The Media Shark Strategy for Effective Display Advertising


In 2015, companies spent over $20 billion on display advertising. It shows how much has changed in the past 5 years and how display advertising continues to soar. Keep reading to find out how Media Shark can help you take your display advertising to the next level!

Media Shark offers one of the best and most effective display advertising campaigns. If you want to reach your target market and promote your brand, display advertising is the best way to do it. 

Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about display advertising and how Media Shark can create a stellar display advertising campaign for you that can boost sales. 

What Is Display Advertising? 

Display advertising is when you create an image ad or a video ad and put them on Facebook, Google, or another website. You have the opportunity to create something and put it in front of millions of people. 

Businesses have the option of using display ads on desktop, mobile devices, Ipads, and other devices. 

Display ads are perfect if you want to spread brand awareness and generate clicks. They can also be used for a remarketing strategy by sending out display ads to an audience who may have visited your website but didn’t take any action. 

You can send display ads to an audience based on their behavior, which can help you reignite someone’s interest in your business.  

The Problems With Display Advertising 

One of the problems with display advertising is not targeting a specific audience and not using a good image. 

Some businesses believe that you can place display advertising anywhere without any consequences. But this can be more intrusive than acceptable. That’s why display advertising needs to be researched when it comes to understanding your business brand, your ideal target market, and figuring out where this market hangs out. 

You don’t want to create display ads that are shown to the wrong audience. It will create egregious results. Your costs will soar higher because you aren’t getting positive results. 

You can’t assume that if you put an ad in front of thousands to millions of people that the ad will be effective. You have to strategize on how to target a specific audience and how to create a visually appealing image to them. 

You also have to figure out what your brand stands for and how to communicate that message to your audience. Now that you know the problems with display advertising, you should know the benefits as well as how it can help with brand awareness. 

What Are the Benefits of Display Advertising? 

One of the best benefits of display advertising is that you can put your advertisements in front of millions of people. You have a wide audience to advertise to. 

In addition,  you can create a specific audience to advertise to. You can target people based on their behavior. For example, you can target and retarget people who have visited your website or sales page. 

Someone may have expressed interest in your website, your ad, your sales page, or something else related, which gives you the opportunity to retarget them. You can rekindle someone’s interest based on their behavior. 

When you are able to do this, you are more likely to achieve the results you want. You can persuade people why your business is better than your competitors. 

How Does Display Advertising Help Your Brand?

Your brand is the story you are telling your customers. It’s the story that your customers see and feel when they buy something from your business. That’s why your brand needs to spread awareness with different forms of advertisements. 

Display advertising, when done correctly, can help you spread brand awareness by targeting specific audiences with specific images. These types of ads can offer insight into how your brand helps the ideal customer. The customer shouldn’t just feel like they are buying a product from your business, but rather feel like they are solving a problem. 

Display advertising can show images of your business helping someone, how your product has helped solve a problem. 

In addition, if you do display advertising, you should have your logo on the ad. That should help someone recognize your brand when they see the display ad. 

The more someone is able to recognize your ad, the more they feel like they can trust your business. The more they see how authentic your brand is and how it helps them. 

That’s why brand awareness is so important. Display advertising helps you achieve brand awareness. It helps your business put the right message in from of people. 

How Can Media Shark Help with Display Advertising? 

Media Shark helps with creating a targeted display advertising message to your ideal audience. 

When it comes to promoting a sale, launching a new product, helping spread brand recognition, display advertising can help. Display advertising can reach millions of people and achieve generous results. 

Media Shark looks at the behavior of the consumer and creates display ads that target someone’s interest, age, and location. They also create a stunning display image to use in your advertisement, which helps appeal to the target market. 

This helps you reach audiences so they know how to seek you out.  

Now It’s Time to Get Started

Media Shark is the best when it comes to display advertising. They know where to place your ads and how to optimize your budget. They also give you insight into the analytics behind your display advertising campaigns. 

In addition, with Media Shark, you can boost your brand with targeted and specific display advertising. Your core audience will understand your story and how you can help them. 

If you want help with your display advertising strategy, you can contact us here

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