How To Use Display Ads To Your Advantage

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The value of the global advertising market is expected to reach $769.9 billion by 2024. When so many businesses have easy access to effective digital channels, it becomes even harder to stand out. So how do you ensure your advertising budget is going to good use?

One way is with display ads, a key weapon in your digital advertising arsenal. Read on as we tell you how to use them in a successful campaign. 

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is the use of text, image, or video advertising in an online space, such as search engines or social media. Its purpose is to attract viewers to perform an action, such as buying a product or visiting a website. 

There are numerous ways in which the advertising practice is paid for, but the most common is pay per click (PPC). In this method, a charge is only made when a viewer performs the action, such as clicking on the ad. How much this click costs the advertiser is known as the cost per click (CPC).

Types of Display Ads

Display ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most used ones have been collected below. 

Banner ads are one of the most traditional and well-used forms of display advertising. They combine text and images into a banner format. This is then displayed on websites, search engines, and social media. 

Rich Media

Rich media takes the banner ad one step further, adding interactive elements to catch the attention. These could be in the form of moving images, audio, and clickable elements. 


These display ads are shown to a user before they visit a website. They can either choose to click the ad and redirect to the offer, or close the advertisement and continue to the website. 


Video ads tend to cost more to make but get a higher quantity of traffic. They can tell and show things a text ad can not. Video is quickly becoming one of the preferred forms of display advertising in certain sectors. 

How To Use Display Ads

Online advertising campaigns are extremely hard to get right. However, one of their advantages is that you can refine and improve advertisements and target audiences as you go. We give our essential tips on how to use displays ads correctly below. 

Get Targeting Right

You can have the biggest budget and best ads, but deployed in front of the wrong people they won’t do any good. This is why you need to get your targeting right from the start. Success here lies in a blend of getting both your keyword targeting correct and knowing your audience. 

Keywords are the terms people type into search engines to find answers to their queries. If you have the right keywords attached to your ad, then you are in with a chance of appearing and getting the advertising click. They also dictate which websites your ad will appear on. 

Finding keywords also means knowing your target audience. For example, if you were selling sports clothing to a UK audience it would be no use having keywords including ‘running sneakers’. Sneakers is a US term and you would be targeting the wrong audience. 

Once you have these in place, you can even set up programmatic advertising. This is an automated process in which technology will buy the advertising space for you. You will have to do very little except input the audience and your budget. 

Both finding keywords and knowing your target audience are large tasks in themselves. Make sure you do your research before starting any display advertising campaigns. 

Use Multiple Formats

Even when you choose an ad type, there are still multiple sub formats you can select. For example, Google has over 40 different types of formats for display ads. These include a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Using more of these means you can get more exposure for your campaign. The payoff is that they obviously take longer to create and manage. Stick with the most popular types (Inline rectangle, large rectangle, half page, and mobile) to increase efficiency. 

Use Compelling Ads

The content and design of an ad are extremely important. Not only are you vying for attention, but you also need to persuade someone to take an action. One way to do this is to make your ads extremely personal. 

Once again, this can only be done by knowing your target audience in advance. Theme the design, language, and even special offers to the demographic. If you have multiple demographics then create smaller subgroups based on age, income, and gender. 

Finally, make sure you keep the text short. People don’t want to have blocks of text to read. Instead, show your message in a high-quality image and use the text for a call to action. 

Create Custom Landing Pages

The landing page is the website page people end up on when they perform the display ads action. Landing pages are just as important as the ad itself. You should give serious consideration to creating an individual landing page for each part of your campaign. 

Imagine you see an advert for 20% on selected clothing items. You click the link, but it takes you to the website homepage advertising the new season’s catalog. You would then have to trawl the website, finding the sale items, at which point many people would just give up. 

With a custom page, you can take people straight to the offer. This puts them further down the sales funnel making a conversion more likely. 

Starting a Display Ad Campaign

Now you know how to use display ads, create a plan. Begin by getting your demographics right, then locate keywords. After this, you can get into the specifics and use the tips provided. 

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