Using a Tampa Marketing Agency to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site: A Guide

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Using a Tampa Marketing Agency to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site: A Guide

Almost 95% of all online activities start with a search engine. However, 75% of consumers never look beyond the first page of results. Meanwhile, 51% of all website traffic arrives from these searches. Media Shark is your premier Tampa marketing agency for all things paid & organic.

If you want to increase organic traffic to your website, you need a search strategy. With the help of a Tampa marketing agency, you can attract visitors to your site with ease. As more people visit your site, you have the chance to increase sales and leads!

Create a strong, results-driven marketing strategy and greet an influx of site visitors. Here are 10 ways an experienced marketing agency can boost your business!

1. Improve Your Website

Before you can start attracting organic traffic to your website, you need to look at your website. Is it old, outdated, and slow? An outdated website could make your business look outdated, too.

Instead, take the time to improve your website using user experience (UX) design trends. UX design trends prioritize the user’s overall experience by providing them with ease, convenience, and speed. 

The easier your website is to use and explore, the more likely visitors will stay. The longer people stay, the better your dwell time. As they click around, your click-through rate will increase, too.

A high bounce rate, however, can impact your search engine ranking. Your bounce rate indicates that people are leaving without clicking around your website.

In order to make your website easier to use, use UX design trends such as:

  • Negative space
  • Shorter sentences and paragraphs
  • Headers and hierarchy
  • Faster load times
  • Easier, organized navigation

White space and shorter paragraphs will improve readability. The easier your content is to skim and read, the more likely visitors will linger. 

Site Speed

If your site takes forever to load, however, visitors might leave without clicking around. 

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. As your page load times increase, you’re less likely to generate conversions. According to Google, your chance of a bounce increased by 123% if your site takes 10 seconds to load!

Remember, a high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your search engine ranking. If you’re not ranking on the first page of a Google search, consumers might not find you. Instead, you can speed up your site and boost your ranking.

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to determine what’s slowing your site down. For example, you might need to start compressing your images. An old plugin might cause your site to lag, too.

A Tampa marketing agency can speed up your site to improve the overall user experience. By speeding up your site, you can boost your search ranking, attract more organic traffic, and start generating leads.


About 66% of Americans check their phones 160 times a day. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you’re missing out on a chance to reach those customers.

Mobile-optimization makes it easier for people to use your site from their mobile and desktop devices. For example, you need to make sure text is easy to read on smaller screens. You also need to make sure visitors can click on call-to-action buttons and fill out forms from their phones.

Otherwise, you’re losing potential conversions and sales. 

You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to determine if your site is already optimized. If it’s not, contact a Tampa marketing agency to help. 

Optimizing your site for mobile devices is an essential part of your search engine marketing strategy. Google uses mobile-first indexing to determine rankings. If your site isn’t mobile-optimized, Google will rank one of your competitors ahead of you instead.

2. Understand Your Brand

What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should consumers choose your brand over another? In order to attract organic traffic to your website, you need to understand your brand. 

That way, you can create content that speaks to your brand’s value.

First, consider your mission statement. What promise are you making customers? How do you plan on keeping that promise?

Consider your brand’s unique value proposition, too. Your unique value will set you apart from other companies in your niche. Once you determine your value, you can make it a focal point within your content. 

Next, you’ll need to develop the visual components of your brand. A Tampa marketing agency can help you develop a brand that ensures you stand out from competitors. A strong visual brand will help consumers differentiate you from other companies.

Your visual brand will include your logo, color scheme, font, and imagery.

Once you start creating content, you’ll also need to consider your brand’s personality, tone, and voice. Then, you’ll need to keep your brand consistent across all marketing channels. Brand consistency will help you increase brand awareness and recognition. 

In time, consumers will begin to trust your brand over any other. Then, you can turn that brand trust into brand loyalty, retain customers, and boost your ROI!

3. Know Your Audience

The foundation for any strong online marketing strategy is research. The better you know your target audience, the more likely you can attract them to your site. Focusing on the people most likely to become paying customers will help you increase conversions. 

First, break your broad target audience into smaller buyer personas. You can separate customers based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Buying behavior
  • Interests
  • Marital status
  • Income

Separating your audience into smaller groups will help you target each one based on their interests and needs. For example, a dentist’s office might want to attract single adults versus married adults with kids. For the latter group, the dentist’s office can create a blog post titled “When to Take Your Child in for Their First Check-Up.”

Learning more about your audience will help you develop organic content that speaks to their needs.

In fact, people are starting to expect personalized content. It’s no longer enough to use a blanket statement to reach your entire audience. Instead, you need to know how to speak with your audience using direct, well-crafted messages. 

4. Consider Your Keywords

Your Tampa marketing agency will help you research your audience. During this research stage, they’ll also determine which organic keywords your customers are searching online.

What are organic keywords? Organic keywords are words or phrases consumers type into search engines like Google. For a strong search engine marketing strategy, you need to use keywords that are relevant to your target or service.

For example, someone searching for a bakery might search for, “bakery near me” or “who has the best cookies in town?”

There are a few different ways you can develop a list of target keywords. You can use Google Trends and Keyword Planner to get started. Your marketing agency will help create a more thorough list based on search volume and competitiveness. 

It helps to understand the problems your customers are facing each day. Then, you can create content that provides them with the information and answers they need.

It’s important to optimize your content for keywords, not search engines. Developing a list of organic keywords is important. However, you also need to know why your audience searches using those keywords.

Google’s machine learning abilities allow it to better understand the consumer’s search intent. What are they looking for during a search? Whether it’s an answer to a question or a product, more organic blogs are now creating content that appeals to that intent.

5. Create Eye-Catching Content

When a consumer searches for answers on Google, they’ll see a list of organic content in the search results. In order to increase high-quality traffic to your website, you need high-quality content.

Your Tampa marketing agency will use its audience and keyword research to craft content that appeals to your target audience.

It’s important to update your blog regularly. Google looks for fresh, unique content. One post every few months likely isn’t enough.

Instead, you need to cover a range of topics to attract consumers based on the keywords they use in a search.

You don’t have to stick to blog posts, either. An experienced marketing agency will craft different forms of content, including:

  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Videos (tutorials, vlogs, product demos, etc.)
  • Podcasts
  • Lists
  • Quizzes and polls

When choosing a marketing agency, make sure they priority quality content over quantity. High-quality content will help you attract more consumers and generate more leads. 

6. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Once you start creating content, you need to optimize that content for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to optimize your content for consumer searches. With SEO, you can increase more organic traffic to your site.

SEO can also boost your search ranking, which can:

  • Improve brand credibility
  • Make you look like a thought leader in your industry
  • Position you ahead of competitors
  • Boost brand awareness and trust

Google’s search engine algorithm changes throughout the year. If you’re not keeping up with the latest changes, your search ranking might waver. An experienced marketing agency can use the latest SEO tactics to improve your ranking. 

They’ll also optimize your existing website content and make sure Google is indexing your site properly. They can also make sure comments are enabled on your blog, which can increase engagement. Remember, clicks are an important component of your search strategy.

Without an SEO strategy, however, you’re likely falling behind your competitors.

7. Love Local SEO

Local SEO can help you attract traffic to your site, too.

Your Tampa marketing agency can develop a strong local SEO strategy for your business. They’ll keep your Google My Business listing up-to-date with the latest information. That way, consumers can find your business and visit or call!

In order to improve your local SEO, you’ll also need to use location-based keywords within your content. 

Reviews are an important component of your local SEO strategy, too. Reviews can help build brand trust and credibility. Posting happy reviews on your Google My Business listing and website can boost traffic and sales. 

8. Start Getting Social

Search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites. It even beats social media by over 300%! Meanwhile, conversion rates are 10 times higher on search than through social media.

Once you start creating content, you’ll want to share that content with a broad audience. Posting content on your social media accounts will help you attract people to your website. While it’s not a direct ranking factor, social media can also indirectly improve your search engine ranking.

As more people visit your website, Google will recognize your site as a helpful resource. More visitors can increase your ranking, which can help you attract more traffic to your site!

At the same time, you’re growing your digital presence and boosting brand awareness.

9. Engage with Emails

You can also increase organic traffic to your site by keeping your email subscribers up-to-date. A full-service digital marketing agency can create a drip-email campaign. You can inform subscribers of new products and services, industry news, blog posts, and more.

Ending each email with a strong call-to-action will encourage readers to take action. You can direct them back to your website or encourage readers to call you directly. Then, you speak with your subscribers to turn them into sales.

Email marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your site and generate repeat sales. As a result, you can retain previous customers to improve your ROI.

Your marketing agency will create eye-catching emails with compelling subject lines. An attention-grabbing subject line will encourage consumers to read your emails. That way, you don’t end up in the trash bin.

10. Dominate SEO Trends

Remember, Google’s search engine algorithm changes all the time. By working with an experienced marketing agency, you can keep up with the latest trends. 

For example, a marketing agency can improve your site architecture to ensure site-links appear beneath your organic listings. Site-links will encourage consumers to visit specific pages on your website, increasing your inbound traffic. 

You can also appear for featured snippets, which are designed to quickly answer the searcher’s question. Featured snippets appear at the top of a search before organic blogs. By appearing as a featured snippet, you can attract visitors before your competitors can.

Voice search is also becoming more prominent as people rely on their smartphone assistants for answers. By optimizing your content for voice search, you can respond to your consumer’s needs and remain a relevant resource! 

Attract More Web Traffic: 10 Ways a Tampa Marketing Agency Can Help 

Don’t fall behind the trends. Instead, work with a Tampa marketing agency and start attracting more traffic to your site. With their help, you can boost your SEO ranking, remain relevant, and dominate in your industry.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free marketing strategy!

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