Programmatic Audio Advertising Trends to Look Out For

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Consumers are exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 digital ads every day. Only 65% of customers click on pay-per-click (PPC) ads, though. If you want to appeal to your target audience this year, consider digital audio ads instead.

Following the latest audio advertising trends could help you get a step ahead of competitors, too. You can start reaching customers on the platforms they already use daily.

With a strong digital advertising campaign, you can boost brand awareness and leads. Then, your ROI will rise, allowing your business to grow!

Not sure which digital audio trends to follow this year? Here are seven that can help you get started. With these trends, you can set your next audio advertising campaign up for success.

Start advertising by applying these trends today!

1. Demand for Audio

Before we dive into these digital audio trends, it helps to cover a brief overview of audio advertising. This advertising method covers all forms of audio media. For example, you might consider using:

  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Music streaming services
  • Digital radio

These forms of audio media can give you new opportunities to reach customers online.

One of the biggest digital audio trends to keep in mind is the growth of audio formats. Consumers are spending more time listening to audio content. As a result, more businesses are using accelerated audio ads to reach customers online. 

If you haven’t started using audio advertising already, now’s the time! Otherwise, you might miss the chance to reach customers.

One of the benefits of digital audio marketing is its ability to boost brand awareness. After all, audio ads are memorable. In fact, audio ads boost brand recall by up to 24% compared to display ads.

About 61% of consumers exposed to podcast ads are more likely to purchase an advertised product as a result. 

You can improve your brand recall to remain top-of-mind with customers. Remaining top-of-mind could help you generate more leads in the future. 

Use the demand for audio content to your advantage! Start advertising on different platforms this year, including:

  • Podcast
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • iHeartRadio

Each time someone plays a podcast or uses an audio streaming service, you could get the chance to reach your customers. 

2. Interactive Content

The emergence of interactive audio advertising is a growing trend as well.

You can now advertise to consumers who use smart speakers. Assistants like Google and Alexa can allow consumers to respond to ads using a voice command.

Creating interactive content for your target audience could help you boost engagement. Driving engagement is another great way to remain top-of-mind with customers. Consumers might have an easier time recalling a brand they interacted with.

You can review the analytics from your audio advertising campaigns to determine which ads boosted engagement. Then, you can use that data to make informed decisions for future ads. Improving your future ads can help drive a higher ROI. 

3. Smart Speaker Adoption

About one-third of US households are equipped with smart speakers. Meanwhile, nearly 50% of consumers use voice assistants. You can use this to the advantage of your digital audio marketing strategy. 

More people are following a hybrid work model. They’re splitting their time between work and home offices. As a result, voice assistants are becoming more common in American households. 

People are beginning to rely on their voice assistants to research products and brands. They can even make purchases using a voice assistant. This growing trend is impacting search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, too.

You can appeal to this trend by creating more audio content for your brand. Then, you’ll have an easier time engaging customers. 

4. Ad Automation

As you track these digital audio trends, make sure to look for trends regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning, too. New AI abilities are allowing more businesses to automate advertising and marketing processes. 

Automation could help you save time and money.

Consider using programmatic audio advertising this year. You can automate the buying and selling of ads. You can even automate your ad placement. 

Automation can help you benefit from enhanced targeting. You can segment your target audience to create more personalized ads. For example, you can differentiate consumers based on purchase history, demographics, location, or interests.

You can also use personalized messaging to better appeal to customers. Context-aware messaging through dynamic content optimization can help drive conversions.

Automation can also help you gather data-driven insights. Your advertising campaigns will become more effective as a result.  

5. New Formats

With the growing popularity surrounding audio content, new ad formats have emerged as well. 

Utilizing new ad formats can help you find new ways to drive engagement. Meanwhile, you can create an omnichannel advertising strategy. Appearing on multiple channels and platforms can expand your reach online. 

6. Synchronized Ads

Digital audio tends to work best alongside other channels. You can then deliver a seamless customer experience by reinforcing your message. With this in mind, synchronized advertising is becoming more popular.

You can coordinate your audio ads with other forms of advertising to drive performance and increase engagement. 

7. Programmatic Audio

Programmatic audio advertising is becoming a growing trend as well. Programmatic audio ads allow you to utilize advanced targeting. You can then serve different ads to various target audiences.

Your ads will appeal to different consumers based on their distinct needs.

Programmatic audio advertising will allow you to use dynamic creative optimization (DCO), too. You can adapt different audio elements like voiceovers in real-time. These elements will change based on the listener.

DCO can help you further personalize your ads based on each consumer. You can change soundtracks, call-to-action language, and other elements as well.

Programmatic ads will ensure highly-targeted messaging. You can then improve the user experience to generate more results. 

Set your next advertising campaign up for success! Consider applying these seven digital audio trends. These audio advertising trends could help you get a step ahead of competitors.

Meanwhile, you can appeal to your target audience to boost engagement, leads, and sales while you’re at it.

Interested in getting started? We’re happy to help.

Contact our team today to learn more. 

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