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Find out how to take advantage of the popularity of video streaming services and grow your business with over-the-top advertising.

The Changing World of Media

The world of advertising is changing as more and more people switch from traditional cable services to streaming TV services, also known as over-the-top (OTT) TV. This poses unique challenges to advertisers looking for ways to grow their businesses. 

OTT advertising allows you to take advantage of this new form of television and target this broad audience in your campaigns. Learn more about OTT advertising and find out how Media Shark can help you get started. 

What Is OTT Advertising?

OTT television is more commonly known as streaming television, and it has become increasingly popular in the United States, with more than 78% of consumers using these platforms in 2021. OTT TV includes popular platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Roku. 

The advent of ad-free streaming television content has changed how people consume TV, video content, and ad content. OTT advertising is a rapidly growing industry that allows you to tap into this segment of the population and advertise on streaming platforms. Learn more about how this type of advertising works. 

Why Your Business NeedsOTT Advertising

OTT TV is rapidly taking over the market. Currently, streaming services account for about 20% of TV and video consumption, according to the New York Times. That number is projected to grow to 33% by 2021. Due to the popularity of this medium, OTT advertising will play an increasingly more important role in marketing and advertising strategies in the future.  

A Growing Trend:  OTT Advertising Statistics

OTT advertising has grown exponentially over the last few years.

According to Allied Market Research, the international OTT advertising industry is worth $121.61 billion. By 2027, it is projected to reach $1,039.03 billion. With more than 75% of consumers in the United States using streaming services, this represents a massive opportunity for advertisers.

Consumers spent approximately 239 billion hours using streaming services in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, according to Unscreen. Mobile represents one of the largest growth areas as internet users spend almost 38 hours a month using their mobile devices for screening TV, according to Brid. TV

OTT Advertising Is Trackable

If you have used television ads in the past, you know how challenging it can be to determine who is watching your ads or if anyone is even paying attention. With OTT ads, you can target your advertising to your ideal audience and determine how they interact with your content. 

OTT Advertising Is Affordable

OTT advertising is highly scalable. It also allows you to target your audience with precision and generate an excellent return on investment when combined with the right strategy. This significantly reduces your ad spending, allows smaller businesses to remain competitive, and can boost your bottom line. 

OTT Advertising Allows You to Reach Audiences Who Have Gotten Rid of Cable and Satellite

With more and more people cutting the cord, it can be next to impossible to get your content in front of these consumers. OTT advertising allows you to reach those people and gives you an advantage over competitors that have not made the leap to OTT advertising. 

OTT Advertising Offers a Better Experience for the Consumer

While ads offer consumers valuable information about products, they can be frustrating when they interrupt content. Because of OTT advertising’s targeting capabilities, you can be sure that you are showing consumers products they are interested in.

Additionally, OTT ads are shorter and less intrusive than blocks of TV commercials and allow the consumer to skip them after a few seconds.

Why OTT Advertising Is  Essential for Your Business

If you run a business that relies on advertising to generate new leads, you need to be where your target audience is. As OTT TV grows in popularity, more and more companies will rely on OTT advertising to speak to their target audience.

There is a real opportunity cost to not adding this type of advertising to your overall marketing strategy. However, this type of advertising offers more than just a way to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some great reasons to consider OTT advertising for your business:

How Media Shark Can Help You Take Advantage of This Powerful Medium

If you are ready to make the leap into OTT advertising, we are here to help. Our team of OTT experts can help you strategize, create, launch, and track a successful OTT advertising campaign that drives actual leads to your business.

We use industry-leading data analytics tools and in-depth research to help you target your ideal audience and present them with quality content on all the platforms they frequent the most. Jump into OTT advertising with the right partner on your side when you choose Media Shark. 

Step 1: Get Started

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll go over your goals, current advertising strategies, and what you’d like to see change. 

Step 2: Craft a Campaign that Converts

After we know your business inside out, we get started. We use data-driven market research to build a plan that outshines your competition and resonates with your audience.

Step 3: Drive More Sales

Once you have the right advertising strategies in place, you’ll be able to grow with confidence and reach all your sales goals with ease. 

Advertise Across All Platforms

Programmatic advertising is a powerful tool in your marketing efforts, but you might not know how to get started or how to build the best strategy for your business. At Media Shark, we make it easy to create a smart programmatic ad strategy for your business. Our services include:

Search Engine Advertising

Search engines, such as Google, are powerful advertising platforms because they help connect people with the products and services they are already searching for. Our programmatic advertising strategies allow you to make the most of these sites.

Social Media Advertising

Buy ads across all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and more. We will help you identify the platforms that make the most sense for your business and build a custom strategy for you.

Mobile Advertising

Reach your customers anywhere when you choose mobile advertising. Our programmatic solutions can help you connect with local customers who need your help. 

Amazon Advertising

Our programmatic solutions are ideal for selling platforms such as Amazon, where your ideal customers are already ready to buy. This makes converting sales even easier.

Native Advertising

We make your native advertising campaigns more effective by effortlessly getting your ads placed on websites that are relevant to the products and services that you offer, boosting your ROI to new heights.

Video Advertising

More than 70% of marketers consider video to be one of the most important tools in advertising and more than 90% of people say that video influences their purchasing decisions. We can help you create exceptional YouTube and other video ads that convert.

Audio Advertising

As podcasts and other audio mediums becoming increasingly popular, it might be time to consider investing in audio advertising. We can help you create your ad and get it placed in relevant audio content.

Connected TV Advertising

Because of its targeted capabilities, programmatic advertising makes connected TV advertising more affordable than ever before, allowing smaller businesses to tap into this popular medium.

In-Person Advertising

Go beyond digital advertising. We can help you buy billboard space, in-store displays, and more with the power of programmatic advertising. Build brand awareness fast with a powerful in-person experience.

Why Choose  Media Shark?

At Media Shark, we are leading the way when it comes to bringing next-generation advertising to our clients today. From AI-powered programmatic advertising to OTT advertising, we offer data-driven solutions that generate real results for our clients.

To make this happen, we partner with some of the biggest names in media, from Google to Facebook and more. Contact us to find out how we are making big things happen for everyone involved.

How Much Does  OTT Advertising Cost?

OTT advertising is a great investment and can boost the ROI on your marketing dollar to unparalleled heights. Give us a call today to find out how much these ads cost and how we can help you get more bang for your buck. 

Find Out if OTT Ads Are  Right for Your Business

If you are looking for a powerful way to grow your business, it might be time to consider OTT advertising. Contact Media Shark today to learn more and schedule a consultation. 

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