If You’re Not Paying for Ads, You’re Missing Out on These Benefits

paying for ads

About 45% of small businesses are already using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or paying for ads. If you’re not paying for ads, you’re likely falling behind. You could miss a chance to generate fresh leads and sales as a result.

Your competitors will reach those consumers instead.

On the fence about using paid advertising? Here are a few ways paying for ads can benefit your business.

Read this guide to make an informed choice about advertising online today!

Appear Before Ideal Customers

You can use paid advertising platforms to appear in front of consumers based on demographics, the websites they visit, or the terms they use during a search. Defining who you want to appear in front of can help you reach ideal customers.

About 70% of online experiences begin with a search engine like Google. Appearing for these searches can help you leverage the consumer’s existing interest in your products or services. You can reach consumers while they’re in the mood to shop.

You won’t have to convince them they want or need your offerings. Instead, you can appear when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Traditional advertising involving print ads, flyers, and billboards doesn’t allow you to choose when you appear in front of consumers. If they don’t need your products or services at the time, they’ll likely disregard your ad. You could waste valuable ad spend as a result.

With paid advertising, you can specify who you want to appear in front of online. You can even develop different ads for different buyer personas. Then, you can leverage personalization to show consumers you understand their wants and needs.

Leveraging personalization can help you forge stronger connections with customers. They might feel more inclined to choose your brand if you understand the problems they’re facing.

Generate Brand Awareness

Consumers won’t choose your brand if they don’t realize you exist. A strong paid advertising campaign can help you generate brand awareness. It can take over five impressions in front of one person before they become aware of your business, though.

Paying for ads will allow you to generate brand awareness with consumers over time.

You can use advertising platforms to appear during online searches, within the apps your customers use, or on other websites. Each advertising placement is another chance to generate awareness. Eventually, consumers will begin remembering your visual brand.

In fact, brand consistency across multiple platforms could boost revenue by up to 20%.

For 45% of businesses, increasing brand awareness is a top priority. Generating awareness can help foster brand loyalty in the future. You can start generating repeat sales from the same consumer to boost your ROI.

Attract Quality Traffic

You can also use programmatic advertising to generate more website traffic.

Attracting consumers to your website will give them the chance to learn about your business. After visiting your site, they might like what they see. They might decide to reach out by calling or completing a form.

As an added bonus, online advertising allows you to attract quality website traffic.

If a consumer visits your site but realizes your offerings don’t align with their needs, they’ll leave. Each time someone leaves without checking other pages, your bounce rate will increase. A high bounce rate can hurt your organic search engine rankings.

Instead, you can appear in front of consumers based on the keywords they search online. They’ll realize you offer the products or services they’re looking for before exploring your site. As they click around, your dwell times will improve.

You can even create dedicated landing pages for your advertising campaigns to use the exact language consumers are expecting to find.

Generate Immediate Results

With print advertising, it can take months before an ad is written, designed, approved, and written. During that time, you’ll miss the chance to generate leads and sales.

With digital marketing, you don’t have to wait. Instead, an agency can create your ads within a few hours. They can go live with your campaigns immediately, allowing you to generate results immediately.

Once your ads are live, you can start generating more leads and sales.

Since you’re focused on people who already want your offerings, you’re more likely to generate conversions.

Improved SEO

Paid advertising can benefit your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, too.

Google considers how much website traffic you generate when determining your organic rankings. You can use paid advertising to direct more people to your website. As you attract new visitors, Google will take notice.

It might decide to improve your organic rankings for specific keywords. Higher rankings can help you reach new customers in the future.

Remain Competitive

Remember, nearly 50% of small businesses are already advertising online. Getting started now will help you remain competitive.

Instead of developing your campaigns alone, work with an agency this year. You can leverage their experience and expertise to get ahead of competitors. Ranking at the top of a search page will ensure customers find your brand first.

Gather Helpful Data

You can use the data from your advertising campaigns to make informed changes to future ads. With print ads, you can’t always tell what language or imagery leads to a conversion. With paid advertising, you can.

Making adjustments to your campaigns using data can boost your ROI.

Make Quick Changes

Once a print ad is published, you can’t make changes to the language, imagery, or CTA. One small mistake could cost you, new customers.

With paid advertising, you can make changes whenever you want. You’ll maintain complete control of your advertising campaigns. Making changes can help you adjust your campaigns to generate more results.

You can make changes to the ads, your ad spending, and more to ensure your campaigns are benefiting your business.

Start Paying for Ads to Experience These Amazing Benefits Today

Don’t fall behind the competition this year. Instead, consider paying for ads. With a strong digital advertising campaign, you can attract more customers to your brand than ever before.

Remember, you don’t have to develop your first campaign alone. We can help.

Ready to get started? Contact our team today for a quote.

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