How a Tampa Marketing Agency Can Enhance Your Product Videos

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How a Tampa Marketing Agency Can Enhance Your Product Videos

You can cash in on the latest online trend by partnering with a Tampa marketing agency like Media Shark to create engaging product videos. 

Today, video is one of the most popular forms of media around. Consumers want videos that inform, entertain, and reward. 

Accordingly, many brands are using video to find new business. Video advertising can help you generate a significant return-on-investment for your marketing spend. 

However, you have to do it right. A Tampa marketing agency can help you make the right moves. 

To learn more about how a marketing agency can help you enhance your product videos, read on. 

Every Tampa Marketing Agency Knows A Successful Video Marketing Starts With Consumer-Centric Planning 

Above anything, you have to offer value to customers with your branded video content. Your videos must have an interesting aesthetic and style. 

It’s important to tell your stories visually. However, it’s also important to keep them short and make your audience feel like they got something out of the deal. 

Today, a cut and dry sales video won’t suffice. You can’t just take up customers’ time and sell them your goods. 

You have to reward customers for viewing your brand messages. If you follow these suggestions, your videos will do just that. 

Firstly, you want your video imagery to stand on its own. By creating strong imagery in the first few seconds of your video, you can compel consumers to watch your messages in their entirety. You should assess this characteristic for every video that you produce before you post it. 

Netizens have increasingly shortened attention spans. What’s worse, most people miss out on the first five seconds of audio, no matter what device they use. 

Accordingly, make the beginning of your videos a visual delight. Your new loyal customers will thank you. 

Also, it’s important to make your videos mobile friendly. Today, marketing is about creating mobile-friendly content across any platform. 

Your marketing department has probably gotten used to creating video advertisements for big-screen TVs. Today, however, that’s just one take. 

Now, it’s vital to create advertisements that work on a 4-inch screen – with no volume. 

Tip: It’s helpful to use text overlays at the beginning of your video advertisements to overcome audio obstacles. 

Video Secrets: Keeping It Real – Marketing is About People, Not Products

Yes. The point of creating a video advertisement is to sell your good or service. However, to sell your product, you have to win potential buyers over with your video content. 

For starters, don’t create scripted videos. No matter how little or how much you invest in video marketing, it’s relatively expensive. Resultantly, you have a lot to lose if your video content falls flat. 

Because there’s money at stake, it’s tempting to micromanage production. Don’t do it! 

If you control what the actors say word for word, that’s exactly how your video will sound. It will sound like you hired actors who are reading off a piece of paper to promote your brand. 

Alternatively, outline the important points that you want the actor or actors to convey in your video. You can talk to talent about producing moments of raw emotion at key points during the production. However, let the actors ply their trade – after all, that’s their job. 

Also, leverage user-generated content. People create great videos that relate to your brand every day. 

They share those videos on social media. You can ask users if you can feature their content in your next video marketing campaign

Consumers Know What They Want: Let Them Show You What That Is

Major brands have created entire marketing campaigns around user-generated content. The campaigns resulted in higher click-through rates and improved return-on-investment. Ultimately, user-generated content is more authentic and compelling for viewers. 

You must also consider the social media platform where you will post your videos. You must tailor your media specifically for that platform. Don’t make the mistake of shooting one video and using it across several different social media assets. 

There are differences in audiences across varying social media platforms. You must learn these differences and adjust your campaigns accordingly. By tailoring your video content to specific social media platforms, you can create compelling stories that consumers love. 

Keep Things Tight and Right 

At some point, you have to show your customers what you’ve got. That’s when it’s time to show off your products. However, consumers want to see your products do something, and it better be great. 

A potential buyer wants to know what it’s like to use your good in their home or during their daily routine. A video demo is a powerful way to show them the remarkable benefits of your offering. 

It’s not always easy to show potential buyers what your product does exceptionally well in printed form. Video can allow you to highlight special details about your goods that are otherwise difficult to showcase. 

Remember, the goal is to keep it short and sweet. Get to the point with focused videos from the very start. 

Also, in internet time, three minutes is an eternity. Resultantly, you’ll have to figure out how to fit a lot of information into a relatively short video. 

The point is that consumers have become used to getting the snippets of information that they want when they want it – and that time is now. 

After your audience views your video, they should feel like they got something out of the experience. Video advertising is an opportunity to make it easy for customers to learn about your products and convert them into buyers. This point is especially beneficial for when explaining your product in writing just can’t do it justice. 

Share Your Story With Your Audience 

Today, video is one of the top marketing channels available. However, you can no longer succeed by putting a talking head in front of a camera. The characters in your videos must have a clear purpose and direction. 

Compelling videos tell a story. What’s more, they evoke genuine emotion. A great video gets right to the business of solving your customers’ most troublesome pain points. 

To accomplish this amazing feat, you can use a time-tested method. The Muse video storytelling process centers on four principles – people, place, plot, and purpose. It’s frequently used by filmmakers. 

It’s a solid foundation for organizing ideas for exceptional storytelling. Whether you’re shooting a product demonstration or creating a social media post, you can take advantage of this process. 

The Muse storytelling process enables you to infuse emotion into your videos and evoke engagement from your viewers. However, you can take the process a step further in today’s digitally empowered environment.

In addition to the 4P’s, add the audience into the story creation mix. In other words, consider the audience that’s going to view your video. 

You also want to consider the social media platform during the planning process. Ask yourself the following questions to devise your Muse video plan: 

  • Plot – What story do I want to tell?
  • Purpose – What action do I want viewers to take after seeing my video?
  • People – Who are the characters in the story and how do they support the plot?
  • Place – Where’s the story taking place, and how does the location affect the feel of the video?
  • Audience – Who is my ideal customer?
  • Platform – Where will I publish my video? 

You can use these suggestions to create a template to plan production and make sure that every video tells a compelling story. 

Finding a reputable Tampa marketing agency is key when trying to cash in when it comes to product videos.

Maximizing Your Investment in YouTube Marketing 

Every minute, users upload 35 hours of video to YouTube. By the time you read this article, users will have uploaded two weeks of new content on the platform. 

This fact highlights that there’s a lot of competition among advertisers on YouTube. Accordingly, you must figure out how to maximize your marketing campaign on the platform. 

To start – just as with your webpage – you can’t slap a video on YouTube and expect people to find it. You must promote and optimize it for search engines. Still, video marketing is a powerful tool. 

Another trait that video shares with your website is that you can take advantage of powerful marketing automation. For example, YouTube has launched a robust system to help you manage your ads on the platform. 

You Can Make It to the Top

Creating video content is a proven way to get well above the fold. SERPs show video results before text results, which can put your video content at the coveted top of the page. Brands have successfully used video content to eclipse the competition. 

You must create videos that people look for using text and voice searches. Once you’ve done your keyword research, make sure that you include relevant keywords in the first few words of your video title. 

It’s also helpful to start your video description with a full URL. In your description, include as many details and keywords as possible. 

You can also use additional URLs throughout your description. If you have other digital assets, for instance, you can link to those assets in your description. This practice will also help to boost your SEO ratings for those pages. 

Also, don’t forget about tags. Make sure that you include all relevant keywords in the YouTube tags field. Tags aren’t the only way that people find your videos, but they’re the easiest search characteristic to manage. Recognize that comments, likes, page views and subscribers can also affect the visibility of your video content.

Finally, think about where your brand videos will live. Create a branded experience on your YouTube channel. This experience is important, as a growing number of consumers go to brand video channels rather than web pages for information. 

Pick a Partner: Choosing a Tampa Marketing Agency 

There’s a lot of information online. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

It takes a lot of work to develop and deploy a successful video marketing strategy. You can’t create one or two videos and expect them to propel your sales through the roof. 

An effective video marketing initiative takes time. Nevertheless, it can help you promote your brand now and in the future.

It’s important not to lose sight of your core competency when developing and executing your video marketing strategy. In this regard, a marketing agency can help you reach your goals for less than what it will cost you to do it in-house. 

If you’re not doing video advertising, it’s time to start. If you don’t, you’re going to miss out on a lot of potential business. 

Digital competition is brutal. If you’re going to hold your own, you’ll need every advantage that you can muster. 

Your competition is doing everything that they can to capture your market share – from viral video marketing to creating branded promotions. If you don’t push back, you’ll get left behind. By working with a digital marketing agency, you can save a considerable amount of time and resources. 

The digital marketing environment changes every day. An agency makes it their business to follow those changes as they emerge. You can count on a skilled digital marketing agency to help your brand get the exposure that you need to grow your audience. 

A Winning Collaboration Is a Click Away 

When you partner with Media Shark, we’ll make sure that it’s not you swimming with the fishes. Our Tampa marketing agency has talent with the expertise to create an effective marketing strategy that will meet your unique needs. 

Let us show you what it takes to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive video marketing environment. Contact us today for a free consultation and get started making your mark online.

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