The Importance of Video Content Marketing

video content marketing

About 65% of the human population is made up of visual learners. Images, graphics, and videos are the best way to generate interest in your content among most internet users. They’re digital ads that engage and convert quickly and effectively.

Here, we’re going to talk about why video content marketing is the cornerstone of any good advertising strategy. Read on to learn some facts and figures that show why you can’t overestimate the importance of video content when selling a product or service.

People Are Looking for Video Content

Simple demand is a top reason that your business should value video content marketing. 66% of consumers state that they prefer videos to text-based content when they’re trying to learn about a product or service. Additionally, 54% of people prefer videos to other kinds of content such as images and graphics.

According to Wyzowl, 88% of consumers are also looking to see more video content from their favorite brands this year. This is a 3% increase from 2021’s figures.

Since your target audience is actively looking for this content, providing it is a great way to stand out. People will feel more positively toward your brand when you give them what they want. They’ll be more likely to consume your content than your competitors’ and will therefore be more likely to give you their business.

Your Competitors Love Video

Speaking of your competitors, they’re likely already using video production to drive interest and engagement. You need to implement a video advertising campaign if you want to keep up. Otherwise, people will go to the websites that have the content that they want to see… and it won’t be yours.

As of 2022, 96% of companies have invested money in video advertising. This means that almost every one of your competitors already has a video marketing budget. 91% of them are satisfied with the return on their investment, so act now so that you don’t get overlooked forever.

Video Is Highly Digestible and Sharable

One reason that people love video content so much is that it’s easy to interpret. 95% of people remember a message that others convey to them visually. When they read text-based content, they only will retain about 10% of it.

This means that 85% of your brand message will be lost when you don’t use video content.

However, the appeal of video doesn’t stop there. It also boosts your visibility because of how shareable it is.

Since people can understand, retain, and engage with video quickly, they’re more likely to send it to their friends and post it to social media. This is why video content gets 1200% more shares than text or image-based content.

Video Content Marketing Drives Conversions

People won’t just remember your brand and share it more when they see videos about your services. They also are more likely to make an actual purchase (or, in some cases, give you leads to follow up with).

About 96% of internet users find that videos are helpful when making purchasing decisions. 73% of people are also more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video about a product than they would be without video content.

Even consumers that do not immediately make a purchase are more likely to come back if you use videos. 71% of people have positive feelings about a company after viewing a video they have posted.

Using video is a powerful way to make an impact on consumers. It’s likely to be the thing that ultimately sways them toward buying something from you or financially engaging with your services.

Video Marketing: Perfect for All Stages of the Sales Funnel

Video marketing isn’t just a way to get people to make purchases from your company. It’s a tool to engage internet users at every stage of the sales funnel.

In 2021, 65% of marketers used video content in the earliest stages of the marketing funnel. Their aim was to boost awareness. 64% cited their video marketing strategy as successful here.

55% of businesses aimed to increase engagement through video content marketing. This middle-of-the-funnel goal is a great way to drive leads and make your brand memorable. 60% said that video content helped them reach this objective.

Finally, 37% of marketers aimed to boost conversion with their video marketing strategies. A whipping 57% were able to get results.

Whether you use Google display ads, OTT video advertising, or other digital ads strategies, video content is a top way to boost the success of your campaign and meet many different objectives.

Video Production Is Versatile

Over-the-top (OTT) marketing is a method of advertising that uses streaming platforms. Google Ads or social media advertisements can contain programmatic video content that gets people to click on them. You can also leverage video on your website to show your brand’s reputation, generate positive feelings in visitors, and drive sales.

As you can see, there are tons of different things that you can do with video marketing content!

Programmatic radio and video content are also versatile because there are loads of video types you can create.

Instructional or explainer videos are common ways to convey information. They’re basically testimonials of your brand’s reputation, products, and reliability.

A client (or actor playing one) will talk about the ways that your product resolves pain points and makes their life easier. People will connect with the person in the video, understand that they are in the same target market, and purchase the service.

Animated videos are a common way to use humor to engage an audience. They also can convey data and figures in an interesting way (such as animated infographics). These spread information and get your audience to trust your brand and services.

Product videos are another awesome content type. These show off your exact offerings so that people know what they’re buying. This creates more confidence in consumers and makes purchasing your services a no-brainer.

Work With Video Content Marketing Experts

Programmatic video ads can help drive traffic, convert this traffic to interest, generate leads, and drive sales. Now that you know some concrete facts and figures to back this up, it’s time to begin investing in a better video content marketing strategy. 

Media Shark is committed to using expert knowledge and tools to generate top-notch video content. We’re dedicated to creating videos that blend seamlessly into your website and take your marketing strategy to the next level. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist with your specific ad campaign.

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