How to Use Programmatic SEO to Your Advantage

Search engine optimization is arguably the most important digital marketing strategy today. Finally, more than 57% of businesses are investing in SEO to some degree, but it’s still not enough. 

Fortunately for you, that means you have less competition. Even better, the competition you have is likely overspending on their SEO strategies. Let’s talk about using programmatic SEO to bring your strategy to the next level.

What Is Programmatic SEO?

Programmatic marketing that focuses on SEO can help with the automatic creation of content, analytics, and more. This can limit or eliminate the need for SEO services, assuming your website is already optimized overall.

If you’ve heard of programmatic advertising, it’s quite similar to SEO. The only difference is that programmatic SEO focuses on organic traffic, diversifying your keywords, and ranking for search engines. They can also analyze and update your content for you when necessary.

There are plenty of major sites that use this strategy to some degree. You probably use many of those sites. Whether you use AI to generate ideas for your content, proofread, or analyze, there will always be a need for automation in the SEO world.

Well, some businesses take it a step further and automate their strategies down the line. Let’s talk about that.

Advantages of Programmatic SEO

One of the biggest advantages to mention is that programmatic SEO can be as involved as you want it to be. You can take control of your SEO strategy or sit back and watch the traffic flow. Here are some other reasons that make it so popular!


If you’ve hired SEO services for your business, you know one thing; it’s expensive. Hiring expert content writers and SEO specialists to create unique content every week (or every day) adds up.

With programmatic marketing, you can easily publish hundreds or thousands of pages with a high chance of ranking on Google. This can save a small fortune on content creation.

More Organic Traffic

Don’t believe in the value of organic traffic? As many as 14.6% of users that find websites through proper SEO tactics become customers.

Driving organic traffic should be a top priority for any website. Ads are great for building short-term revenue and brand awareness, but they can be massive money sinks. Programmatic SEO can target a wide array of long-tail keywords with low competition, allowing your content to reach the widest audience possible.

Whether you are trying to build positive brand awareness or make conversions, organic traffic is the way to go. When users find you and not the other way around, they start on an initial note of trust. That trust pays dividends over time!

Advanced Analytics

The great thing about programmatic SEO is that it’s always improving. With your ads or SEO campaigns, your AI will use advanced analytics tools to see what’s working and what isn’t, allowing you to make quick adjustments to your campaigns. This can quickly translate to more traffic and higher conversion rates!

Using Programmatic Advertising and SEO

SEO and PPC are the most effective when used together. Diversifying your keyword strategy and implementing them into both ads and organic campaigns will yield the best results.

Programmatic advertising is a great way to build short-term traffic that only improves upon itself over time. This can help build revenue while your site is waiting to rank on Google. No matter how good your content is, it can take time to show up on the SERPs.

Intervene When Necessary

We all know that AI isn’t perfect yet. If you notice that analytics reports are coming back with poor results on a couple of pages or ads, take a look at them. A few minor adjustments could make a world of difference.

Also, sometimes certain features will make perfect sense to AI-generators and AI-driven search engines, but not to readers. It doesn’t hurt to read through your ad or website content before publishing to ensure that readers won’t be confused. Failure to do so could hurt your strategies over time!

Use Programmatic Content Wisely

One of the best ways to use programmatic content is with content that’s constantly varying. For example, “buy/sell” pages on stock information sites or “how to do XYZ in this state.” These vary too widely to create and update every page all the time.

These are perfect examples of the benefits of AI. Human intervention can only handle so much, especially on a large-scale website with thousands of pages.

Create Some Quality Content

Whether you have a DIY strategy or managed SEO services, human-driven content is important on any website.

One important tip for using any AI-driven content is to use it as a supplement, not a replacement. Google may eventually catch on if you are ranking ahead on many keywords without any authority or quality content on your site. Don’t think of AI content as authoritative or as a long-term replacement for quality content.

Instead, create quality content that your users will love. AI-driven content that helps you rank for long-tail keywords may eventually help you build the authority you need to rank for short-tail keywords. In that case, create your pillar pages or landing pages with users in mind and allow AI to fill in the blanks.

Take Your Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

Now that you know what programmatic SEO can do for your business, put these tools to use today. By following these tips and using programmatic marketing wisely, you can take any of your marketing campaigns to the next level as quickly as possible.

Keep reading our blog for our latest digital marketing news, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for help with your strategy!

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