How to Grow Your Digital Presence With a Proven Media Shark

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How to Grow Your Digital Presence With a Proven Media Shark

The average person spends up to 6 hours a day using digital media. This corresponds to a growth in digital marketing spending, a segment expected to reach $120 billion by 2021.

If you run a business, you must learn how to grow your digital presence to reach potential customers in the wide-ranging, wild world of cyberspace. There are several strategies that can help you do so effectively, but one of the best is to hire a digital marketing agency to help you.

Read our guide to learn what marketing agencies do, how to choose the best one, and how to use them to reach and maintain customers. 

What Does a Marketing Agency Do?

Before you even consider hiring someone to help you determine how to grow your digital presence, you need to understand the type of talent they’ll provide and how they’ll help. Not every digital marketing agency is the same, but they share a general focus that can give you an idea of what you’re paying for.

The Team

There are several different digital marketing agencies to choose from with widely different staff structures. The options range from a small group of specialists to massive corporations with several departments that focus on different aspects of digital marketing. 

Some agencies may also hire a chief marketing officer or digital marketing manager. These experts oversee campaigns, using their leadership skills and understanding of marketing trends to improve their clients’ digital presence as much as possible. 

No matter which agency you choose or how many experts they employ, you must ensure they all have enough knowledge to be worth your investment. A lackluster team won’t be able to increase your digital presence, so be careful who you hire.

The Jobs They Perform

A digital marketing agency handles every aspect of their clients’ digital campaigns. This includes everything from creating the content to researching what sort of customers will respond to it.

Digital marketing is a data-driven business, using numbers to determine if a specific campaign is working or not. Agencies evaluate where to send a campaign and to whom, as well as how well it’s working in terms of engagement and ROI.  

What Makes a Good Marketing Agency?

Now that you know what a marketing agency is, you may be wondering how to evaluate them. What are the qualities of a good marketer? What makes one agency better than another?

There are several factors to look at when comparing digital marketing agencies and deciding which one to hire. Some of the most important are the services they provide, their staff, their ability to communicate, and their reputation.

Variety of Services

Digital marketing covers every aspect of the digital world, from websites to video advertising campaigns, and the right marketing agency will be able to handle all of them.

One of the first steps you should take before hiring a marketing agency is to visit their website and check the services section. See if they offer a wide variety of options. The best ones help with every method you may want to use.

A Team of Experts

Digital marketing can be a complex field, with new strategies and technologies cropping up every day. An agency needs a team of knowledgeable marketers to do its job.

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to staff, as a small team of experts can be more effective than a large crop of newbies. Check the credentials of every staff member whenever possible. The more they know, the better they’ll be able to help your business figure out how to grow your digital presence.

Clear Communications

No matter the type, marketing is the business of talking to other businesses and potential customers. Even when no words are exchanged, the best marketing agencies will always convey the right message.

First of all, the agency needs to be able to communicate with your business. Use testimonials and other information to find out if they’ll respect your wishes, understand your needs, and develop a positive relationship that will lead to great content.

The best marketing agencies also communicate effectively with your customers. Find examples of their previous work to ensure they can create campaigns that speak to what your current and potential customers want and need.

Positive Track Record

There are two primary ways to see how a digital marketing agency has performed in the past. These include customer reviews or testimonials and examples of previous work.

Hearing from other customers is one of the best ways to evaluate a business of any kind, including a digital marketing agency. You should be suspicious if there are no reviews available at all, but a few negative words shouldn’t steer you away. While you should never base your decision solely on the opinions of someone else, they can help make your choice easier.

Every business should show off its best work, and this includes marketers. The best ones will have a strong portfolio of quality work such as previous campaigns they’ve created or posts they’ve written for a client’s social media account. Use these examples to see if their style and capabilities match your business and its needs.

Do your research to ensure you choose the best marketing agency. Find out what the experience was like for other customers and, most of all, judge them by the quality of their work.

For help making the final decision, find out what sets the best marketing agencies apart from all the rest.

How to Grow Your Digital Presence

A major study from Gartner examined 621 of the most successful marketing executives. They spent 8.9% of their advertising on digital marketing, more than any other method. 

Every business needs to develop a digital marketing strategy that works and encourages everyone to make a purchase. The best strategy is to find out what and where your customers are looking for you in the digital world and focus on those areas first.

Use a Variety of Methods

Growing your digital presence requires making sure the information reaches users on all devices.

37.25% of website visits come from users on a desktop compared to 53.59% for smartphone viewers. Optimize your website and every piece of content you produce for a phone screen, or you’ll risk losing plenty of potential customers.

Engage With Customers

Once you’ve developed an effective website, consider using social media and other strategies to engage with your audience.

90% of customers attempt to communicate with a brand through a social media platform. 89% of brands ignore these messages for at least 10 hours.

Respond quickly to all queries and you’ll develop a reputation for being a brand that cares about its customers and their concerns. Effective communication is an integral part of how customers judge any company, including yours.

Don’t ignore email, as it can still increase your digital presence if used correctly.

A personalized subject line makes an email 50% more likely to be opened. Take the time to develop an email list of interested customers and learn their names and interests so you can use the information in email marketing campaigns. 

Like any other piece of content, it’s also important to optimize emails for a variety of devices. 46% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. If a smartphone user has a difficult time reading the message they’ve just opened, it won’t have the desired effect and will likely end up in their inbox’s trash.

Work to Generate and Keep Customers

The same methods that work for generating potential customers won’t always be as effective at encouraging them to come back. Using both is the best way to get and keep the highest percentage of valuable leads. 

Social media is the top digital lead generator, followed by email, content and video, SEO tactics like carefully chosen keywords, and paid ads. For lead maintenance, the order goes email, content and video, social media, events or demos, and paid ads. 

Too many businesses view marketing solely as a method to get new customers. This is a limited way of thinking, as your ultimate goal should be to gain devotees who purchase from you again and again. The best way to do this is to vary your digital marketing methods so that they increase and maintain your existing customer base.

Focus on Your Website

70-80% of customers research a business online before making a purchase or visiting their physical location. Despite this, only 64% of small businesses have a functioning website.

This is part of the reason why 50% fail in the first year. It leaves them unable to reach the massive potential customer base that may be searching for products or services like theirs online.

Don’t let this happen to your business. If you haven’t already developed a website, do so as soon as possible. 

Every piece of digital content you create, especially your homepage, has the potential to create a favorable or negative first impression for a potential client. That’s why every word and image must be carefully considered.

At least 46% of customers consider a site’s design as the best way to tell if the business it advertises is credible. Make sure to avoid clashing color schemes, poorly sized images, or other faux pas to avoid sending the wrong message.

Once you’ve decided how your site should look, it’s time to move on to the crucial aspect of what it should say. 70% of customers prefer to learn about a company through digital content instead of traditional ads. If you create curated content that speaks to their desires, they’ll keep coming back to see what you add next.

Every part of your website deserves attention and should be regularly updated as information and customer needs change. Start with an effective website, and the rest of your digital marketing efforts will improve as well.

Get an Effective Team

The people working at a digital marketing agency aren’t the only ones you need to analyze if you want to expand your digital reach. You also need to think about the people working at your business and how well they collaborate.

Making sure that all your departments work together benefits every aspect of your organization, including marketing. It’s difficult to market a product or service unless every member of the team understands it, and conflicting messages resulting from misunderstandings will only discourage potential customers.

It’s also helpful to have experts on your team that specialize in a certain area. These could include a chief marketing officer, product manager, or anyone else with the expertise you require.

No matter how effective your team may be, they can’t handle everything themselves. That’s why it’s so helpful to hire an effective marketing agency to handle all parts of the digital marketing process.

Create the Best User Experience Possible

Regardless of where or how you post your content, users must be able to access it quickly and easily. Otherwise, they’ll go looking for a competitor who can provide a better experience.

50% of viewers won’t hesitate to leave a site that doesn’t provide the information they’re looking for. Make sure each page includes all the content they want and need.

The speed of your site is also important. Most customers only wait 3 seconds for a page to load before looking somewhere else. 

For more information, learn more digital marketing strategies that are proven to work. Remember that choosing the right digital marketing agency is one of the best ways to improve your digital presence and expand your reach.

Where Can I Find the Best Marketing Agency?

Knowing how to grow your digital presence is a critical part of running a business.

Customers spend the majority of their time online. There are several strategies to reach them, such as websites with a great user experience and customized content.

One of the best strategies is to hire a digital marketing agency to help you through the process. Creating the best possible digital presence requires the Media Shark advantage.

We offer low cost-per-click rates, help convert customers into clients, and provide custom, informative reports full of actionable information.

Check out all of our available digital marketing services and contact us today for more information. 

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