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How to Incorporate an Ad Network Into Your Marketing Campaign

When the Internet first became prominent, some businesses saw the writing on the wall and recognized this technology’s potential. To test the waters, several companies bought advertising space from online publishers. 

Once they did, they used that space to reach new customers and grow that business. Over time, this middle ground between advertisers and publishers earned the name of an ad network. 

An advertising network can complement your marketing campaign in tremendous ways. So, in this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to incorporate these networks into your campaign. Let’s get started!

Google Ad Network

One of the most popular ad networks online is Google Ads. There are a few ways to utilize this platform for your advertising. 

One way to do this is through bidding. The Google Ads platform allows marketers to bid on space to display short advertisements. Alternatively, those marketers can also display service offerings or product listings. 

Why do this? The primary reason is that Google Ads will display the results of these searches in the Google search engine. The higher an ad ranks on Google’s search results, the more likely people are to click on it. 

Mobile Ad Networks

Another way to use an ad network is through mobile apps. In-app advertising refers to the types of ads you see on an app. Sometimes, these include banners, videos, and pictures that display when you open an app.

To use in-app advertising, businesses partner with mobile ad networks that specialize in this type of marketing. When you decide to pursue this option, there are two primary things to do. First, you must select the type of ad and the monetization model you’d prefer.

Some ads you may use include:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Transitional ads
  • Text ads
  • Banner ads

These ads have the benefit of not interrupting the user’s experience. Instead, they remain alongside the app’s features. This way, the ads don’t become a source of frustration for users. 

Ad Network vs Ad Exchange

Sometimes, people talk about ad networks and ad exchanges as though they were interchangeable. However, the two have some fundamental differences. 

An ad network aggregates ad inventory from publishers and sells it to marketers. Although ad networks these days focus a lot on digital spaces, they also work on offline situations.

In contrast, an ad exchange is a digital marketplace that allows advertisers and publishers to auction for advertising space. Both of these can work for your marketing campaign.

Which one should you use? The answer depends on your budget and how many ads you want to produce. If you can afford to bid for advertising space, an exchange could help. 

Using Programmatic Solutions

An ad network is an excellent way to find available advertising space. If you want the premium ad space that your marketing campaign needs, use our Programmatic services!

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