The Complete Guide to Hiring TikTok Marketing Agencies for Businesses

hiring TikTok marketing agencies

Even though 40% of users on TikTok are between the ages of 10 and 19 years old, that doesn’t mean that this social media platform is irrelevant to older age groups.

As we know by now, when something is a trend, it doesn’t take long for others to follow it.

Hiring TikTok marketing agencies might seem like a ridiculous idea if you’ve never used the app before, but you’ll be surprised at the difference a team of professionals can make to your brand. 

Are you struggling to find the time to research your target demographic and wish you could take advantage of TikTok? And, do you want to avoid comparing agency fees and find the best one straight away? 

Then, you’ve clicked on the right article. You won’t need to scroll through endless links to get your answers. After reading this post, you’ll know why TikTok is important and where to find the best TikTok agency. 

Ready? Let’s begin! 

What Is TikTok Marketing?

Since 2016 when TikTok was released, the world has been captivated by the quick and colorful videos popping up on our phones. You can rarely get on public transport without noticing someone dancing on a screen. 

Although originally the app was meant for entertainment, it has emerged into a marketing beast. Especially for reaching younger users who are the target demographic for this app. 

Therefore, hiring TikTok marketing agencies is fast becoming the most common search trend online. And, if you’re looking to increase ROI, then it could be your secret weapon for advertising. 

TikTok for Business Success

Now, if you’re thinking, how can a video of someone dancing convert sales and attract new customers to your brand? Then, it’s good to begin with understanding why this type of content is popular. 

Some people think that the short length of videos means people will flick through their content at a glance. However, in reality, users spend hours watching video after video…

Research shows that users are spending 26 hours a month watching TikTok! 

So, marketing with TikTok is money worth investing if you want to capture people’s attention and get them interested in your business. This app can be used in marketing to promote products whilst making your brand personal.

The structure of the app allows you to upload content, edit it, and include music to give your users an immersive experience. You can also take the opportunity to show your audience your workplace. 

By giving an insight into how your business operates, you are making your brand transparent and, therefore, more relatable to consumers. They feel like they can trust you if they’ve seen your cat sleeping around the office.

Tips for Hiring TikTok Marketing Agencies 

Finding a company with TikTok marketing experience can be challenging as there are many businesses that offer this service. Therefore, you should follow these tips to help you make your decision. 

1. Specialized in TikTok 

It goes without saying that you need to find an agency that is specialized in TikTok. A company might have incredible references and reviews, but if they don’t have sufficient knowledge about the platform, then it’s wasted money. 

A good way to tell if an agency has past experience working with TikTok and building brand awareness on the app is to ask them to see a portfolio. Alternatively, you can look them up on the app itself! 

If they understand how important the social media platform is, then they will definitely have their own page. 

2. Up-to-Date With TikTok Culture 

The most important aspect of building a brand on social media is keeping your content relevant. If your business is not staying up-to-date with recent trends and hashtags, then no one will find your page. 

So, when you’re picking from the options of marketing agencies, you need to be sure that the company is knowledgeable about TikTok culture. For example, what is the best song for a video? Is there a new dance challenge trending?

If they can prove to you that they know how to get likes and follows on TikTok, then you can be confident hiring them to do your marketing on the app. 

3. Good Team of Staff

Being able to share ideas and come up with creative content is about more than just seeing a good portfolio piece from an agency. When you’re working with a TikTok marketing team, you’ll have to get along with each other. 

After all, your brand’s reputation is at stake, and you want to be involved in the process of brainstorming content ideas. However, if your first impression of their company is bad, then you might want to look elsewhere. 

It’s always a good idea to wait a moment before signing a contract with a TikTok agency. Take your time to get to know your colleagues, and if they really want to work with you, they’ll be willing to wait for you to decide. 

4. They Stand Out 

Making a lasting impression online is hard enough when there are thousands of other brands trying to get noticed on TikTok. Thankfully, TikTok marketing agencies are there to make your life easier and improve engagement rates.

But, anyone can say that they have original content. You should ask the team how they plan on standing out from the crowd. For instance, you can ask specifically about how they plan on showcasing your brand. 

If they have some exciting ideas that are not generic, then you can trust them to make your brand shine online. 

Are TikTok Marketing Agencies Worth It?

Everyone always wonders if it’s worth investing money into an agency to do your social media work. Of course, hiring professionals will increase your budget; however, it will also guarantee your marketing succeeds. 

In an ideal world, you can have an employee that already knows everything there is to know about TikTok, and you don’t need to outsource any of the work. 

Although most of us know that it’s rare to find someone who actually knows what they are doing online. The purpose of TikTok marketing agencies is to take the pressure of content creation oFf your shoulders.

So, you can focus on managing other areas of your business. A marketing agency will bring valuable skills to your company and gather insights to help you improve in other areas of your marketing too. 

The people who work at these agencies are highly trained in using social media apps, so you don’t need to spend time learning about the methods of getting more engagement.

Better ROI

Another key reason to hire TikTok marketing agencies is that they can improve your ROI. As agencies have worked with various clients, they have gone through the process of trial and error, so they know what works. 

Instead of wasting time and money on ideas that won’t generate income, a professional agency will create a strategy that will be effective straight from the beginning. 

There are no hours of discussing ideas, posting content, and waiting for results that never happen. A marketing agency will find out what your target demographic likes and publish videos that they are going to love. 

Why TikTok Is the Best Social Media App for Business

If you’re tired of seeing social media apps everywhere and you’re cautious about opening a TikTok account for your business in case a new app will soon be released and become the next big thing, then you’re not alone.

However, TikTok is different from the rest of the social media platforms. It opens up a space in the online marketing world that has never existed before. 

The interactive style of the content is more appealing to users as they can relate to it more, and the efficient design enables people to navigate the app seamlessly. For businesses, both of these elements are useful as well. 

You can make your brand more creative with a more light-hearted form of marketing.

As social media users are eager to connect and find online communities where they feel accepted, your marketing can reach people who are specifically looking for your services or products. 

In addition to this, your marketing will reach more people if you use TikTok. As soon as your content is uploaded, the world can see it, and more users will come running to your page. 

Our team of staff is not only experienced with TikTok, but we are passionate about helping brands discover the power of marketing on this platform. We can build you a better following online, so your company can thrive! 

Get Noticed With TikTok Marketing This Year 

Hiring TikTok marketing agencies is all about finding a team of people that understand your brand, know how to use the app, and can tailor your content to a specific audience. 

Using TikTok for personal entertainment is completely different from using it for your business. So, you need people who understand the inner workings of the TikTok community. 

Here at Media Shark, we promise to make your brand the most popular page on TikTok. All you have to do is get in contact to find out more about the details and organize a call to tell us what you need! 

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