How Does YouTube Influencer Marketing Work?

youtube influencer marketing

Did you know that seven in ten people have purchased a product after seeing it on YouTube? 

If you’ve been considering using influencer marketing but are not certain which platform to start with, you should consider using YouTube. Not only is it the second most popular social media platform, but it is also quickly growing. 

But we get it. Getting started with YouTube influencer marketing is not easy if you don’t understand how influencer marketing works. This is why we’ve created a guide. Keep reading if you want to find out more. 

Why Should You Use YouTube for Influencer Marketing?

There is nothing new about working with well-known public figures to market products and services. Brands have been using celebrity endorsements to do this ever since the first days of radio and television. 

But unlike celebrities, influencers are not always world-famous. In fact, some of the most successful influencers are everyday people who happen to market products and services. 

The other thing that makes influencer marketing unique is that influencers make their own content and build relationships with followers in an authentic way. 

The job of an influencer is to get people excited about the products they’re marketing. They also take on the role of being bridge-builders between brands and their potential customers. 

Getting Started with YouTube Influencer Marketing

Most business owners say that the most challenging part of influencer marketing is getting started. This involves finding the right influencers to market your products.

Even though it’s good to work with people who have channels with more than fifty thousand subscribers, there is more that you’ll need to take into consideration. 

Before choosing to work with an influencer, you should first make sure that their target audience is aligned with your target market.

Consider the example of a business that sells ethically sourced floral bouquets.  If they work with an influencer who creates YouTube videos about rare wildflowers from around the world, it might be a good fit. But if they make hunting videos for an audience consisting mostly of middle-aged men, it would not be a good idea for them to work with this influencer. 

You’ll also need to make sure that the influencers you work with are passionate about your products and genuinely want to spread the word about them. If their principal interest is in making money by working with you, you should choose not to work with this person. This is why it is a good idea to find out whether or not an influencer is familiar with your products before choosing to work with them. 

Develop a Strategy 

The first step to designing an effective strategy involves knowing what you’re trying to accomplish. Some businesses want to sell their products right away, while others are more interested in building relationships and brand awareness

Regardless of what your goal is, you’ll also need to know what your budget is and how many different influencers you want to work with. Those who are just getting started should try to start by working with just one or several people. 

Different Kinds of Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

There are many different kinds of influencer marketing campaigns. Here are several of the most important ones that you should be aware of. 

Campaigns for Building Brand Awareness 

If your only marketing goal is to sell a certain product, it might be a good idea to work with influencers on TikTok. This is because the platform is designed to make it easy for influencers who want to create short product placements that last just a few seconds. 

YouTube, on the other hand, is an ideal platform for those who want to build brand awareness. YouTube influencers tend to create long-form videos. They’ll often spend several minutes talking about the brand that sponsors their video. 

Product Unboxing and Reviews 

There are many lifestyle influencers who create product unboxing videos. During these videos, an influencer or customer will use a product for the first time. It’s also common for them to offer sneak peeks of a business’s products. 

Some product unboxing videos are also reviews. Skilled influencers will spend time on camera to show why the products they’re unboxing are valuable. 

Sponsorship Videos 

Influencers who make sponsorship videos tend to have more creative control over how they present their sponsors’ products. Sometimes influencers will make it clear when a video they create is sponsored. At other times it could be difficult for viewers to know whether or not this is the case. 

How to Find the Right Influencer to Work with 

The first step to finding somebody to work with is to identify those whose followings align with your target market. You should try also try to find those who have large followings. Lastly, find influencers to create high-quality video content. 

If you don’t know of very many influencers on youtube, consider searching on Google for influencers. Chances are that you’ll stumble across several blog posts that mention top influencers. 

YouTube Influencer Marketing: Get Started Today 

It’s a great idea to embrace YouTube influencer marketing if you want to increase brand recognition. The best way to get started is by identifying the influencers that you are interested in working with. It’s also essential that you develop a strategy. 

If you are ready to make your ad campaigns more effective and quickly grow your business, consider using Programmatic Advertising. Once you are ready to get started, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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