Online Video Advertising in 9 Simple Steps

online video advertising

Did you know that video marketing is used by 86% of businesses to improve brand awareness? Approximately 87% of video marketers have reported that video ads give them a positive ROI.

Online video advertising directly impacts sales because it helps your customers better understand your products and services.

By investing in online advertising, you can boost SEO by increasing the time that viewers spend on your web pages. Here are 9 steps to increase engagement levels through the power of videos.

How to Make Videos for Business

If you are diving into the world of online video advertising to increase your bottom line, a lot goes into making the perfect clip. With the tips below, you can create the best video for your brand. 

1. Identify Your Purpose

Every business’ first step should be planning the video before setting up, recording, or editing anything. The next time you are in the meeting room with your team, start brainstorming about the purpose of your video ads.

Start a conversation before going through the video creation process and always ask yourself what you want to achieve through online advertising.

Without a clear purpose, your marketing team will lose time and resources by having to re-shoot and re-frame everything repeatedly.

There are also a lot of players involved in making videos. It is your responsibility to ensure that all these members are aligned with your vision.

You can also create a survey and pass it to all the stakeholders in your project. This will help you collect everyone’s answers to guarantee that you are all on the same page.

2. Define Your Target Audience

After you have established who the big players are in your advertising project, the next step is to define your target audience. This is where you need to ask yourself and all your team members who will be watching your videos.

Narrow down the buyer persona you are targeting and establish a clear goal. Are you trying to increase brand awareness or launch a new product? What action do you want your audience to take after seeing your clips? Then you need to think about where your video will go live.

3. Choose Your Platform

Although YouTube ads are the holy grail, there are other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook where you can help your audience discover your online video marketing. After picking your social platform, you need to have a timeline of when the video shoot will be due.

This is important because you may need a few weeks or months to work on your advertising clips, and this can involve a different creative scope and budget than something you can record on a digital camera in a day.

4. Script Your Video

Although many users upload unscripted videos that can go viral, you need to plan and script video ads to maximize your budget. Otherwise, you may end up with something you are unhappy with.

Then it will cost you more money to change and re-shoot everything. Business videos are scripted and planned. Most companies do not go for vlogging rants like influencers to avoid dealing with a lot of expensive editing.

Start writing the script as though you are creating a blog post. Always ensure that you have a clear outline with all the key points you want to cover.

This way, you can create the best message from start to finish instead of hoping that your customer will wait until the final few seconds to grasp the purpose of your video marketing.

5. Upgrade Camera Equipment

Many small businesses struggle with uncertainty and fear before trying online video advertising. However, shooting videos does not have to be overwhelming.

If you do not have the correct team, you can always seek a third-party business that has all the equipment and resources to shoot your video ads.

Even though smartphones are excellent at capturing moments, they are not the most professional choice. It is always best to welcome a videographer on your team to make your product stand out from the crowd.

6. Set up Studio

The next step is finding out where you want the video filmed. Do you want the clip recording at your office? Or do you have an outdoor location in mind? With a designated studio, you can save a lot of prep time before each shoot.

However, you should always ensure that your conference room does not look dull. Staging the room with nice furniture can also help reduce the echoes while filming.

You should also pay attention to the humming from air conditioners. The best is to find a room with the least amount of noise and turn down any fans you have in there.

You can also get some photography paper to create your own background if you want something more appealing than a white wall.

7. Find Your Talent

Unless you have experienced actors working for your company, you may need to hire outside talent.

Then you will need to also coach them and be a director during the shoot. Remember to keep things fun and simple while paying attention to the little things.

8. Shoot for Edits

Some people are better at shooting videos, while others are more skilled at editing them. No matter which side you shoot, there can always be creative conflicts.

For example, the person behind the camera may not capture your vision the way you want. Therefore, it is always best to shoot for the edit to save countless hours in the editing room. Always capture plenty of shots to ensure that your editor never runs out of material.

9. Edit Your Video Ads

Video editing can be confusing if you are not used to it. However, this is a crucial step if you want an excellent clip that showcases your business values and products.

Remember that video marketing is the best chance to show people what your brand is all about. By hiring a professional team to carefully edit your videos, you can boost engagement without learning how to use editing programs yourself.

Benefit From Online Video Advertising Today

Now that you know all the 9 steps, you can take your online video advertising to the next level. Your customers want to see the best version of your company to trust your products or services.

Therefore, you must master video ads to maximize revenue. Contact us today, and we can help you dive into the fantastic world of video advertising without going over your budget.

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