The Biggest TikTok Marketing Trends in 2022

TikTok marketing trends 2022

Social media users have now installed TikTok onto their smartphones over 2.6 billion times. In fact, TikTok has 689 million monthly active users as well. About 90% of users check the app more than once a day.

With TikTok’s growing popularity, more brands are adding TikTok marketing to their plans for the year. Before creating your own TikTok videos, make sure to apply these TikTok marketing trends in 2022.  

Tracking the latest TikTok marketing trends will help your brand appear relevant. You could even go viral!

Read on to discover the top trends on TikTok today.

Live Sessions

Live video content became more popular during the pandemic, but it’s still influencing social media marketing trends. Live sessions can help you charm and attract your audience. You can engage consumers in real-time, encouraging them to view your content more often. 

Consider scheduling events and encouraging your followers to view your content live. Your followers will receive a notification before your live video session begins.

You can also promote your videos using a live countdown sticker or through in-app messages.

Consider co-hosting with another creator this year, too. You and another creator can go live at the same time. You can leverage the other creator’s audience, expanding your reach on social media. 

More businesses have started adding TikTok marketing to their overall digital marketing strategies. As a result, new TikTok marketing trends will begin to emerge. You’ll also have new opportunities to collaborate with other marketers online.

Make sure to keep an eye out for your competitors! Reviewing their content could help you discover new ways to get ahead. 

Stitch and Duets

Nearly 70% of TikTok users remember a brand better if they feature a song consumers like in one of their videos. Meanwhile, collaborating with TikTok creators can boost your ad recall by 27%.

About 45% of marketers are already using TikTok for influencer marketing (more on this below).

You can leverage this information when developing your TikTok marketing strategy with Stitch and Duets.

After all, TikTok relies on creative content! You can get inspired by what others are doing before putting your own twist on it. Stitch and Duets inspire some of the top trending videos on TikTok.

The Stitch feature allows TikTok users to capture a snippet of a video from another creator. Then, they can incorporate it into their own video (without any restrictions!).

The Stitch video will show an attribution to the original creator. A single-click link will send viewers to the original creator’s profile, too. This feature could help you gain more exposure if people are Stitching your videos. 

As people begin sharing a clip of your original video, you can start gaining brand exposure. More people will view your content, allowing brand awareness to grow. If they keep seeing your clip, brand awareness will turn into recognition.

Then, consumers will start recalling your brand in the future. 

Duets are a little different. TikTok users can create videos while incorporating videos from other creators in a different format.

Duets use a split-screen. People can respond to the original video while adding their own content. Then, both videos are viewed side-by-side. 

Think of it as a way to collaborate with other users on TikTok.

Again, you can start generating more brand awareness. Beyond that, you can encourage people to interact with your content. Encouraging people to engage with your brand could help them remember your business later on!

Episodic Content

TikTok encourages creators to post short, easy-to-consume content. If you want to share longer content online, consider creating episodic posts.

Consumers might feel more inclined to watch videos that are posted as a series. Then, you can create a narrative to draw viewers in and keep their attention. These TikTok marketing trends in 2022 are turning it into a mini over-the-top (OTT) platform. 

As you plan your TikTok marketing content, think about how you can develop a short series from a single video.

Try pulling inspiration from your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and the blog posts you’ve created. You can use the headers within your blog content to inspire each “episode.” Then, you can create a series of videos reiterating the content from the blog. 

Creating episodic content will encourage people to wait for your future content. Then, you can encourage more followers to keep an eye out for your brand.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

Most brands look to go viral when applying TikTok marketing trends. Using hashtags is one of the most effective ways to accomplish that goal. You can create branded hashtag challenges to gain more exposure on the app.

This trend involves creating a new hashtag, then encouraging other users to create videos inspired by the tag. 

For some businesses, using this trend can get expensive. However, you could experience a spike in sales if it’s used correctly.

You don’t have to develop your TikTok marketing or advertising strategy alone. Consider working with an experienced agency that understands TikTok advertising. Creating strong, branded content can help you boost your ROI with ease!


Consumers want to learn more about brands before deciding if they can trust a new business. Consider posting more behind-the-scenes content this year. BTS content can encourage brand transparency, which could help brand trust grow.

For example, you can show your team packaging or manufacturing products. You can also let an employee create a ‘day in the life’ video. Otherwise, show your company helping customers or getting involved in the community.

Getting a sneak peek behind the scenes can help consumers feel more comfortable about your brand. 

Longer Content

Most people quickly consume short videos on TikTok. However, videos that are over a minute long are gaining popularity, too.

TikTok now allows creators to post videos that are up to three minutes long. As a result, you’ll have more flexibility as you begin creating content. You can convey more information within a single video if you’d like.

This TikTok marketing trend is ideal for certain niches. For example, a grocery store can demonstrate how to create an amazing dish. For packaging videos, you can show more of the process without a time restraint.

While longer videos are gaining popularity, don’t forget why consumers flocked to TikTok in the first place. Short-form videos are still popular. Try to add both forms of content to your TikTok marketing strategy.

As you apply these TikTok marketing trends in 2022, don’t forget to check your analytics as well. Try posting long-form and short-form content over two weeks. Then, review your data.

Which posts generated more views?

Use your data to make informed decisions as you improve your TikTok marketing strategy. 


As you review the top trending videos on TikTok, you’ll likely notice they’re not major, professional productions. Consumers want to see people just like them on their screens. 

More brands have begun prioritizing authenticity this year as a result.

Your viewers will appreciate your authenticity and honesty. They’ll likely love your brand all the more.

Make sure you remain authentic and original as you begin using these TikTok marketing trends. Try communicating your unique value proposition within your videos, too. Highlighting your unique value will help you stand out from competitors.

Creating authentic content will also help you appear more relatable in front of your target audience. Consumers will start to see the human side of your brand.

They might have an easier time trusting your business, which could help you attract new customers. 

User-Generated Content

About 67% of users say TikTok inspires them to shop (even when they weren’t planning to). In fact, 73% report they feel deeper connections with companies they interact with on TikTok.

Another 73% discover a product on the app and immediately want to buy it. Nearly 30% have tried to buy something on the app, only to find it was sold out.

No wonder #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt had over 7.4 billion views in 2021. 

If you want to generate more sales using TikTok this year, consider posting user-generated content (UGC). Creating user-generated content will also help you maintain authenticity.

If you’re struggling to create content, posting UGC can help you fill in your social media marketing calendar. Use your customers as brand advocates! Future customers might feel more inclined to trust your brand if they see people like them using your products. 

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with creators (the official influencers on TikTok) can boost your reach online.

Influencers have a lot of power over their loyal audiences. They can promote your product, brand, or service, helping you gain visibility.

Consumers might decide to give your brand a chance after watching an influencer promote your business. 

Hashtag Memes

Memes are popular across all social media platforms, especially with younger consumers. You can create memes on TikTok to engage your audience as well.

Create videos that highlight your audience’s favorite memes. Your followers might decide to share the content with their own audiences. Then, you can expand your reach. 

Now Rolling: Apply These TikTok Marketing Trends in 2022 for Success

Want to upgrade your social media marketing strategy this year? Make sure to apply these TikTok marketing trends in 2022. Using these TikTok marketing trends will give you new opportunities to reach customers online.

As you gain a following, you could generate more leads and sales in the process.

Remember, you don’t have to develop your strategy alone. We can help you reach your TikTok audience. 

Contact us today to learn more. 

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