How to Advertise on Hulu

advertise on hulu

Hulu has around 46.2 million paid subscribers in the US, which makes it the third most popular website in the US. If you’re not advertising on this platform, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to reach new customers. Keep reading how to advertise on Hulu!

With its wide range of viewers, this programmatic video can help you get targeted leads and exposure. So whether you’re a new business owner or looking for ways to increase your traffic, we can help. Keep reading to learn how to advertise on Hulu.

What Is a Hulu Ad?

Hulu is one of the most popular OTT providers in the US, offering a vast library of TV shows and movies. This programmatic video provides advertising on streaming services that have grown in popularity. Hulu, like Netflix, delivers live and on-demand functionality on internet-connected devices.

Because Hulu has such a wide audience, it’s the ideal spot for google display ads. Similar to regular TV ads, Hulu advertisements are between 15 and 30 seconds long and of excellent quality. A 30-minute show can usually play multiple digital ads in roughly 5 minutes.

How to Place Ads on Hulu?

You must get an invitation to the Hulu ad manager to get customized ads. Visit AdManager.Hulu.com and RSVP for the beta version of ad targeting. When constructing an ad campaign, Hulu offers many alternatives.

You will be able to pick from a variety of ad types, allowing you to pinpoint your target audience. It also gives more budgetary freedom; here are some suggestions for advertising on Hulu:

30, 15, 7 Second Ads

Hulu will manage the advertisement’s encoding, hosting, and streaming. This allows you to concentrate on creating a persuasive and engaging campaign to attract consumers.

You may work inside the typical commercial time range. 15 and 30-second commercials are the most common options. If you want something quick and affordable, try the 7-second ad options to convey your message swiftly. 

Use Specific Video

If you own a small company, you may lack the means to create and distribute advertisements. In such cases, it may be prudent to use Hulu’s bespoke video package.

You can concentrate on operating your company while the platform handles video creation. Then you can rest assured knowing that your commercials are airing.

Using Slates

Slates are more effective as a supplement to a video advertisement. They often run at the opening of a show and consist of a still picture with a:

  • Corporate logo
  • Voiceover
  • Slogan
  • Fast product promotion

It delivers the message “This show is offered to you by…” so that you can remind the audience of your presence. Hulu is in charge of the voiceover, so all you need to do is email them the text to read.

Spread Your Money

If you have a budget in mind, determine how to spread it over many advertisements. You may spend the whole budget on a single outstanding ad. The money becomes a waste if it fails to attract your target demographic.

When you’re starting out, it’s best to spend money on various advertisements to determine which one works. If you see an ad that’s performing well, you can allocate additional resources to it.

Active Advertising

Hulu visitors accessing the website through a computer are more likely to go to the product page through interactive ads. Giving your audience the chance to interact with your ads can increase your purchases. Instead of placing the ad and waiting for results, you may see outcomes in a few seconds.

Local Ads

Like cable, Hulu enables local companies to determine their ad location using Nielsen DMA. It ensures regional exclusivity, so you can be certain that your ads will only appear in your chosen area.

Binge Advertising

The advertisements on Hulu take brand safety and a great viewing experience in mind. Advertisement placements can increase brand awareness by 24%. The commercials allow advertisers to deliver targeted messages at the proper time and place.

Hulu Ads Versus Conventional TV Ads

Hulu is more targeted than conventional television advertisements. Instead of broadcasting to all consumers, as local stations do, the platform allows you to target specific populations.

Suppose you offer a product for home remodeling that you’d want to advertise on HGTV. Since HGTV’s audience are also house flippers, thus, they are potential customers.

How Much Does Advertising on Hulu Cost?

The last step in purchasing advertisements on Hulu is establishing a budget. You can specify how many people you want to view your ads, and the platform will calculate your budget. This helps you determine your resources for targeted programmatic ads.

After choosing the amount to use, Hulu will verify its inventory. This means it will ensure enough viewers to see your advertisement. If the audience is large enough, the next step is to post the ads.

Tips for Purchasing Hulu Advertising

When submitting advertisements to Hulu, video quality is an essential consideration. This indicates that you may need a higher-quality camera for your movies. In addition to quality, here are other tips to consider:


All Hulu advertisements will be 100 percent visible, which means users cannot avoid them. The platform will charge you for 15 or 30 seconds of advertising. This is different from networks like YouTube, where viewers ignore the ads. 


Your CPM is 100 percent accessible (cost per mille). If 30,000 individuals saw your advertisements, then that’s 30,000 impressions.


Hulu will restrict the number of times your advertisement may play on a particular device. In the future, there may be choices for deciding how your campaign is distributed to your audience.


Once your Hulu ad targeting has been configured, you may continue to the payment section. You can manage your advertising and payments using the “report” and “ad gallery” sections of the platform.


Hulu beta is easy to use and an excellent location to launch your advertising campaign. It provides several opportunities for companies of various sizes that want a platform to display their ads.

Should You Advertise on Hulu?

The answer is yes because Hulu offers exposure to a wide range of audiences at an affordable price. It also has the added bonus of being backed by some of the biggest names in the media. That means your ads are in good hands, so what more can you ask for?

Programmatic radio and ads can be very challenging, but we can help. Contact us today for more insights on strategies to advertise on Hulu.

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