Getting the Most of Geofencing Technology for Your Business

Have you ever passed a billboard advertisement at an airport and then seen a similar advertisement on your phone only moments after? This marketing tactic is geofencing, and it’s incredible! 

Some may find geofencing scary, but it is a strategy that many businesses use daily. Geofencing marketing is playing a large role in modern advertising. 

Continue to read to learn more about geofencing and what it can do for your business. 

Geofencing Explained

Geofencing is all about location. Marketers select certain geographic locations to display content on mobile devices. When an individual is within a certain boundary, they will see specific advertisements or promotions. 

As an example, a young woman is shopping in the mall with some of her friends. She is walking near a favorite store and is within specific geofencing perimeters.

As she walks, she checks her Facebook. When she pulls up her account, she sees an advertisement for her favorite store. This reminds her to go into the store and check out the latest items. 

Geofencing is possible due to global positioning system (GPS) and radiofrequency technologies. Often marketers will use a location’s WiFi network to activate geofencing marketing. 

The Benefits of Geofencing 

Geofencing is a real-time and data-rich marketing strategy. Companies can better determine consumer behavior and how advertising can impact such behavior. 

Marketers use geofencing to determine the influence of location in consumer shopping. Will an advertisement shown at the right time make a difference? The answer can prove to be invaluable to a company’s strategy. 

Targeting consumers is at the heart of advertising strategy. Knowing how and when to target your audience is crucial to your overall marketing efforts. 

Geofencing is exciting because it allows companies to better target potential customers. Let’s go back to the airport example. 

Every day people pass advertisements in airports for local tourist attractions. Each time a person views an advertisement, this enters the person’s memory. If they view the advertisement more than once, the stronger the memory will become. 

Viewing the advertisement on different platforms only strengthens the memory. If a person sees an advertisement for a museum at the airport and then sees it appear on their social media platforms, it may better entice them to look the museum up.  

Geofencing is flexible and allows companies to create a personalized experience. This personalization can make a world of difference.

There is nothing customers like more than an experience tailored to their interests. Customized advertising attracts the attention of potential clients and, in turn, hooks them. 

Geofencing Is the Future of Advertising

Marketers have more power than ever to connect and communicate with potential customers. Geofencing technology is only the beginning of what advertising and marketing messages will look like in the future. 

After you earn the attention of your audience, you can better distribute absorbing content. The goal of a marketer should be to hook potential clients and get them excited. Once you hook potential clients, you can get them interested in your company’s offerings. 

What’s the future of geofencing? Not only can you entice customers with advertising, but you can also send them virtual incentives such as discounts or free sample coupons. 

As geofencing evolves, the more interactive it will become. Marketers will take the foundation of geofencing and develop additional methods to interact with their target audience. Perhaps geofencing with even be brought to virtual reality and the metaverse. 

The alarming thing is that cell phone usage has increased substantially in recent years. People are on their phones for hours every day. With technologies like geofencing, this is to the marketer’s advantage. 

Marketers have recognized the importance of digital-based marketing and even how digital marketing can be affected by location. 

Long gone are the days of traditional 20th-century advertising, such as campaigns focused on massive print, radio, and billboard advertisements. Each of these categories still has a role to play, but the digital space is now the centerpiece of most advertising strategies.  

How to Utilize Geofencing in Your Marketing Strategy 

Geofencing is about experimentation and collecting valuable data. You can test geofencing technologies and see if “right time, right place” impacts sales. 

The best place to start is to introduce geofencing in attractive areas such as busy airports, malls, or cities. 

If you are a location-based business such as a tourist attraction, you will want to geofence in an airport, bus, or train station. On the other hand, if you are a nationwide or regional retailer, you can implement geofencing technologies in shopping districts or congested cities. 

As you see how potential clients interact with your digital content, you can determine how to better target them. With the data you collect, you can adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Why Invest in Geofencing 

As highlighted above, the benefits of geofencing technologies are plentiful. Geofencing is a powerful investment that will take your advertising and marketing to the next level. 

Advertising is all about out-of-the-box and enticing communication. With geofencing strategies, you can interact with your potential clients in a completely new manner. 

As a business, take advantage of the digital space. This is where most customers spend the majority of their day. Utilize this space and create a strong presence. 

Learn More about Geofencing Today 

With technologies such as virtual reality becoming more prevalent, geofencing has a great future in store. This technology is already impactful, but it will only grow as time progresses. 

To learn more about how you can use geofencing in your marketing strategy, please contact us today! 

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