How to Make Attention-Grabbing Video Ads

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The average person consumes about 84 minutes of video per day. Because this is such a high figure, it’s important that your brand’s video content stands out. If it isn’t attention-grabbing, people are going to forget about it because of all the other multimedia that they saw within a short time span.

Here, we’re going to talk about how to create OTT ads that steal audience attention instantly. Read on for some expert tips on how to create quality video ads that convert.

Choose the Right Video Content Type

Knowing your target audience is important when designing video ads. A middle-aged businessman buying B2B software products will have completely different interests and pain points than a Gen Z woman buying makeup.

Since there are many types of video advertising, you’ll need to find the one that best matches your target audience’s interests. Explainer videos (testimonials) are great for looping in corporate professionals that are simply looking for information on products. Product videos are ideal for those purchasing tangible and physical items because they boost purchase confidence.

Animated infographics are a great choice for all audiences. They can easily convey data and statistical information. Just make sure to adjust the colors and movements to match what your target demographics want to see.

Grab the Audience Instantly

It’s important that you grab the audience’s attention immediately at the beginning of your marketing video. This is true regardless of whether you’re on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or another programmatic video platform.

You don’t have much time to grab your audience’s attention with online content. The average person has an 8.25-second attention span. Most users click away from uninteresting content in 10-20 seconds at the most.

On some platforms, a good hook becomes even more essential. For example, YouTube gives users the option to skip an ad after 5 seconds, so you need to pack a punch in this short timeframe.

Regardless of your reasons, make sure to have an instantly appealing ad that keeps viewers around.

Consider Your Viewers’ Emotions

Whether you’re using Google Display Ads, YouTube marketing, or onsite promotion, you’re going to want content that triggers strong emotions in users. Shock value is a classic for a reason, but it’s best to get that excited reaction without scaring viewers.

Do something unexpected in your ad to connect with your audience on an emotional level. You want them to have an instinctive excited or surprised emotion so that they stick around due to these human experiences. You also can use personal stories to generate empathy and retain viewer attention.

Incorporate Humor and Be Cheeky

Back when programmatic radio advertising was the only way to get your brand message out there, people grabbed listener attention with humor. Things need to stay the same in the current era where video content is king.

Creative humor is a top way to make your ads stand out. Puns and visual gags are always funny and easily digestible. Any audience can understand these jokes and derive amusement from them.

Being cheeky is another great way to make viewers laugh. It’s important to stay professional, but indirectly poking fun at your competitors is a good way to grab people’s attention.

This Samsung ad is a great example of how to poke fun at a competitor. Don’t mention competitor names, but make your message clear and highlight the way that you can resolve pain points that your competitor can’t.


Use Color and Shape Appropriately

Digital ads come in many forms, and it’s important to use visual elements to make them appealing to your target audience. Color psychology is important to remember because you can choose hues that influence people’s emotions.

Blue animation associates your brand and product with calm feelings. A video of people in yellow and orange clothing can cause an association between your brand, social activity, and exciting energy. The possibilities are limitless.

You will also want to incorporate your brand colors and imagery into your ad. It’s important to have your logo somewhere in the contents, even if it’s just an animated card at the beginning and end of the video. You’ll also want to include a slogan or catchphrase for people to remember you by.

Remember to be careful about not overcrowding your video. Less is more, and you’ll want to strive for a simple minimalistic appeal. This will keep people focused on the parts of your video that matter most.

Ensure Quality Informative Content in Video Ads

Visual appeal is important when it comes to video ads, but your marketing strategy can’t just be bells and whistles. It’s important that you don’t just make meaningless fluff videos.

If you don’t have quality content, people are either going to immediately click away, instantly forget about your video, or retain funny aspects of its design while disregarding the core branding message.

Make sure that every line spoken in your video has a real purpose. You want the entire marketing video to have real value for those seeing it. This will leave people interested in your brand, not just in pretty colors and interesting shapes.

Remember that people also will be grateful to you for not wasting their time. They’ll be happy that you took advantage of the opportunity to actually pitch a service that can help them. No one wants to be shown irrelevant ads that pack no actual punch regardless of how cute or funny they are.

Upgrade Your Marketing Campaign Today

Now that you know how to grab audience attention with well-designed video ads, it’s time to get started.

Media Shark is excited to discuss your specific web design and marketing needs to develop a comprehensive advertising strategy. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have about attention-grabbing video advertising.

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