Top 10 Unknown AI SEO Tools

top 10 unknown ai seo tools

Are you tired of spending hours on end trying to optimize your website for search engines? Are you looking for a way to improve your SEO efforts without breaking the bank or hiring an entire team of experts? Look no further! Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the world of SEO, and today we are here to uncover the top 10 unknown AI SEO tools that will take your website’s visibility to new heights. These powerful tools harness the power of AI technology to help you analyze, strategize, and create killer content that drives organic traffic like never before. Let’s dive in and discover these hidden gems together!


Clearscope is a game-changer when it comes to optimizing your content for search engines. This AI-powered tool takes keyword research and content optimization to a whole new level. With Clearscope, you can analyze the top-ranking pages for any given keyword and get insights into what makes them successful.

The tool provides you with valuable data such as related keywords, word count recommendations, and even suggestions on how to structure your content. By leveraging this information, you can create high-quality, SEO-friendly articles that are more likely to rank well in search engine results.

One of the standout features of Clearscope is its Content Grader function. It evaluates your existing content against specific target keywords and gives you a score based on how well it aligns with top-performing articles in terms of relevance and comprehensiveness.

With Clearscope by your side, you can say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decision-making. This tool empowers you to optimize your content strategy effectively, ensuring that every piece of content has the best chance possible at ranking highly in organic search results.

Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant is a powerful AI tool that can greatly enhance your content creation process. This innovative tool analyzes your content and provides real-time recommendations to optimize it for search engines. With its user-friendly interface, even beginners can easily navigate through the features.

One of the standout features of Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant is its ability to analyze keywords and suggest related terms that can help improve the relevance and visibility of your content. By incorporating these suggested terms into your writing, you can increase your chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages.

Another great aspect of this tool is its readability analysis. It evaluates factors such as sentence length, word choice, and overall structure to ensure that your content is easy to read and understand for both humans and search engine algorithms.

Additionally, Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant offers insights into how well your text aligns with target audience expectations based on their reading habits. This helps you tailor your writing style to better engage with readers.

Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant is a must-have tool for anyone serious about optimizing their content for search engines effectively. Give it a try today and see how it revolutionizes your content creation process!


ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that takes conversational AI to the next level. It allows you to have interactive and engaging conversations with an AI model, making it a valuable asset for businesses and content creators alike.

With ChatGPT, you can generate creative ideas, get assistance in drafting emails or blog posts, brainstorm marketing strategies, and even create fictional characters with unique personalities. The possibilities are endless!

One of the key features of ChatGPT is its ability to provide detailed explanations. If you’re ever unsure about a concept or need clarification on a topic, just ask ChatGPT and it will break down complex ideas into easily understandable explanations.

The tool also has the capability to translate languages in real-time. This makes it incredibly useful for international collaborations or when dealing with multilingual audiences.

Furthermore, ChatGPT allows developers to build custom applications using its API. This means that businesses can integrate ChatGPT into their existing systems and leverage its capabilities within their own platforms.

ChatGPT is revolutionizing the way we interact with AI models by providing advanced conversational abilities. Its versatility makes it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence in their daily tasks.


Writesonic is an AI-powered content writing tool that can be a game-changer for marketers, copywriters, and bloggers. With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, Writesonic can generate high-quality content in just seconds.

One of the standout features of Writesonic is its ability to create engaging blog intros. It analyzes your topic and generates captivating opening paragraphs that instantly grab the reader’s attention. This feature alone saves you valuable time brainstorming catchy introductions.

Another impressive aspect of Writesonic is its versatility. Whether you need help with blog posts, social media captions, or even product descriptions, this tool has got you covered. It offers various templates and styles tailored to different content types and industries.

In addition to generating compelling text, Writesonic also helps optimize your content for search engines. Its SEO-friendly suggestions ensure that your writing incorporates relevant keywords without sounding forced or unnatural.

The user-friendly interface makes navigating through the platform a breeze. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find it easy to navigate through the various features and tools offered by Writesonic.

If you’re looking for a powerful AI tool that streamlines your content creation process while maintaining quality standards, give Writesonic a try! You won’t be disappointed with its range of features and ability to produce engaging and optimized content in no time. Contact Media Shark now!


Jasper is one of the top AI SEO tools that can take your content optimization to the next level. With its advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, Jasper helps you create high-quality, keyword-rich content that ranks well in search engine results.

Using Jasper, you can analyze your existing content and get detailed insights on how to optimize it for better visibility. It identifies gaps in your content strategy and suggests relevant keywords to target. By integrating with popular SEO platforms like Google Analytics and SEMrush, Jasper provides a comprehensive view of your website’s performance.

One of the standout features of Jasper is its ability to generate optimized meta tags for your web pages. Meta tags play a crucial role in improving click-through rates from search engine results pages (SERPs). With Jasper’s assistance, you can ensure that each page on your website has compelling meta titles and descriptions that entice users to click.

Moreover, Jasper offers an intuitive interface where you can easily manage and track all aspects of your SEO campaigns. From keyword research to competitor analysis, this tool has got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned SEO professional or just starting out with optimizing your website’s content, Jasper is definitely worth considering.

Jasper is an AI-powered tool designed specifically for SEO professionals who want to maximize their organic traffic potential. Its robust features make it easier than ever before to optimize web pages for higher rankings in search engines. Give it a try today and see how it revolutionizes your SEO efforts!


Frase is an AI-powered SEO tool that takes content optimization to the next level. This innovative platform helps you create high-quality, search engine-friendly content by providing valuable insights and recommendations.

One of Frase’s standout features is its ability to analyze your website and generate a comprehensive content brief. It gathers information from top-ranking pages on the same topic, giving you a clear understanding of what works best in your industry. With this knowledge at hand, you can craft compelling articles that are more likely to rank well in search engines.

Frase also offers a powerful question answering feature. You can input any question related to your niche, and it will provide you with relevant answers extracted from reliable sources across the web. This not only helps you generate ideas for new blog posts but also ensures that your content addresses the most common queries users have about your subject matter.

Additionally, Frase enables you to optimize existing content by suggesting improvements based on keyword research and semantic analysis. It highlights areas where you can add more context or expand upon certain topics to enhance your article’s relevance.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI capabilities, Frase is definitely a game-changer in the world of SEO tools. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this tool can help take your content strategy to new heights.


MarketMuse is an AI SEO tool that takes content optimization to the next level. With its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, MarketMuse helps you create high-quality and relevant content that ranks higher in search engine results.

One of the key features of MarketMuse is its Content Briefs. These briefs provide comprehensive guidance on how to structure your content, what topics to cover, and which keywords to include. By analyzing top-ranking pages for a given topic, MarketMuse identifies gaps in your content and suggests improvements.

Another powerful feature of MarketMuse is its Topic Modeling functionality. This tool analyzes the semantic relationships between different topics and keywords, helping you understand the context in which they are used. This enables you to write more naturally while still targeting specific keywords.

MarketMuse also offers Competitive Analysis tools that allow you to compare your content against competitors’ pages. By identifying areas where your competitors have stronger content, you can make informed decisions on how to improve your own.

In addition, MarketMuse provides real-time optimization suggestions as you write. Its AI-powered editor highlights opportunities for improvement based on search intent and relevance.

MarketMuse is a game-changer when it comes to creating SEO-friendly content. With its advanced AI capabilities and comprehensive features, it empowers marketers and writers alike to produce highly optimized content that outperforms the competition in search rankings. is an AI-powered tool that takes the pain out of content creation. It uses natural language processing to generate high-quality, engaging copy for various purposes. Whether you need catchy headlines, persuasive product descriptions, or compelling social media posts, has got you covered.

One of the standout features of is its ability to create blog outlines. Simply input your desired topic and let the AI do the work. It will analyze top-performing content on that subject and provide you with a detailed outline to guide your writing process.

Another useful function of is its ability to generate intelligent ad copies. No more staring at a blank page wondering how to grab attention and drive conversions – simply enter some details about your product or service, and let come up with compelling ad copy ideas.

Furthermore, if you’re struggling with email marketing campaigns or newsletter content, can help there too! Its AI algorithms can generate personalized emails or newsletter articles based on your specifications.

The best part? You can easily edit and refine the generated copy until it meets your exact requirements. With by your side, content creation becomes faster and easier than ever before!

So why waste time brainstorming ideas when you have an AI tool like ready to assist? Give it a try today and experience the power of artificial intelligence in SEO content creation!

Surfer AI

Surfer AI is an incredible tool that can revolutionize your SEO strategy. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze top-ranking pages and provide you with data-driven recommendations on how to optimize your content for better search engine rankings.

One of the key features of Surfer AI is its ability to perform a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ websites. This allows you to see exactly what they’re doing right and implement similar strategies in your own content. By understanding the factors that contribute to their success, you can make informed decisions about optimizing your own website.

Another great aspect of Surfer AI is its keyword research capabilities. It not only helps you find relevant keywords but also provides information on search volume, difficulty level, and potential traffic. This ensures that you target the right keywords and increase the chances of ranking higher in search results.

Additionally, Surfer AI offers suggestions for improving various aspects of your content such as headings, subheadings, meta tags, word count, and keyword density. This ensures that every piece of content you create is optimized for maximum visibility.

Surfer AI is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to boost their SEO efforts. Its advanced features and data-driven recommendations make it a must-have resource for digital marketers and website owners alike. So why not give it a try today?

ContentShake AI

Last but certainly not least on our list of top unknown AI SEO tools is ContentShake AI. This powerful tool combines the capabilities of natural language processing and machine learning to help you create high-quality content that performs well in search engine rankings.

ContentShake AI focuses on generating engaging and optimized content for your website, blog, or social media platforms. It provides suggestions for headlines, intros, bullet points, and even full article outlines. By analyzing user intent and keyword usage patterns, this tool helps you tailor your content to meet the needs of both users and search engines.

With ContentShake AI’s advanced algorithms, you can optimize your content for specific keywords without sacrificing readability or user experience. It offers real-time recommendations as you write, ensuring that your content aligns with best SEO practices.

In addition to optimizing existing content, ContentShake AI also assists in topic research by providing data-driven insights into popular topics related to your niche. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition and create fresh and relevant content that resonates with your target audience.

Furthermore, this tool enables you to analyze the performance of your published articles by tracking metrics such as organic traffic growth, backlinks acquired, and social shares generated. With these valuable insights at hand, you can continuously refine your SEO strategy and improve the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.

Leveraging artificial intelligence-powered SEO tools can significantly enhance your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) while streamlining the process of creating optimized content.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Media Shark today!

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