TikTok for Business Marketing: A Practical Guide for Small Brands

tiktok for business marketing

TikTok users now watch about 24 hours of content on the app each month. Meanwhile, 90% of users check the app daily. 

TikTok users also feel closer to brands they find on the platform. Nearly 50% say TikTok helped them make buying decisions.

Using TikTok for business marketing could help you reach new customers online. You can generate brand awareness, followers, and sales to help your business grow. Not sure how to develop your own TikTok marketing strategy?

Read on for the tips you need before using TikTok for business success today!

Establish Goals

As with any marketing strategy, it helps to outline your goals before you develop your TikTok marketing plans. Outlining goals can help you determine what type of TikTok content to create. You can develop a strategy that aligns with your overarching business or marketing goals to aim for success.

For example, you might want to:

  • Gain brand visibility
  • Generate traffic to your site
  • Increase online sales
  • Generate leads
  • Gain more followers
  • Encourage content sharing
  • Build brand trust and loyalty

For each goal you choose, consider how you’ll accomplish your goal. Set a key performance indicator (KPI) for each goal as well.

For example, maybe you want to encourage brand trust. Consider posting behind-the-scenes content. You can also work with influencers to encourage new consumers to trust your brand.

Once you’ve outlined your goals, you can customize your TikTok marketing strategies based on your needs. 

Gather Research

Before you begin using TikTok for business marketing, gathering research is essential. Otherwise, you could make assumptions about who is using the app. You might struggle to reach your target audience without a plan in place.

For example, 50% of US TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 34. The largest group of TikTok users in the US falls between the ages of 10 and 19. Meanwhile, 29% of the user base is between the ages of 20 and 29.

Only 16.4% of users are between ages 30 and 39.

US TikTok users check the app at least eight times a day, with global users spending an average of 52 minutes on the app daily. 

Understanding how consumers behave on the app can help you create content that appeals to their needs and interests. For example, you’ll note that consumers check the app multiple times a day. You might want to consider posting more than once daily to provide those users with fresh content.

Take the time to gather demographic and psychographic research regarding your customers. You can create distinct personas to separate consumers into groups. For example, you might consider their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Household income
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Hobbies
  • Buying behaviors
  • Online behaviors
  • Pain points
  • Interests

Creating buyer personas will help you personalize your content for each group. Personalization can help you connect with customers. Your audience will recognize that you have the content they’re wanting to watch.

You can begin gaining new followers, setting your TikTok marketing strategy up for success in the future.

Competitor Research

Don’t stop gathering research yet! Instead, take the time to check out the competition, too. Review the accounts for three to five brands that are similar to yours.

Consider who they’re trying to reach. Is their content personalized for a specific audience?

Look at the content they’re creating, too. What kind of topics do they cover? Which posts generate the most views and engagement?

Clock the hashtags they’re using as well.

When using TikTok for business marketing, you don’t want to copy your competitors. Instead, learn from the content they’ve already posted. Use the information you gather to avoid making similar mistakes.

Once you’ve gathered this research, you can make informed decisions about your own TikTok marketing content. 

Explore the Platform

If you’re new to TikTok, take a moment to get comfortable using the app, first. 

Create a personal profile before creating your business profile. TikTok will boost the first few posts you share on the app. Save those posts when using TikTok for business by creating two separate accounts.

Play around with the different editing tools and effects TikTok has available. Experiment to get comfortable creating content on the app.

Otherwise, check out the Discovery tab. Think about the hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Check out your competitors, too. 

Once you feel comfortable with the app, start creating your business account.

Know Your Niche

Your content and brand won’t appeal to every consumer online. Remember, you’ll want to create personalized content for your ideal customers. With that in mind, determine your niche. 

Focusing on a niche will make it easier for you to appeal to your target audience.

Choose a niche topic that’s relevant to your business. Then, brainstorm three subtopics you want to cover.

For example, a digital marketing agency might cover content creation, social media marketing, and advertising. 

Establish a Schedule

Before you begin posting on TikTok for business marketing purposes, establish a content schedule. 

Brainstorm a few ideas. Then, determine how often you’re able to post on the app within a month. Spread out your posts to ensure you appear on the app consistently.

Appearing consistently will help brand awareness and recognition grow. Otherwise, your audience might forget you’re on the app if you’re not posting often enough.

Consider when you post, too. Start by experimenting with different days and times. Then, review your analytics to determine when your audience is active most.

Aim for Authenticity

Consumers prioritize authenticity online. They’re not scrolling through TikTok, expecting to find short movie productions. As you begin creating content, aim for authenticity.

Give your brand a human element. Show off your brand’s personality. 

Be yourself! 

Remaining authentic can help consumers feel more comfortable with your brand. You can start connecting with customers who recognize you understand their needs. 

Create Challenges

If you want to go viral, start creating TikTok challenges.

Challenges can help you reach millions of users within a short period of time. You can sponsor a hashtag and collaborate with influencers to expand your reach. You can also work with creators within your niche market.

Once you create a challenge on TikTok, cross-promote it! For example, you can share your TikTok video in an Instagram Story. Then, you can direct your Instagram followers to visit your TikTok account.  

Start Advertising

TikTok is now the top app for consumer spending. In fact, consumer spending on TikTok increased by 77% in 2021, with consumers spending over $2.3 billion on the app.

The year before, they only spent $1.3 billion. 

TikTok ads now reach nearly 18% of the worldwide population for consumers over the age of 18.  A TikTok ad could potentially reach 50.3% of adults in the US (130,962,500 people!).

Today, marketers are spending more of their advertising budgets on TikTok. About 24% of marketers say TikTok is effective for accomplishing business goals, compared to 3% the year before. That’s a 700% increase!

Meanwhile, 67% of consumers say TikTok inspires them to shop, even if they weren’t planning on spending money. Over 70% of users discover products on the app they immediately want to buy. In 2021 alone, the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag gained over 7.4 billion views. 

Advertising on the number one social media app can help boost your brand’s online presence. As you reach new customers, you can generate more sales.

Make sure you’re creating customized ads that appeal to your target audience’s existing interests. 

TikTok content is easy to digest and share. As people share your content, you can further expand your reach. 

TikTok ads will vary in price based on your bid or the type of ad you choose. Your industry can influence the cost, too. Before you begin advertising on TikTok, consider working with an experienced agency.

A TikTok advertising agency can help you develop more effective campaigns. They can also manage your campaigns to ensure you’re not going over budget. Making adjustments to your campaigns over time can help you generate more leads, too.

You can learn more about TikTok advertising here

Work With Influencers

In 2021, about 45% of brands used TikTok for influencer marketing campaigns. There are about 50,000 influencers on the platform. About 36% of these influencers have over 1,000,000 followers. 

Mega influencers have a nearly 5% engagement rate on the app (compared to 1.21% on Instagram). 

Look for influencers on TikTok that suit your niche. Make sure they’re already creating quality content on the app. Then, ask them to promote your brand or products.

As they promote your business on their account, you’ll begin appearing in front of new customers. Consumers might decide to try your product or service based on the influencer’s recommendation. 

Help People Find You

Once you begin using TikTok for business marketing, you need to make sure consumers are finding your account. To expand your reach, try:

  • Using the latest TikTok trends
  • Adjusting your hashtags
  • Using trending music in your videos
  • Advertising
  • Working with influencers

Make sure to review your data as you begin using these tips to improve your TikTok marketing strategy over time, too. 

Viral Videos: Use TikTok for Business Marketing to Boost Your Brand

Using TikTok for business marketing can help you reach new customers. Then, you can boost brand visibility, generate more sales, and grow your business. Start marketing with these TikTok tips today!

Remember, you don’t have to start adding TikTok marketing to your social media strategy alone. We’re happy to help.

Contact our team today to get started. 

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