Metaverse Advertising: Is It Worth It?

metaverse advertising

There’s a goldmine for your ads that you haven’t taken advantage of. That goldmine is the Metaverse.

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Advertising is a tricky business. It takes a lot of skill and luck to know how to make ads, and where to put them. This only gets worse when you run into skip buttons and ad blockers.

But what if you could put your ads in front of people living in a digital universe?

Metaverse advertising is the future of advertising. VR technology works, and it’s growing in popularity every day. That’s a lot of money you can’t afford to miss out on.

In this article, you’ll learn why metaverse marketing is for you. Metaverse ads might become the lion’s share of your advertising profits.

What Is the Metaverse, Exactly?

In 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg unveiled that the company was rebranding to Meta. And on top of that rebranding, he announced the Metaverse. 

Mark said that the Metaverse would change the world. It would become a virtual platform where people would do anything and everything. 

But here we are in 2022, but some people are unclear on the meaning.

The origin of Metaverse comes from Neal Stephensen’s cyberpunk book Snow Crash. In this book, the metaverse was an alternate, digital reality. It existed in parallel to our real world.

The metaverse in Snow Crash was, for all intents and purposes, a second reality. People lived there, bought property there, and everything else you can imagine.

Zuckerburg’s Metaverse aims to be something like that. A second world people can escape to. In that world, they can make friends, play games, and take part in experiences they could get nowhere else.

Now imagine putting your ads in this second reality. All the major tech giants like Apple and Google are putting their money into the Metaverse. Experts estimate that it will be an $800 billion dollar market in the next few years.

Metaverse Advertising: How Will That Work?

The digital world offers even more opportunities for advertising than the real world.

Think about it. In the real world, ads are always a voluntary experience. If someone sees a billboard on the side of the road, they can ignore it. 

If an ad appears during their TV show, they can switch to another channel. And even if it appears on their website, they ignore it as well.

Not the case with a Metaverse marketing campaign. Have you seen the ads in YouTube videos? Some of them you can skip, but half of the ads are mandatory.

And YouTube is no joke when it comes to advertising profits. The point is, a digital world gives you finer control of where people see your ads, and what they have to do to get past them. You can’t get this level of control even today with social media platforms.

Advertising in a Second Reality

All it takes is a bit of imagination to know how Metaverse marketing would function. Advertising in the Metaverse would be unlike any advertising we’ve seen before. It would be like ads appearing in real life depending on context.

For example, say someone is playing an immersive game. The game is free, so the creators need a way to monetize the game. So, they turn to ads.

Now, every time a person enters the game, they have to see an ad. Perhaps the loading screens have ads. In the lobbies and waiting rooms where they prepare to play, a person can interact with advertisements. 

In short, there are a lot of places to put ads. And in many cases, these ads can be more engaging than just a static image. They can be a digital experience that draws the viewers’ attention and drives them to take action.

Like in social media marketing, these Metaverse ads could involve games, interesting sound bites, and even funny memes that users share. The possibilities are endless.

Interactive Ads

Let’s be honest: in most cases, people don’t like ads. But in some instances, advertisers have created interactive ads. These ads are so massively popular that they spread like wildfire.

For example, the famous Google Glass advertisement. A group of skydivers wearing Google Glass live-streamed their jump from an airplane and then landed on the roof of the convention center. Then the very same skydivers came down from the roof to the surprise of the audience.

Now imagine a similar virtual experience. A skydiving course where users can skydive in VR. When they finish the experience, they can come to take real-life classes at a discount.

Imagine a clothing producer that allows users to try on digital versions of the clothes. Or a phone manufacturer that allows users to try out the phone in VR before committing to it. Recently, game engine makers recreated New York City and gave players an immersive experience that allowed them to play as their favorite heroes.

A Metaverse marketing campaign is only limited by the imagination.

Potential Concerns

This is a new technology, so of course, there may be potential issues.

For example, there may be a period where there are so many ads in Metaverse that this harms the experience. There may be issues of consent since an avatar is a digital version of a person’s real body. There may be data and privacy issues that go beyond the data collection and tracking we see in modern ads.

For now, Metaverse is a budding technology. It will take years to prove its mettle. One thing is for sure, though: it will be a veritable gold mine for those who want to do advertising in the Metaverse.

Upgrade Your Marketing Campaign

Advertising takes a lot of trial and error. Many advertisers have ads in multiple spaces. Their social media marketing is different from their mobile marketing.

That said, Metaverse advertising is going to be a massive market. Advertisers who adopt early stand to make the most profit. Make sure you’re there when the Metaverse explodes in popularity.

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