Marketing Channels, and How to Choose Between Them

marketing channels

Did you know 52 % of marketers use a combination of three to four marketing channels? Marketing channels are the tools you can use to connect your business to your target audience. The channels allow you to inform customers of your business and create brand awareness.

The best marketing strategy should have a mix of marketing channels. Omnichannel marketing increases lead generation and e-commerce sales. Besides, the right marketing channels save you money and time when disseminating information to your customers.

However, not all marketing channels will be suitable for your business. The marketing channels you pick depend on your budget, business model, and business goals.

Do you know the best types of marketing channels to use in reaching your target audience? If you have no idea, worry no more.

Here are the types of digital marketing channels and how to choose between them.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to send promotional messages to customers directly. During the daily operations of a business, customers leave their emails with a business. 

As a business owner, you can create a list consisting of emails of your existing and potential customers. You can update customers on loyalty programs and discounts your business offers via email marketing. You can also share educational materials with your customers through email.

For effective email marketing, take advantage of ready-to-go templates. Such templates help save time when establishing contact with your customers.

Social Media Marketing

More than half of the world’s population (60.99%) has access to social media. This makes social media marketing an effective marketing channel for connecting with customers. 

You can use social media marketing to offer customer support and establish a tight-knit with customers. You can also share information regarding the benefits of your products and their use through social media.

You must develop a good social media strategy to succeed in social media marketing. Posting regularly about your products and services on social media helps boost lead generation.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a good strategy for driving organic traffic to your website. Content marketing involves creating content that attracts readers and converts them into customers.

You can use this marketing channel to educate your audience and create brand awareness quite faster. Successful content marketing demands understanding the needs of your customers. Your content should focus on answering questions and solving challenges your customers face.

This way, you can make your content more outstanding enough to attract the attention of new customers. Invest in infographics, blog graphics, and eBooks to easily convert readers to customers. You can take advantage of social media and Q & A platforms to distribute your content.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves making your content and website rank better in the search engine. If your website keeps turning up on the search engine results, you will have huge traffic on your website.

Successful SEO marketing requires:

  • Building links
  • Growing domain authority
  • Optimizing the images of your website for search

For a better rank, create valuable content that answers audience questions thoroughly. 

If you want your website to rank in Google, your blogs, video, and website should reflect authority, expertise, and trust.

Video Marketing

Not all customers prefer written content — some prefer video content. With video marketing, you can opt to create videos for your blogs and social media channels or invest in video marketing in full.

Investing in video marketing in full can involve creating a YouTube or an OTT channel. Use various types of videos to make your video marketing strategy effective. Some of the most common video types you can create include:

  • Live videos
  • Screen recorded videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Explainer videos 
  • In-depth video guides

Videos are an excellent marketing channel you can use to show off your products. They are also a good way of establishing trust with potential customers.

Digital Ads

Digital ads are marketing tools that utilize online channels such as websites and streaming content. You can generate traffic to your website by purchasing Google display ads and pay-per-click ads from meta platforms. 

These ads contain texts or visuals that redirect customers to your website’s landing page. To purchase ad space, you had to contact a human back in the day, but it’s quite different today. With programmatic video and programmatic radio advertising, a bot purchases the ad space for you.

The bot utilizes user data and implements real-time bidding to have your ad displayed to the client who fits your business.

How to Choose Between the Marketing Channels

Not all marketing channels will suit your business. The marketing channels you pick must be cost-effective and create a high impact. When choosing between marketing channels, consider the following factors.

Your Marketing Goals

The goals you plan to achieve with your marketing determine the channels to pick. Social media marketing will be a good option if you aim to strengthen your relationship with customers

If your goal is to increase traffic to your website, Google Ads and content marketing would be the best choice.

The Location of Your Customers

When determining the marketing channels to use, you must know the kind of media your customers consume. You also must understand the websites and apps your customers frequently use.

Understanding your customer’s needs and location makes it easy to determine the best marketing channels to use. 

Strategies Used By Competitors

Assessing the marketing channels being used by your competitors helps develop a sense of direction. You get to determine the marketing channels that are working well for them.

Combining channels working for your competitor with those matching your goals gives you a competitive advantage.

The Marketing Budget

Marketing channels helps improves sales and traffic; however, it requires money to run these channels.

The marketing channel you choose should have a greater return on investment. Otherwise, using an expensive marketing channel that doesn’t have a huge impact would affect your business’s profit.

Determine the Types of Marketing Channels and How to Choose Between Them Today

The right marketing channels create brand awareness and generate traffic to your website. With the huge number of marketing channels available, determining the channels that suit your business can be challenging.

Are you looking for help to determine the best marketing channels for your business? Media Shark is here to help. We offer free consultations to help you understand your options and make the best decision for your business.

Contact us today to get started.

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