Programmatic Advertising Trends To Look Out For in 2022

programmatic advertising trends

Times are changing, and so is the world of programmatic advertising. As the new year emerges, several programmatic advertising trends will begin emerging that you need to be aware of.

The use of third-party cookies is beginning to disappear from the online world, which means you’ve quickly got to determine what being without cookies means and looks like for your business. 

Below we’re going to detail some of the programmatic trends you need to know to ensure you remain at the top of your advertising game.

1. Reduction in the Use of Cookies

As mentioned briefly, as 2022 continues, more businesses are moving away from third-party cookies. They’re turning to other alternatives present for programmatic advertising.

As the depreciation continues, business marketers are getting creative.
One of the ways businesses are getting creative is by developing a CDP or customer data platform. The main benefit of CDPs is that they will make it easier for marketers to get a better picture of their customers.

With the data collected, you’ll continue personalizing the experience they have with your company. Another way marketers have become creative is by implementing contextual strategies for targeting purposes.

This means posting content relevant to the things that your target audience wants to read and share with others. To make this a success, you’ve got to lean more on the publishers of your content.

Another way to make better use of contextual targeting is to continue segmenting your target audience. Instead of having one broad target audience, you can create subgroups to target.

You can target them with each piece of content you create a post across your business social media channels.

2. Increase in Mobile Gaming

More than 2.2 billion people play games. This makes it one of the smartest places for businesses to advertise their services to potential customers.
With people spending a significant amount of time, online gaming marketers are getting clever with the placement of their advertisements.

The downside to marketers flooding the gaming advertising space is that it can become overwhelming. And it can fill the space provided on mobiles quickly. With that being said, it’s important you target your ads appropriately.

Of course, your business isn’t the only one that has taken into account the targeting of the ads and how it can affect their business. You’ve got to deploy your ads to the right audience and ensure the ads appear at the right time.

Programmatic advertising will allow you to increase the number of display ads gamers see. It will also ensure the ideal gamer is seeing your ads, making the most of your programmatic marketing strategy.

By doing this, you can increase the chances of running a successful ad campaign, which will increase your overall ROI.

3. Creativity in Customer Targeting

When it comes to targeting customers, you might think, ‘been there, done that.’ Still, with programmatic advertising, it opens up the creative pool. You and your team can dive in when discovering new advertising angles.

With the vacancy of third-party cookies, your advertising team is going to have to navigate differently.

This means you’ve got to get smarter about the way you operate. There is a combination of strategies your team can use to increase their creativity in terms of customer targeting.

The first strategy your team can implement is personalization. You can use the data created to target customers on a larger scale.

This can help increase your business’s conversion rates and make the most of the data collected. Another strategy we recommend is the use of video as an integral part of your display ads.

It’s no secret that people’s attention spans have become shorter. Therefore, people want to receive information in the quickest way possible, and the best way to do that is through the use of video.

Video can help you deliver information in combination with engaging and captivating graphics. Lastly, don’t forget to test everything you plan to launch as a part of your programmatic advertising campaigns.

 Without the presence of third-party cookies, it’s important you conduct testing.

How to Be Effective at Creative Marketing

Creativity in marketing isn’t just about developing a tone of engaging ideas that can be used. It’s also about ensuring each idea that is thought of becomes an effective form of marketing for your business. 

The first way to ensure your creative marketing is effective is to take time to ensure everything aligns with your brand. When your marketing strategies don’t align with your brand, it can become confusing for customers.

As well as confuses your team when deciding which direction to move in.

Another way you can ensure marketing efficiency is to keep the customer experience at the forefront of everything you do. After all, if the customer isn’t satisfied, you’re not going to increase your product and service sales the way you’d like to.

It’s also important that each member of your team has the skills needed to increase company success. To do this, you’ve got to carefully vet your talent before hiring them and onboarding them to the team.

Each year comes and goes, and along with it, more programmatic advertising trends emerge that can affect your business in ways you never know. Trends such as the continued depreciation of cookies and the growth of CTV are on making their way into the new year.

With this information, you can move forward with creating a strong programmatic advertising strategy to use. Are you in need of programmatic advertising help?

Contact Media Shark and let us put our expertise to help you.

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