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Media Shark employed a comprehensive strategy to enhance traffic and lead generation for Dirt Car Nationals. Simultaneously, Media Shark leveraged the power of online video content, creating engaging videos related to Dirt Car Nationals OTT & CTV campaigns to capture interest and excitement. The overall goal was not only to increase traffic but also to generate quality leads at a lower cost per click.

Throughout the campaign, Media Shark continually analyzed key performance metrics, including website traffic, click-through rates, and conversion rates, to refine and optimize the strategy. The overall goal was not only to increase traffic but also to generate quality leads at a lower cost per click, ensuring a successful nationwide campaign for Dirt Car Nationals.

– Media Shark

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Media Shark demonstrated expertise in SEO to significantly enhance organic traffic for Moving On IT, leading to a surge in highly convertible leads. By continuously analyzing search engine algorithms and industry trends, Media Shark adapted the SEO strategy for Moving On IT, ensuring sustained growth in organic visibility. This increased visibility in search results translated to a higher influx of organic traffic. 


Media Shark’s proficiency in SEO not only drove traffic but also attracted highly targeted visitors, resulting in an upswing of quality leads. Through the careful implementation of SEO best practices, Media Shark positioned Moving On IT as an authority in its industry, fostering trust among online users and ultimately contributing to the success of the company’s online presence.

– Media Shark

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It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re being relevant to your customer and OTT is your answer. We help you build a strategy that cut digital costs and increase online customers to your site.

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Let’s be honest, everyone pretends they’re a digital marketer or an expert these days. Not only does our record prove us different, but you get your money back if we don’t deliver!

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Media Shark’s unique access to targeting data combined with the fact that 30% of TV watchers spending time on OTT content, it’s a no brainer when it comes to running Over-the-top advertising!

Traditional TV Is Dead...

At Media Shark, we redefine the approach to SEO because, frankly, most agencies have missed the mark. If you’ve ever doubted the effectiveness of SEO, it’s likely because you haven’t experienced it done right. Our team of SEO experts begins by pinpointing the specific challenges hindering your current rankings, diagnosing the exact reasons why your business may not be achieving the visibility it deserves for growth.


Consider this: a staggering 92% of online researchers never venture beyond the first page of Google. If your business isn’t securing a spot on that coveted first page, it’s essentially invisible in the online landscape. 


At Media Shark, we don’t just optimize for search engines; we optimize for your success, ensuring that your business not only exists online but thrives at the forefront of Google search results. Let us redefine your online presence and show you the power of SEO done right.

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Increase converstions and drive down costs with powerful AI tools.


Join forces with Media Sharks and let us navigate the treacherous of media for you, steering your business towards unprecedented growth.

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