Top 9 Key Features to Include in Digital Ad Design

digital ad design

Did you know that 60% of the world’s population now has access to the internet? More people are using social media and reading the news online, among other things. Understanding the key points around digital ad design could be a key factor that’s holding your business back this year!

Digital advertising can help you reach these internet users and increase your online presence. However, you have to do some extra work to ensure that these people pay attention to your ads.

This is where digital ad design comes in. So, how do you design a digital ad that earns you more conversions? Keep reading to learn nine features you should include in your digital ad design.

1. Simplicity

Have you ever heard of the KISS principle in design? It means, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  The principle means you have to keep your digital ads ridiculously simple.

In most cases, digital ads like banner ads and popup ads are compact. Don’t try to fit a whole story about your business into a 250 by 250 ad frame. The important thing is to keep the ad simple to get your message to the audience quickly and clearly.

In most cases, your viewers will only look at your ad for a few seconds. Make sure they get the key message without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Appropriate Colors

Color is the first thing a person notices in your digital ads.

There is a color scheme that people associate with your brand. When designing online ads, think about the color palette that is already part of your brand identity.

Select your color scheme by understanding color psychology. Study your audience and understand their most preferred color. Then, include this color in your ad.

It will be much better if you use colors that represent your brand and, at the same time, appeal to your target consumers. Although colors are vital, keep the color palette minimal.

3. A Border on the Call to Action (CTA)

The CTA is the text that will invite your ad viewers to click. The idea is to invite them to take action that will eventually lead to purchasing your product.

Adding a border will be a powerful way of ensuring that the target audience doesn’t miss the CTA message. The border will draw the viewer’s eyes to the CTA. In addition, a frame will help your CTA stand out from the rest of the message in the ad.

4. Harmony

One of the critical tips in online advertising is to ensure that your ads have visual harmony. Visual harmony means that all the elements in the digital ad blend together to form a unified image.

You can create harmony by using the same font throughout your ad but changing the size to create emphasis. Another way would be to ensure that color contrast is sufficient to make the critical message stand out.

It is possible to create harmony by ensuring that your digital ad and landing page sing together. In this case, ensure that your landing page aligns with the expectations that the ad creates. For example, the ad and the landing page should have similar colors and typefaces.

5. Appropriate Typography

If you have wondered how to make digital ads, you have probably thought about the right typography. Typography is one of the features that will draw your audience’s eyes to the essential information in an ad.

To create a winning ad, ensure that your ad has legible typography. If your target audience struggles to read your message, they won’t even think about clicking on the ad.

A good practice would be to emphasize the key message in bold. Although limitless fonts exist, don’t use more than two fonts in your digital ad. If you are unsure of how to choose complementary typefaces, you can reach out to a marketing agency for guidance.

6. Graphics and Images

One component of a great digital ad design is well-chosen images. That said, avoid choosing images just to fill up space in your ad. Instead, choose images that relate to your products and enhance the digital ad’s message.

Images play a significant role in making viewers curious about your product. As such, use photos that will pique people’s interests before compelling them to click and learn more on your landing page.

7. Structure

A good structure is the foundation of a winning digital ad. It is one of the aspects that will naturally draw the audience’s eyes to your ad message.

One key practice in choosing the structure is making your ad distinguishable from the web page’s content. You can use borders or frames with a different color from the web.

The size of your ad should also be flexible because people may use different screen sizes to view the online ad. For example, it should be mobile-friendly, especially because more people are hooked on their mobile devices today.

A small size will also ensure that the ad loads faster. As a result, online users will not scroll past the ad before it loads.

8. Animation

You can tweak the digital ad design by using animation. In the real sense, an animated web banner ad will be more attention-grabbing than a static banner ad.

However, your animation should not distract the viewer from the ad’s central message. Your animations should be short and simple. Preferably, they should be under 15 seconds in length and loop only a few times.

9. Hierarchy

Make sure that all of the elements in the digital ad are properly balanced. Your ad should have your logo, CTA, and value proposition.

Your logo should be visible. However, it should not dominate your CTA or the value proposition. The largest space in your ad should contain the value proposition. The proposition should state what you’re offering to customers.

The CTA should appear at the end of your ad. It should be clear and incite users to click on the ad.

Approach Your Digital Ad Design Like a Pro

If you’re considering an online marketing strategy, you can start with digital advertising. However, you must understand the crucial features that a digital ad design should have to capture the attention of busy internet users. These nine tips will get you started on creating high-performing digital ads.

If you still don’t know where to start, you can reach out to us at Media Shark. We will help you design a digital ad that guarantees you more and faster conversions at a pocket-friendly cost.

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