How to Find the Right Tampa Marketing Agency

Tampa marketing agency

How to Find the Right Tampa Marketing Agency

With the emergence of the internet, nearly anything seems possible for businesses. Just like the lottery, anyone can win, but the odds are much better. When it comes to Florida, you’ll want to partner with the right Tampa marketing agency right away.

However, mastering digital marketing is a full-time job. If you become a master of the digital domain, however, you risk losing focus on your core competency. 

Hiring a marketing firm can help you to remain relevant. More importantly, however, they can take your brand to the next level.

Of course, the daily operations of your enterprise are your top concern. However, your brand communications send a strong message to potential employees and customers as well as your competitors. 

To learn how to find the right Tampa marketing agency to help with your digital initiative, keep reading. 

Why Choose Marketing? 

Today, almost everybody’s on the internet. That’s right. If not with a PC or a laptop, then they’re online with a smartphone or other device. 

Resultantly, you can access your ideal consumer no matter where they are in the world. Also, you can adapt to changing consumer tastes quickly. 

With planning, you can create successful brand-themed communities and create loyal fans for your brand. What’s more, you can track the performance of your marketing campaigns to maximize your returns. 

In the United States, the lion’s share of consumers go online every day. Almost half of this group goes online several times and about a fourth of them are online all day long. Now, people spend more time online compared to any other medium besides television. 

It costs much more money to advertise using mass media. Also, if you stick solely to mass media, you automatically eliminate yourself from the potential benefit of online viral success. 

Then, there is data. Today, powerful analytics tools enable you to maximize your marketing return-on-investment by scrutinizing information. 

Furthermore, machine learning can enable you to automate your entire marketing process. With technology, you can learn what marketing techniques consistently deliver successful results for your brand.

However, it’s a full-time job to cultivate this kind of digital marketing success. Fortunately, third-party marketing firms can take this responsibility off your hands, enabling you to continue focusing on your core competency. 

Modern consumers are digital natives. The traditional methods of advertising – such as print and television – are becoming increasingly ineffective. 

Today, a significant portion of the population sleeps with a smartphone under their pillow. Consumers now have a mobile-centric state of mind. 

A digital marketing agency can help you develop mobile-optimized text, social media, and video content. A mobile-first marketing strategy can help you propel your organization toward success. 

What Is a Digital Agency? 

You need a digital advertising agency. A marketing agency can help you understand how the digital domain can help you reach your objectives. A third-party partner can also help you maximize ROI. 

With today’s fierce competition, you can’t afford to make mistakes. No matter how you cut it, advertising is a considerable investment. Accordingly, it makes sense to find a partner who will help you make sure that you spend every penny wisely. 

You can reach your audience with mass media. However, digital marketing enables you to micro-target specific profiles for your good or service. This capability enables you to spend less and do much more.

A digital marketing agency can help you to create print media that resonates with consumers. Also, they can help you create and optimize a complementary pay-per-click strategy that can deliver nearly immediate results 

Digital marketing also enables you to track the consumer journey with amazing accuracy. With this information, you can find what works and do it again and again. 

 A digital marketing agency can help you develop the perfect mix of graphic design and copywriting as well as online text and video advertising. They’ll help you find a balance of artistry, science, engineering, and grit. 

Digital marketing agencies provide a range of services. These services might include: 

  • App development
  • Content development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Website design 

An agency can also help you to adopt marketing technology and build your online brand. 

It takes a deep understanding of the digital landscape to navigate it successfully. A marketing agency can help you tame the online jungle and reach potential buyers. 

An agency can help you make the most of technological innovations and strategic thinking. They can also help you master the art of storytelling and engaging consumers. 

The Search Starts Within 

Before hiring a marketing agency, you must know thyself. Begin by figuring out your total marketing budget. Next, you must define an acceptable return-on-investment. Media Shark can help you design and budget your up and coming campaigns.

You must also clearly outline the objectives that you want to achieve with each marketing campaign. When it comes to who to use as a Tampa marketing agency you’ll want to pick wisely.

In this early stage, however, you’ll want to keep an open mind. As your plan develops, you’ll find that certain parts don’t necessarily fit together, requiring change. 

Also, you cannot establish expenses until you’ve finished planning your campaign, so don’t focus too much on your budget at this point. Right now, your biggest job is ensuring return-on-investment, rather than staying on budget. 

Every company is different. Only you can define your goals. For example, you may want to: 

  • Boost online sales
  • Increase offline sales
  • Receive more website hits
  • Send traffic to a specific landing page
  • Increase brand awareness 

After you establish your goals, you’ll need to establish key performance indicators (KPIs). Your KPIs are a concrete measure of whether your marketing campaigns perform as desired. 

You must also think about whether you want to stay involved in the marketing process or hand the process off to a trusted partner completely. Alternatively, you could hire a marketing agency is an extension of your existing marketing department. 

Getting Closer to the Finish Line

Now that you’ve established your goals, you can start looking for a digital marketing partner. Start feeling out agencies by reviewing their online presence and other media. 

Grievous errors such as spelling mistakes and poor website design are definite red flags. If an agency doesn’t maintain its own digital presence, how can you trust them to maintain yours? 

A marketing agency’s online presence can also give you an idea of its corporate values. It’s important to assess the corporate culture of your potential digital marketing agency. 

You want to collaborate with an agency whose mission aligns with yours. If you sign on with an agency that’s too different from your organization, it may prove difficult to nurture collaboration. 

Yes. It’s a tall order to find this type of well-aligned business relationship. However, you can’t put a price on the value of finding an expert partner whose mission aligns with yours. 

It’s All About the Benjamins – Sort Of 

It’s worth pointing out an important facet of video marketing strategy for media channels such as YouTube and Vimeo. Avoid cheesy, “salesy” videos. Instead, focus on telling your story. 

There’s an endless supply of sales clutter strewn about the internet. This material is insincere, selfish, and annoying. Even worse, it repels your customers rather than convincing them to trust your brand. 

Don’t be that brand. Alternatively, apply the same rules as you would for content marketing for your video brand communications. 

Make it a point to provide brand value with your video content. With today’s ever-decreasing attention spans, this point is a must. 

About one in five consumers will click away from a video in under 10 seconds. Within this short period, you must capture potential buyers’ attention. 

You can capture consumers’ attention with your videos in the first 5 to 10 seconds by getting straight to the point. For example, you could spark their curiosity with a question. Alternatively, you could use a teaser to grab their attention immediately. 

No matter what you do, you will have one primary goal with your videos. That goal is to make a video where customers immediately know what’s in it for them.

Also, try to inject some humor into your videos. It’s understandable that you have a lot to do in regard to running your enterprise. 

Executives often have a business mindset 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Because of this, humor may seem out of place in commerce. 

However, you must look at the situation from your buyers’ perspective. You must think about what they want. 

Many people want to laugh or feel enlightened. Moreover, they want an escape from the daily grind and the realities of everyday life. 

With a humorous video, you can provide these distractions. If you do it successfully, you can win over the hearts and minds of potential buyers.

The SERPs Have Eyes – Digital Ones 

It’s vital that you optimize your brand video for search engine results pages (SERPs). Firstly, post your videos on your branded website. 

Also, make sure you enable embedding for all of your videos. By enabling embedding, your video content can receive inbound marketing links. You should also make use of video sitemaps. 

Brands often overlook video SEO. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to use SEO practices for descriptions as well as any other content tied to your video assets. 

For example, make sure that you tag your brand videos with relevant keywords. Also, create full explanations of your videos with comprehensive descriptions and unique titles. 

The Search for a Digital Success Partner 

Now, you’re ready to start narrowing down your choices for a partner in marketing. It’s not a good idea to rely solely on testimonials on a potential marketing agency’s website. 

Instead, search services such as Google or Yelp for customer testimonials. You can also try a business information site such as the Better Business Bureau to learn about a particular agency. 

Also, read through a potential provider’s case studies. This will help you to understand whether the agency has experience delivering successful campaigns for organizations that are similar to yours. 

However, marketing firms don’t publish a case study for every successful campaign. If you can’t find a matching case study, reach out to the company and ask if they have experience working with similar enterprises. 

It’s important to get into the right state of mind when looking for a potential marketing partner. Treat the agency like you’re reviewing a job candidate. 

It’s a lot of work to find the right marketing agency. However, it’s well worth the effort once you find an agency that can help you meet your goals consistently.

You also want to assess how effectively an agency communicates. Communication is critical to the success of any partnership. 

You must also assess the skills of an agency’s staff members. You should make sure that employees have skills in several areas, such as: 

  • Brand marketing
  • Content development
  • Data analytics
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Sales 

You should make every effort to meet the entire team. 

You may also find additional information about agency employees on the company’s website. You can check the company “About Me” section for this kind of information. 

Finally, you want to make sure that a potential agency’s employees are passionate about their careers. Marketing professionals who truly love their work can help to propel your brand to the next level. 

Top Tampa Marketing Agency at Your Service

If you’ve asked yourself, “Why hire a marketing agency?”, now you know the answer. 

The digital landscape changes constantly. Staying on top of those changes is a full-time job. By working with professionals who live and breathe digital marketing, you can ensure that you are working with well-qualified talent. Choosing a Tampa marketing agency with top marketing professionals is a bona fide recipe for success. 

Go Shark Media can help you effectively deploy your next digital marketing campaign. Contact us today for a free marketing strategy session.

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