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- Media Shark is your direct source for results when it comes to digital marketing. With the help of the extensive access to ad-exchanges and DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) Media Shark can drive higher quality traffic at a lower cost then you’ve ever seen before! We also provide the reporting you need to see to take your customer understanding even further!

- We work with agencies, small business, new companies, and as well fortune level enterprises. If you need leads, clients, branding, or highly targeted traffic… Media Shark is your ad-platform of choice.
We actually don't. Which makes us very different than the programmatic space especially with how we leverage behavioral targeting. Recharge off of cost per engagement type pricing model which allows our clients take their budgets and reach much further than typically seen before!
Media shark works within business-to-business and B2C. if a client is looking for highly targeted traffic which would lead to increased sales, Leeds, or branding... Media shark is the right programmatic Agency for you.
Typically, it’s up to the clients choice. We do not specifically require it, but depending on our clients need around confidentially we can. We don’t allow anyone inside our platform other than our team of extended experts.
Media shark is your all inclusive digital marketing expert. Which means we offer an all-inclusive cost bar clients. Which would include access to our servers, add technology, behavioral data access, set up fees, create a build-out, and much more. East campaign will include an estimated low and high cost per click and a CPM range. which would include all the above costs. with a custom dashboard that will give you access to see details of your campaign, media shark offers programmatic advertising at cost-efficient pricing!
Absolutely. Media shark and its partners maintain careful consideration for our clients and that our partners have information on updated policies.
Absolutely. Click here to reach out to one of our behavioral targeting strategies to find out more.
Media Shark clients typically see instant results such as online traffic which can lead to customer acquisition, lead form submissions, or products sold! We never recommend 1 month at a time but rather allowing us a few months to truly prove the results of our efforts with the help of our behavioral targeting experts.
No we do not ! We believe that if we can truly bring you the results, you’re looking for then you’ll want to stay. Anyone can cancel with us at any time, but we do encourage our clients to allow us a few months to prove the power of programmatic advertising.

Questions You Need To Ask Your Current Agency

Sometimes this can be a red flag but definitely should be asked. More importantly it's better to ask if media shark can place a third-party tracking pixel to ensure the current reporting an ad placement is correct. click here to contact us to find out more at no additional charge.
Absolutely! This ensures that what an agency or ad tech company is saying they are doing proves they actually are. Without doing this you may have no idea where they are truly running your ads and even if they are doing what they say they've been doing. It's just validating that they truly are the option they say they are.
Well then that's a serious issue. Basically they are saying they won't tell you where the traffic is truly coming from or the source of the traffic. we believe you need to know where your traffic is coming from to better understand your customer Journey. Also to ensure brand protection and to avoid sites that are low quality High click rate type sites.

If you're interested in finding out more and discovering why exactly you need to talk to your agency or ad Tech company about adding a third-party tracking pixel, please click here media shark is happy to set up a call and go over the details. we aren't afraid to show you where we're placing your ads because that helps us get better results Anna Boyd low quality clicks. your current agency and AD Tech platform should feel the exact same when it comes to a third-party tracking pixel.

Media Shark Products

One of the advertising platforms that we are known for is how we run our display ads. By leveraging behavioral data and combining with are Outlets of different Networks, media shark can run display ads that are on a cost per click basis. We truly offer a cost per engagement type pricing model.

Imagine being able to Target people that are shopping your competitors and driving those potential clients to your website with the help of display ads. That's The Power of media shark with the help of Behavioral targeting.
Some of our favorite types of ads are retargeting ads. Media shark brings you the ability to Target your precise audience and continue to follow them around with the help of retargeting ads. While still providing the opportunity for a cost per engagement pricing structure. which means you only pay if you're retarded audience clicks and engages with your digital advertisement.
Over the top or Ott Thai pads are another great addition to any digital marketing landscape weather running over the top of a tablet or showing a video commercial on YouTube, leveraging Ott brings a massive opportunity for more conversions and better brand uplift.
Connect to TV simply refers to video that is being absorbed through an internet connected television. This would include TVs like Samsung Smart TVs Apple TVs and many more. CTB offers a very unique way down down your behavioral targeting and place even more precisely targeted video ads.
Media shark allows you the ability to place audio ads on publishing opportunities like Spotify, iHeartRadio, and many more. the power to Target not only through mobile via display ads, video, and now digital audio; gives our clients the ability to take our reach even further.


That depends on the success of the campaign and the artwork and add size. we try to switch out artwork every two to three weeks to ensure no brand fatigue. depending on the performance of the ad and the conversions related to it specifically, we may extend that time.
Absolutely. Are at experts are here to help and graphic designers to fix anything specific that you like. If you'd like tips and tricks, we are always happy to help but if you'd like to design your own ads that's totally fine.
That depends on the success of the campaign and the artwork and add size. we try to switch out artwork every two to three weeks to ensure no brand fatigue. depending on the performance of the ad and the conversions related to it specifically, we may extend that time

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