Voice Search Optimization: Crafting Content Strategies for the Era of Smart Speakers

Voice Search Optimization


If we talk about the concept of using our voices to control the tech we own, it’s not something new. We have been doing this since the 1950s when the first breakthrough was made in this tech space. However, it came to the mainstream when Google dropped its voice search feature in 2011. This simple yet handy function allows us to ‘talk’ to our devices and give them commands.


Fast forward more than a decade later and we can see voice search is everywhere from smart assistants like Siri and Cortana that live in our smartphones and desktop devices to fully voice-controlled homes. The tech leap is mindblowing to think of. The market for such devices will grow to reach 50 billion dollars by 2029.


Today, devices like Alexa are popularized, which have the option of voice search. These are normally small form factor loudspeakers that have a virtual assistant built inside them through which we can control a myriad of functions. Search the internet, control other devices, and the list goes on. 


While some use them for simply setting up alarms, others use them for searching queries on the internet. This has led to what is known as voice search optimization. This means you enhance your website for voice search so it has a higher ranking in search engines and more people can see it. Let’s take a look at how you can craft content strategies for voice search optimization.

Voice Search Optimization in Niche Markets

Having voice search optimization for a business that operates in a niche market like selling athletic wear or running a blog that talks about pet health, is extremely important. This is because this optimization allows them to bring their website or blog in front of the people searching for this term.


Let’s take the example of someone eager to learn the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker, a popular variant of poker. Using their smart speaker they give the voice command for poker instructions such as ‘How to play Texas Hold’em Poker’. A poker website that has voice search optimization configured will find itself listed among the top searches for poker instructions and guidelines.


According to research done, the result at the top of the page has an average click rate of 28.5%. This means nearly one in four people click on the first-ranked result. If your site gets this ranking, people will be more likely to visit it. In our case of poker instructions, a website can create detailed content that targets the relevant keywords of poker so that it shows up on the results page.


As another example, someone running a dry cleaning service could list information like the services they provide along with their location and operating hours. The particulars vary from niche to niche, but the core concept remains the same.

Developing FAQ Pages to Capture Voice Search Queries

An important content strategy to understand is how to develop an optimized FAQ page. Basically, the way a search engine works is that it pulls content from the website that it considers to be featured in the search query. One way to target this is to create an FAQ page.


To capture voice search queries successfully and get the search engine to show your page in relevance you should focus on the detailed aspects of your websites. This should be then included in the FAQ where questions should be present that users might ask. The answers to such questions are usually short and concise which is what Google looks to incorporate in the featured box.


Additionally, going beyond SEO, FAQ pages are incredibly helpful to anyone who wants to learn about your website or business in the shortest amount of time possible.

Creating Conversational Content for Voice Search

Conversational content means that the text of the website is similar to the way people generally speak. This includes using everyday language and toning down the technical terminologies. In the context of voice search optimization, using natural language is crucial because a typical person using smart speakers to run a voice search will say out full sentences.


As an example, someone searching for restaurants is more likely to say “What are the top-rated restaurants in New York” rather than typing “Restaurants New York”. This is because the user talks to smart speakers like they would to another person and so uses full sentences rather than abstracted terms.

Using Structured Data and Schema Markup

These two components are part of the HTML form that makes up the website. Through this, search engines can understand what the content is about and how it is laid out on the webpage. 


Structured data marks up the website with specific tags which the voice assistants can then use to understand what your website talks about. Schema markup is structured data designed for voice search optimization. It allows you to provide detailed information which can help improve how the website is ranked.

With numerous websites established on the web, the competition has increased to new heights. Due to this, ensuring a higher search engine ranking has become necessary. 92 percent of people stick to the first page of results that a search engine shows. And with more people using smart speakers powered by voice assistants to search, it’s become crucial to optimize for voice search so the website is on the top of the search page.

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