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The formats & Importance of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising – a modern form of advertising for online marketers covers a wide variety of advertising formats. It has become vital for the marketers to partially or solely depend on it as no other marketing strategy can surpass its unique and high output giving techniques.

Great courses on programmatic advertising can be found on Digital Marketing Institute if you’re looking for something on that level.

The most alluring thing in the case of programmatic marketing is; it makes the activities of both advertisement buyer and seller hassle-free.

Today, in this guide, I’m going to show you the different programmatic ad formats and its Importance in the digital marketing world …

Different ad formats

●    Dynamic Display

The static ad display is the oldest form of programmatic advertising. However, instead of the static display, PA has made it possible for the ads to be dynamic, and it’s the most striking thing making it much more enjoyable.

Since programmatic advertising comes up with the most creative and modern marketing strategies which evolve and are dynamic according to the constant technological developments, the marketers have embraced it warmly for targeting the viewers, with the right offers, at the right times.

●    Programmatic Video ad

The programmatic video ad buying and selling is another critical strategy for advertisers or online marketers. As the video ad is trending these days when many prefer to watch and listen over to reading, therefore, marketers are rushing toward it, and programmatic advertising fantastically serves them.

However, there are two distinct types of programmatic videos:

1. Instream Video ad

2. Outstream Video ad

●    Native and social ad

Native and social ads are the programmatic ads that appear in between blog posts, page contents, websites, social networks, or other software and applications.

Sometimes the content or blog posts can be sponsored, so it’s necessary to set up the contextual targeting and to tailor the ads as well, at the same time for better advertising output.

DSPs offer various chances for advertisers to buy programmatically across the major social networks.

●    Voice/Audio ad

Programmatic advertising also offers a voice format that everyone can notice at Amazon’s Alexa and streaming apps such as Spotify. This format is appealing, too, like other formats, as it offers a rich source of both contextual and user-focused targeting.

DSPs offer the advertisers to buy programmatic audio ads.

●    Digital out-of-home (DOOH)

DOOH (Digital out-of-home) media means the digital media that you can see in the environment accessible to the public. Such as big shopping malls, billboards and screens above the building and along the roadside, and in healthcare.

It’s also a programmatic ad format.

●    Television (TV) ad

A programmatic TV ad is another ad format where advertisers buy the space and time in the live streamings to advertise their ads. According to some stats, the budget spent on programmatic TV ads is not significant.

However, it needs improvements, and this is why Google, SKY, and Netflix are developing their infrastructure in supporting efforts to programmatic TV ads.

Importance of Programmatic Advertising

01. Budget-friendly Advertisement

Programmatic ad strategies always stay budget friendly strategies as these make the advertisers target the right users or audience at the right place and at the right time with user data.

Thus, instead of wasting money and efforts to show your ads for the users not interested in your product or service, it makes you spend money wisely.

02. Real-time measurement & optimization

With the help of programmatic advertising, each ad’s performance is accessible for the advertiser to predict future results based on current ad stats. No waiting for the excel sheets from the agencies – a hassle-free work performed automatically.

Furthermore, it enables the ad adjustment and optimization so easy that advertisers can oversight on their ad spend.

03. High transparency & control

When the advertisers were not much aware of the programmatic advertising, the brands and different advertisements providing individuals or companies were used to entirely rely on various agencies and third parties for handling their ad spend.

However, today, that brand or company can itself have an eye over the fee transparency. It also made brands reach and find where and what and how much amount an ad is getting from the budget.

04. Exact user targeting

Although this advertising does not make the advertisers get everything about the users, yet it provides many things to understand user history, its activities on the websites, and surfing.

Therefore, keeping in mind these things, an advertiser can target the relevant user with the right ad based on the contextual relevance of the page and keywords.

05. Multi-channel and format reach

As one ad format cannot perform and work appropriately on all devices in the same way giving the same output while staying user friendly. Therefore, programmatic advertising plays a significant role in this scenario.

PA leads all the marketing strategies in this case. It allows the advertisers to reach the right audience across multi-channels.

Whether it’s a mobile, desktop, tablet, in-app, TV, or DOOH – you’ll always find programmatic advertising superb!

How To Get Started With Programmatic Advertising

Media Shark offers a very unique and different approach to programmatic advertising. With the help of behavioral targeting, Media Shark allows for your ad dollars to go further than ever before. Contact Media Shark today to get started!

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