Types of YouTube Ads: Choosing What You Need

Are you a marketer who is new to the Youtube realm? If so, there are different types of Youtube ads to consider. Examples of Youtube ads include skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads, and pre-roll ads.

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Bumper ads and pre-roll ads fall into the non-skippable category. With skippable ads, a video usually lasts 30 seconds. At the five-second mark, viewers can the video. There are pros and cons to each ad category.

This article will help you choose the right ad category for you. Read further to know more. 

Skippable vs Non-Skippable Ads 

Non-skippable ads are a great way to get a viewer’s attention. You can place these ads anywhere throughout the video.

Since viewers cannot skip the videos, you’ll get a higher CPM compared to other ad alternatives. Overall, it’s a great option for larger advertisers who want to increase enhance brand awareness.

It’s also effective for smaller advertisers. Regardless of your budget, use non-skippable ads sparingly to avoid frustrating viewers. If there are too many non-skippable ads, the viewers may stop watching the content, especially if the ads pop in the middle of the content repeatedly. 

One of the most effective ways to use non-skippable ads is to make them short. For example, you can insert a six-second ad before a video begins. Six-second ads are called bumper ads. 

Bump ads force advertisers to convey their messages directly. It also grabs the viewer’s attention faster. Also, these snap ads will generate buzz around a new product or brand. 

Pre-Roll Ads

A pre-roll ad is the standard format in the non-skippable category. They usually last around 15 seconds.

The ads can last up to 20 seconds, but 15 seconds is the standard time. These ads can play before, during, or after the video. The 15-second mark is an important timeframe because they’re shorter, and it won’t annoy the viewer as much as longer ads. 

That said, it’s not enough to play generic short non-skippable ads. Regardless of the ad length, most viewers don’t appreciate non-skippable ads. Therefore, you have to find creative ways of reaching them.

  • Example: You can create a pre-roll ad that breaks the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall engages readers directly and maintains their interest. 

Also, you could tell a funny story to grab their attention. Regardless, make a quality ad that conveys your idea succinctly. If you don’t have a clear message, the viewer will ignore your ad, or you may create confusion. 

Skippable Ads

Conversely, you only pay for skippable ads if the viewer watches an entire ad for 30 seconds. Skippable ads are the main reason why Youtube content creates see little ad money despite high view counts. However, skippable ads help advertisers with a budget in mind.

With skippable ads, you will only reach the most engaged viewers who are interested in your brand. Therefore, you may generate more business in the process. With non-skippable ads, you don’t know who is interested in your message and who isn’t. 

Youtube Discovery Ads 

To reach more viewers who are interested in your brand, choose the discovery route. Discovery ads appear in thumbnails, descriptions, and titles.

If viewers want to watch the ad, they must click on the thumbnail. The main benefits of discovery ads include:

  • Higher engagement: You’ll generate higher conversions by reaching people who actively clicked on your ad. If advertisers implement call-to-actions, they can generate over five times more clicks compared to in-stream ads. 
  • Immersion Tools: Discovery ads allow you to tell a compelling story or impress viewers with stellar imagery. 
  • Added Convenience: Viewers will appreciate the option of viewing the ad or not. 

Additionally, you can use discovery ads to boost your subscriber count. Plus, non-video ads are is an ideal choice for how-to or product demo videos. 

These types of videos are usually longer, and most viewers won’t have the patience to sit through them. However, viewers who clicked on the ads are more likely to watch longer ads in full. 

Non-Video Ads

Choose this option if you don’t have a budget for video ads. Non-video ads come in two formats: 

  • Display Ads: These ads usually appear on the right-hand sidebar. You can use images, text, and CTAs to engage viewers.
  • Overlay Ads: Viewers will see the ads on the top of Youtube channels. 

Use non-video and discovery ads if you have longer videos. If you insert a five-minute ad as a skippable ad, the viewer will most likely skip it.

You can maximize your dollars by showing longer videos to viewers who clicked on the link. Moreover, non-video ads are a great way to direct viewers to your website. These ads are also a great option if you have an ad with plenty of information. 

If you have a complex ad, avoid the non-skippable option. Complicated in-stream ads will only confuse viewers, causing them to ignore your brand. Non-video and/or discovery ads allow you to introduce complex subjects to interested viewers.

The Best Types of Youtube Ads 

The best types of Youtube ads depend on several factors, such as your budget, video length, and goals. If you want to drive traffic to a website, consider non-video or discovery ads. These ad formats are also great for longer videos. 

When it comes to non-skippable ads, you must use them wisely. Make these videos stand out to viewers who don’t like these types of ads.

Skippable ads can minimize your advertising budget. On the flip side, content creators don’t receive much advertising revenue since most viewers skip the ads. 

Want to know the basics of Youtube advertising? Click here to get more information. 

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