Effective Online Targeting Tips From Insiders at Media Shark

There is no question that creating a successful ad campaign for Google Ads, Facebook or other platform is difficult. Many businesses haphazardly create an ad campaign and end up abandoning it because they’re spending money without getting much in return.

Our expert team at Media Shark has put together a helpful guide on how to best target your ads to maximize qualified traffic and spend your budget efficiently. 

We’ll show you the best methods of targeting and get revenues through the roof.

Media Shark Experts Say, “Know Your Audience.”

If you want to target your ads effectively, then you need to know your audience. It’s about more than just getting traffic to your site; you want people that are interested in your product and service and beginning the buyer’s journey.

Every ad click to your website costs you money. Who is your target market? If you have a business to business model, then you don’t want ads targeted to the general public.

Research who your target market is and create buyer personas. Personas are real-life examples of who your customers are. It could be a business executive in the HR department of a major corporation. It could be a housewife in her mid-30s with two kids.

Take advantage of Facebook’s lookalike audience to help target specific information and demographics for your audience.

Narrow Down Your Targeting Options

Many businesses believe that a large audience increases traffic to their site and thus increases their conversions. While it may get lots of traffic to your site, your conversions will likely decrease.

Your casting too wide a net. PPC campaigns are great for immediate results, but you need more than traffic. Ad platforms have many basic options for targeting, including age, sex, radius from your business, income, and more.

If you’re a business with a local audience within 50 miles of your address, then keep the target area within that radius. If your target audience is below 50, then don’t let ads be seen by people over that age.

A narrower audience may decrease the overall ad traffic to the site, but the people that visit will be interested in your product. Every person that visits your site from an ad costs you money, so make sure each person has the best chance of converting.

Behavioral Advertising for PPC and Display

Google, Facebook, and other ad platforms collect large amounts of data from the people that use their services including browsing history. Their history helps the platforms understand what they’re interested in and so they can provide highly relevant ads.

How does this help with your campaign? The platforms allow you to segment your audience based on their interest. For example, if a person on Facebook visits websites related to high-end 4K televisions, then the platform believes they would like to see ads based on these televisions.

As an advertiser, you can use behavioral segmentation in your audiences to further narrow down the audience to people with specific interests related to your product or service.

This improves ad spend efficiency and increase conversions.

Take Advantage of Retargeting

If someone is early in the buyer’s journey, then they may visit your site but not purchase your product or service. They’re still in the researching phase or comparing prices. They visited your site, but you want to make sure your company stays in the front of their mind.

Retargeting campaigns lets you show your ads to people that already visited your site. They could visit your site and then leave to visit a competitor. As they’re on your competitor’s site, they can see an ad about your product or service.

Even if time has passed, the platform remembers what they’ve seen and continues to place your ad in front of them. The goal is for them to keep seeing your ads and eventually click on it to purchase your product or service.

B2B Can Target to Specific Industries

Business to business marketers used to have an uphill battle since many platforms were designed to target people, but not businesses. Platforms such as Facebook now allows businesses to target by industry and even job title.

This is where the importance of audience personas come in. If your audience persona is an HR manager or marketing manager, then you can now target them specifically.

Many of these highly selective demographic categories are not in the basic demographic categories and instead are found in the advanced section. Beginners are afraid to visit the advanced section, but if you want to laser target your audience, that’s where you need to go.

Take Advantage of Major Life Events

There are certain events such as weddings and anniversaries where people purchase high-end gifts for their significant other. Platforms such as Facebook let you target people who have anniversaries within a certain time frame.

If you have a mid-priced or low-priced gift, then you might want to target people that have an anniversary within 30 days of the current date for people that need a last-minute gift. If you have a high-priced gift, then you can target anniversaries with 60 to 90 days, so they have time to save up for something expensive like jewelry.

Keep in mind the time it takes to manufacture ad ship the time as well. If you have a tailored gift that requires engraving or another service, then you’ll want to extend the time out to give customers plenty of time to order.

Holidays are also a great way to segment your audience. You can target people for Christmas, Mother’s Day, or any other major shopping holiday.

Ad Targeting Works

If you want an ad campaign to work and be efficient, then you need to target your audience. It’s important to be as specific as you can so you’re attracting people interested in your product or service and are ready to buy.

Media Shark hopes this guide will help you understand the importance of targeting. If you want to learn more or talk to us about improving your paid ad campaigns, then please contact us today.

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