How to Create the Best Programmatic Radio Ad

Over 92% of Americans listen to the radio every week. So how can you make the most of their engagement?

If you haven’t considered radio advertising before, you might doubt its effectiveness. You might think that it’s obsolete and not worth the effort.

But programmatic radio is incredibly effective. This is especially true for brands trying to tailor their audience and save money.

Before you can reap the benefits of radio ads, you must strategize a good radio marketing campaign. Afterward, you’ll use radio ads to improve consumers’ brand awareness and reach your target audience!

Unique Benefits of Programmatic Radio

Perhaps the thought of advertising through programmatic radio has never occurred to you. If so, then you probably haven’t wrapped your head around its benefits, some of which include:

  • Localization
  • Wide reach
  • Perceived trustworthiness
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Impact
  • Driving audiences

Car drivers are most likely to listen to programmatic radio. They’re also least likely to be distracted by anything other than their commute and radio, which is great for engagement.

Digital advertising is an incredibly effective tool too, especially in conjunction with radio advertising. But radio advertising has certain advantages over digital advertising—namely, its perceived trustworthiness.

People are inundated with thousands of digital ads every day. Yet, they’re unlikely to click even one on any given day.

Listeners can’t fast-forward or skim through their messages. Furthermore, live ad read-outs are seen as more personable to listeners. Since these ads are also local, they’ll also attract community-based listeners, who are a more loyal demographic.

Since they also offer a better return for brands’ investment, they’re more cost-effective. You won’t have to buy hundreds or thousands of ad space to ensure that someone listens to your message.

How to Create the Best Programmatic Radio Ad

You can’t take advantage of radio advertising’s unique benefits without a good ad. Beyond the ad itself, you’ll also need an excellent programmatic radio ad strategy for its release.

Keep it Concise

There’s no room for a slow-burn buildup with this format, especially since most radio ad slots are for 15-30 seconds. Other than the short-form requirement, radio ads must also be short to sustain listeners’ interest. They may otherwise tune out your ad after finding it tedious.

This might involve removing parts of your message or cutting down your word count. Either way, achieving this strategy is essential.

Grab Attention from the Start

Since radio ad slots are so short, you must grab listeners’ attention from the get-go. If you don’t, you might only get them to listen for the last ten seconds, if they listen at all. Even if they do check in at the last second, they might not even catch the name of your brand.

So make sure that your ad catches their attention right away. The first part of your ad usually requires identifying a problem your product/service can solve. Make sure that it’s a problem your target audience is bound to face so they’ll tune in to hear the solution — AKA, your brand.

Hire Effective Voiceover Artists

Don’t cut costs on the people reading your ad out. Hiring a great voiceover artist could entice listeners immediately and keep them engaged throughout your ad.

But remember that a compelling voice actor depends on the nature of your ad and the product/service advertised. A vivacious voiceover artist might suffice for an exciting event, while a calmer yet still charismatic artist might be more appropriate for a wellness product.

Either way, ensure they can capture your audience while sounding conversational. This way, they won’t sound too “promotional” but will still promote effectively.

Get a Live Read-Out

If possible, getting a live read-out of your ad is always a great idea. Avid listeners of radio stations can feel a personable connection to the stations’ radio hosts.

Hearing them cheerfully promote your product/service might automatically lead listeners to trust it since they trust the host themselves. It’ll also set it apart from other radio ads, which they may automatically tune out of due to the shift in tone which indicates an upcoming advertisement.

Record Testimonials 

Previous customers aren’t voiceover actors, but they’re real, and listeners positively respond to real. The excitement and joy in their voice, along with their compliments themselves, will give prospective consumers what an experience with your brand really looks like.

It also proves that you’re able to keep existing consumers excited. Listeners won’t be relying on a promoter’s claims, which they may doubt on the outset. Instead, they may start engaging with your brand to see what the fuss is all about.

Create a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Sure, you need to hold readers’ attention from the very beginning. And yes, you need to sustain that energy throughout your ad’s message. But your call-to-action is also critical, as it instructs listeners on how to act in their interest.

Without a strong CTA, listeners may not know how to reach your brand. They also can’t rewind or reread your ad, so your CTA must be clear and attention-grabbing.

Marketing With Programmatic Radio—Our Favorite Tips!

Advertising on the radio is an underrated yet incredibly effective tool. If you want a successful marketing campaign, take advantage of this method.

At Media Shark, we get our clients the most return for their marketing investments. With us, you can improve your brand’s presence in the industry, attracting a new audience and maintaining the loyalty of your existing one. Contact us today to learn more!

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