Signs It’s Time to Switch Marketing Agencies

Many businesses hire marketing agencies expecting top-notch results. In reality, this isn’t always the case. This is especially true when it’s your first time hiring an agency. Here are a few signs it’s time to switch marketing agencies!

Sometimes, these agencies deliver fully on their promises. Other times, the agencies leave much to be desired. If you’ve already made a hire and are having second thoughts, then you may be wondering when to switch marketing agencies. 

In which case, it’s highly important to evaluate the performance of your marketing company to ultimately make the decision to retain them or part ways. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to make a final decision, here are some considerations to indicate when should you find a new marketing agency. 

Results Are Taking Too Long

In digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, link building, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and social media marketing are integral campaigns.

Naturally, it takes a great deal of time to see tangible growth with any digital marketing campaign. In fact, many businesses see meaningful results anywhere from 6-12 months

While it’s true that digital marketing results take time to develop, that’s not an excuse for marketing companies to delay or stall them. Therefore, if you haven’t seen any results from your digital marketing campaign in over a year, then you need to switch agencies. 

Digital marketing campaign works gradually. This means that over time a campaign will acquire results little by little. Marketing campaigns don’t just explode out of nowhere.

Results will happen at a consistent pace. If your campaign has been completely stagnant for several months, then you need to consider making a change. 

You’re Losing Money

Digital marketing services aren’t cheap. On average, digital marketing services cost $148.13. This can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year. 

If you’re spending this kind of money, it can be frustrating to notice a lack of meaningful results from your campaign. At first, digital marketing is an investment. 

For the first few months, you may not see an equal return from the amount you spend on digital marketing services. As time progresses, you should see a better return for these services.

After a while, paying your digital marketing company will be a drop in the bucket compared to the revenue you’re receiving from your digital marketing campaigns. 

In the case of PPC campaigns, you’ll be charged every time someone clicks on your ad, whether they convert or not. An incompetent marketing company can easily waste your money by creating ads that aren’t hitting the mark.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that if you’re paying thousands of dollars for a marketing agency that isn’t coming close to produce the results you’ve expected, you need to consider other options. 

Your Competitors are Winning

Most consumers use the internet to find local businesses and make purchasing decisions. As a result, it’s no secret that your competitors are already employing a digital marketing strategy to reach their target audience

When comparing different marketing agencies setup a strategy call, you can level the playing field with your fiercest competitors and ultimately steal their business. 

Of course, you can’t possibly outrank and gain up on your competitors on the internet if you’ve just hired a digital marketing agency. 

However, if you’ve been working with the same digital marketing company for more than a year and your competitors are stealing your business, hiring another agency is in your best interest. 

Your Marketing Campaign is Broken

For ordinary business people and executives, digital marketing is often a complicated concept. Usually, you’re going to be kept in the dark about your campaign until you grow suspicious of wasting your valuable marketing dollars.

Fortunately, there are several ways to determine if your marketing campaign is broken before you reach that point.

  • Your campaign’s objectives are too broad and unfocused. In other words, there is no clear goal for your campaign to follow.
  • Your campaign is generating the wrong leads. You could waste your money attracting the wrong people that won’t convert.
  • Your conversion rate is too low. A low conversion rate almost always signifies a broken marketing campaign. 
  • Your campaign’s bounce rate is too high. Bounce rate indicates how people interact with your website. If this rate is too high, it means potential customers are rapidly walking out of the door. 
  • Your paid search campaign has a low ad quality score. If your landing page doesn’t connect with the keywords you’re targeting in PPC ads, then you’re flushing valuable marketing dollars down the toilet. 

If you are noticing any of these problematic signs, then it’s time to quickly shift marketing companies. 

Your Agency isn’t Transparent

Again, if you’re spending hundreds and thousands of dollars every month on a digital marketing agency, you deserve for them to be honest with you. 

They should tell you when you can realistically expect results. When they give you this approximation, then you should be able to hold them accountable when your expectations aren’t met. 

Anytime you’re dealing with a marketing agency that continues to move the goal post, you need to sever the relationship as soon as possible.

If you continue to believe them after they’ve done nothing to improve your campaign, it won’t be long before you waste thousands of dollars on a campaign. 

Even if you walk away at this point, you would have wasted valuable marketing dollars and your time for minimal results. As such, only hire a marketing agency that’s transparent and will hold themselves accountable so you don’t have to. 

Your Agency Isn’t Meeting Your Expectations

This is a rather simple red flag to deduce. Before you hire a marketing agency, you will clearly set expectations for them to achieve. 

If they fall short, then you may hire another marketing agency. Sometimes, this isn’t all too simple. For example, if you set an expectation to receive one of the top three online rankings for particular keywords, you’re entitled to that. 

If a marketing agency moves your website to the first page but not near the top as you expected, you should look to hire another company. 

The reason why is because if you’re paying a marketing agency, they need to deliver on the expectations you set. Otherwise, you’re paying to still be overshadowed by your competitors on the internet. 

Over 25% of people click on the first search result on Google. With billions of people using the search engine, achieving the top spot will net your website a considerable share in all search traffic from popular keywords you’re targeting. 

If your expectation is to acquire the top spots on Google, then you can’t afford to settle for anything less, especially if a top competitor already has this placement. 

The Agency Doesn’t Send Regular Reports

When you’re working with a competent marketing agency that’s confident in the services they’re providing, they’re going to send regular status reports to help you track your results and measure your ROI. 

These reports will also give you an indication of how much your campaign has grown since they’ve been in charge. A marketing company that doesn’t issue regular reports is frankly incompetent. 

It’s an industry standard for all marketing and display advertising companies to provide data-driven reports to give their clients peace of mind knowing that their campaigns are in the right hands. 

When was the last time you’ve seen a weekly or monthly status report? If you haven’t, then you should consider hiring another marketing agency to manage your campaign. 

Your Agency Doesn’t Communicate Well

If you have recently hired a marketing agency, you need to make sure they regularly keep in contact with you regarding the status of your campaigns. 

You can count it as a red flag when an agency starts your campaign and doesn’t communicate until you contact them. You should idly spend money on hiring a marketing professional, only for them to keep you in the dark until you contact them. 

A qualified team of marketing experts will never wait for you to contact them. Instead, they’re going to flood you with progress reports that show meaningful data from your campaign. 

They’ll actively reach out to you to see if you have any questions or concerns about your campaign. If this isn’t the case for you, then you should hire a new agency to monitor your campaign. 

They Don’t Understand Your Industry

Businesses that operate in simple industries, such as cuisine, technology, and finance, won’t have much trouble finding a suitable marketing agency. 

However, if you operate in a precise, highly-specific industry, it’s important to make sure that your marketing agency fully understands the nature of your business. 

For example, there are advertising policies regarding products heavily used in the COVID-19 pandemic on both Facebook and Google. This means that many businesses that sell facemasks are outlawed from advertising these products on Facebook and Google. 

If your marketing agency doesn’t know this, you will essentially pay them a retainer for an impossible task. As such, here are some questions you need to ask before hiring a marketing professional:

  • Have you worked in an industry like mine before?
  • What is your track record producing results for businesses in my industry?
  • What are some unique obstacles businesses in my position face online?
  • How can you create a strategy that will ensure success for my business?
  • What are my competitors doing online and how can I surpass them?

Asking these questions will help to provide insight into the knowledge a prospective marketing agency has about your industry. The good news is that it’s never too late to ask these questions.

If you don’t receive the answers you’re looking for, it’s safe to say that your current agency doesn’t know your industry that well. 

The Agency Doesn’t Practice What they Preach

Be careful about dealing with marketing companies that make a lot of promises without any indication that their own marketing strategies are effective, you’ll see this a common problem when dealing with marketing agencies. 

For example, if you’re hiring a marketing professional to build your website, take a close look at their own website. Does this agency have a low-quality or broken website?

If so, then you should avoid doing business with them.

Likewise, if a marketing company is helping you set up a content marketing campaign, take a look at their blog content. Do they even have a blog, and is it populated with quality content?

How a marketing agency treats its own website and marketing campaigns is the same way it’ll treat yours. Therefore, stay away from marketing teams that have clearly don’t practice what they preach. 

Their Pricing Was Too Good to Be True

Some fraud marketing companies will offer “cheap” digital marketing rates to unsuspecting clients that want to save money. 

The issue is that digital marketing is a specialized skill. Competent agencies will never have to reduce their rates because their work speaks for itself. 

Desperate agencies will always try to offer a cheap rate that is often too good to be true. If you find out that you’re paying an agency a low rate for non-existent results, then you should cut ties with them before it’s too late.

You Feel You Can Do the Work Yourself

Another red flag of hiring the wrong agency is when you feel like you can do the work yourself. For example, did your marketing company create a basic website using an online tool instead of from scratch?

Are they simply creating casual posts on your social media profiles about your products or services? If you ever feel like you can save money doing all your marketing yourself, your agency clearly isn’t component enough to run a defined marketing campaign. 

Ready to Switch Marketing Agencies?

Hiring the wrong marketing agency is a disaster by itself. Though, it’s never too late to fire them and hire an agency that will boost your campaign’s performance and revenue. 

Are you finally ready to switch marketing agencies? If so, the team at Media Shark can help. To learn more about how we can restart your marketing campaign, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.

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