, mobile-optimized, and easy to use. Consider how you’re converting consumers on your website, too. For example, you might use a form or call-to-click button.

Make sure these conversion opportunities are easy to complete.

Nearly 40% of people will stop engaging with a slow website. Conversions can drop up to 20% for each second of load time, too.

Meanwhile, a bad user experience drives almost 50% of people to choose your competitors.

Understand the user’s journey and determine where you can make improvements. Try to offer the best customer service possible as well. Consumers will have an easier time recalling the happy experience they had with your brand.

Make these changes before you begin using the rest of these advertising strategies.

3. Establish Goals

Before developing your campaigns, it helps to outline your goals. Then, you can determine which key performance indicators to track for your campaigns. For example, you might want to track impressions, clicks, or conversions. 

If you don’t establish goals, benchmarks, and KPIs, you could struggle to track your progress. Failing to track your progress can make it difficult for you to make informed changes. Your ROI might not improve over time as a result.

What action do you want consumers to complete after they view your ads? For example, you might want them to start shopping on your website.

Perhaps you want them to fill out a form instead.

Maybe you want to boost brand awareness with eye-catching, branded ads instead. In that case, you can track impressions.

4. Use Powerful Creative 

In order to successfully use these advertising tips, you need powerful, compelling copy and eye-catching imagery. If your ads aren’t eye-catching and creative, people will turn away. Prioritize the look and language featured in your ads.

Keep in mind that your customers will keep changing. They’ll experience new needs, too. Keep adjusting your copy over time to appeal to those changes. 

5. Set Frequency Caps

You can use frequency caps to control the number of impressions for individual users. If a single person sees your ad too often, they could get annoyed. Instead, you can keep them from seeing a duplicate ad.

Adding frequency caps can expand your reach. You can better utilize your budget, too.

Otherwise, displaying redundant ads might damage your brand perception.

6. Leverage Machine Learning

One of the benefits of using programmatic ad platforms is their machine learning capabilities. You can use the machine learning algorithm to improve your bid strategy. Then, you can bid on the best placements to ensure you’re reaching customers at the best price. 

7. Use Exclusions

You can better utilize programmatic advertising platforms by adding exclusions.

First, exclude non-performing audiences. Your ads won’t appear in front of consumers least likely to convert. You can focus on consumers who want and need your offerings instead.

Your conversion rate and ROI could improve as a result.

For the sake of your brand, consider where your ads will appear, too. You might want to exclude certain URLs. That way, you can make sure your ads are placed only on premium websites.

8. Use A/B Testing

If you want to better utilize your advertising budget, make sure to A/B test. Never assume what your customers want or need. A/B testing can help you gather the data you need to improve your ads.

You can adjust call-to-action language, imagery, targeting, and other factors when A/B testing.

9. Review the Data

Once you put these advertising strategies to work, make sure you’re reviewing your data. Determine your reach and ROI. Try to pinpoint which ads are most successful and why, too.

Reviewing your data will help you make informed changes. For example, you might realize your audience targeting is too precise. You might struggle to generate impressions as a result.

Perhaps you want to change the ad language, imagery, or call to action language.

Keep making changes to your ads over time to boost your ROI.

The Best Ways to Advertise: 9 Programmatic Advertising Tips for Success

Set your next programmatic advertising campaign up for success! Get started by using these nine easy advertising tips. With these tips, you can reach more customers and generate more leads.

You don’t have to create your first programmatic ad campaign alone, though. Instead, consider working with an experienced agency this year.

Eager to boost your ROI? We’re happy to lend a hand.

Contact us today to get started. 

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