The Many Advantages of Programmatic Video Advertising

You’ve been putting a lot of money toward TV ads. Unfortunately, you haven’t seen much return on your investment. As such, you’re wondering: is there some other form of video marketing that could reap greater rewards? 

Yes, and it’s called programmatic video advertising. Programmatic video advertising has all of the benefits of traditional video advertising and then some. 

But what is programmatic video advertising? And what are its advantages exactly? We’re going to discuss them now, highlighting the many reasons to create programmatic video ads

What Is Programmatic Video Advertising?

Programmatic video advertising is a form of video advertising that uses big data as a means of finding a target audience. What this means is that, after producing a marketing video, you enter it into a program that utilizes an algorithm. This algorithm then takes data from you and your video and shows your video to internet users who might be interested in it. 

In order to win ad space over other companies’ videos, you must outbid them. Therefore, when submitting a video for processing, it’s important to put a decent amount of money toward it. 

It can take some getting used to. That’s why, at least in the early stages, companies turn to digital marketing agencies to help them with their programmatic video advertising efforts. An agency will not only help you navigate the process but will also assist you in creating video content, if necessary. 

Programmatic video advertising takes place on a variety of different platforms. At the moment (and for the foreseeable future), YouTube is the most popular platform in which to engage in programmatic video advertising. 

The Advantages of Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic video advertising is beneficial in a wide variety of ways. Some of the primary benefits of this advertisement include:

Ability to Reach a Niche Audience

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this advertising style is that it enables you to reach a niche audience. See, programmatic video advertising targets online users based on obtained data. It sees what types of things web users are into and then targets them based on those metrics. 

Let’s say that your product is a soccer cleat. Using programmatic advertising, you could target your video to people who view a good deal of soccer content. This is beneficial, as many of these individuals probably play soccer themselves, and would be likely to purchase such a cleat. 

It’s certainly better than showing your video to random people, many of whom would have zero interest in your product. Programmatic video advertising narrows these individuals down so that only the most likely of your consumers are targeted. 

Can Be Easily Altered

A problem that many marketing techniques pose is that, once they’re launched, they’re set in stone. For instance, if you sign a contract to air a specific commercial on TV, you can’t go back and alter the contract to make changes after the commercial has launched. 

This isn’t true of programmatic video advertising. This form of advertising enables you to make changes as needed. Not only can you change target metrics but you can also edit video content. 

This enables you to be extremely malleable with your marketing efforts. You don’t have to live or die based on a single decision. You get to assess your success (or failure) and then tweak different metrics until things are going the way you want them to. 


Oftentimes, marketing strategies require that you put in tons of work in order to launch a campaign. Not only do you need to create the marketing materials themselves but you also have to work with a variety of people in order to distribute them to the proper channels. 

With programmatic video advertising, this isn’t the case. Instead, you can easily upload your video to a platform and play with the platform’s algorithm until you have everything set as desired. 

In short, you don’t have to work with other people. You can go it alone. That makes the process much more convenient. 


The last big benefit we’re going to discuss is the benefit of scalability. As your business grows, your marketing outreach is likely going to grow as well. This can be challenging when it comes to more traditional forms of marketing. 

But when it comes to programmatic video advertising, it’s easy to increase your outreach. You simply bid more money for more viewers. 

Tips for Making Video Ads

There is an art to making video ads that sell. As such, you shouldn’t just go into the process full steam ahead. You first need to do your research and find out what types of techniques tend to work. 

Keep the Length to a Minimum

The longer your video, the less chance there is of someone watching it in its entirety. Therefore, you’re advised to keep the length of your video to a minimum. 

Ideally, it will be no longer than 15 seconds. If you can’t get all of the information conveyed in that length of time, you should, at the very most, stay under 30 seconds. 

Make the Intro Interesting

There are an endless array of video ads online. Most of these get passed over within a few seconds of their playing. As such, you need to hook the viewer within the first few seconds. 

Whether it’s an interesting visual, a fun fact, or otherwise, it’s vital that you make the intro of your video interesting. Think quick, punchy, and action-packed!

Sell Your Brand

Our last tip is to sell your brand. Is your brand serious? Maybe it’s funny? Or, maybe it’s playful?

Regardless, the content of your video needs to reflect that while simultaneously selling the product. So, sit down with your team and figure out how to evoke the identity of your brand. This is the difference between a successful advertising video and a failing one. 

Need Assistance With Programmatic Video Advertising?

Are you interested in pursuing programmatic video advertising for your business? Need assistance with this and digital advertising in general? If so, we here at Media Shark are the people to see. 

We provide not only video content but written content, SEO services, and much, much more. Contact us now to get the ball rolling! 

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