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Shark Media offers fully managed SEO monthly plans. We build each campaign specifically around your industry and the needs that are specific to your website.

Whether you’re looking for blog articles, backlinks, guest posting, or news syndication… we can help!


It all starts with organic traffic. The faster we can out rank your competitors, we can steal away their traffic and overall grow your brand.


By creating a specific SEO plan for your business, we typically see higher conversions coming in within just 60 days with our fully managed SEO plans.


If you have clients but they can't find you online... How can your customers show their loyalty? This is why having a strong SEO agency behind you.

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Media Shark offers no contract SEO plans. We offer specific outlined campaigns built for your industry. Don’t allow anyone to help you with your SEO but rather a team built on SEO experts!

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Websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn present a tremendous, targeted advertising opportunity to drive relevant traffic to your website. Our goal and data driven approach to digital advertising leverages the best targeting options from each platform to drive the right customers at the right time.

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Learn more from frequently asked question around SEO

Backlinks are what we call links coming from an external source.
On-page is a factor in SEO that you can control, such as page structure, keywords, and internal linking. Off-page includes those factors you can't control like backlinks.
Guest posts are specific articles written about your business from a "guest" website.

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