15 Things You Didn’t Know About the New Facebook Search Bar Feature

Facebook search bar

Do you want to know what new features the Facebook search bar is offering right now? Do you want to learn how to make your Facebook search more specific? Do you dream of finding an old post, a funny meme, or an old friend on Facebook?

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With 2.6 billion active users per month, Facebook stays on top as the king of social media platforms. The platform values quality user experience, and thus it remains at the top of the game.

Its newest update is the new Facebook search bar. The awesome thing about it is that it’s more than your typical search bar. Below, we’ve got a list of 15 things you didn’t know about Facebook’s new search bar.

1. Facebook Search Is Now More Personalized

Personalization is the key to top-quality user experience. It reflects in almost all the great online services we have now. Check your YouTube and Netflix recommendations for solid examples of it.

When you pick a social media platform to share personal things, you don’t head over to LinkedIn or Pinterest. You go to Facebook because it’s where the audiences that know you hang out. Depending on your goals, you may or may not go to Twitter or Instagram. 

Try it by going to Facebook right now and using the search bar. Type something you want to know about. You’ll notice the algorithm will behave like Google’s Autosuggest. 

2. You Can Check out the Events Your Friends Are Attending

Do you want to know what events your Facebook friends are saying they’re interested in? Facebook is making it easy for you to find out where everyone’s planning on attending soon. The social media platform included the Events filter for all event-related searching.

All you need to do is type an event name into the search bar. You have better chances of finding what you’re looking for if you type exact names or keywords. However, you can also use keywords like “music” for any music-related event. 

Next, click on the Events filter at the top of the page. On the left side, find the “Popular with Friends” filter and click it. Add location and date filters if you want to narrow the results some more.

You’ll never be late to join a big event or party again.

3. Facebook Search Lets You Look for Strangers You’ve Only Met

According to its mission statement, Facebook wants to make the world more open and connected. A phone number can connect you to a total stranger you interacted with for a short time. If no numbers got exchanged when you met, your next best bet is the new Facebook search bar.

Let’s say you went to Las Vegas over the weekend and met someone named Wilson.  Get on Facebook and type in the name Wilson in the search bar. Filter the results by clicking on the People filter on top.

Next, under CITY in the filters on the left side, pick “Choose a City”. Type Las Vegas. Now, go to MUTUAL FRIENDS and click on “Anyone”. Selecting “Anyone” will take out the search limit of looking for Wilsons in your friends’ list.

If you have more information about this person, include it in the search. Pick their job or school under the WORK or EDUCATION filters. You can also choose a MUTUAL FRIEND if you and Wilson have a mutual friend.

4. For Specific Searches, Use Phrases and Keyword Combinations

The Facebook search bar isn’t so limiting anymore, so you shouldn’t do it to yourself either. When you need to look for something specific, don’t enter only one or two words. Now, you can treat the Facebook search bar like the Google search bar.

You can now type in phrases or long-tail keywords and get decent search results. It’s a great thing for those with businesses to include in their online marketing strategies. As a consumer, you get to find results and businesses with more ease.

Let’s say you’re looking for your friends’ parodies or covers of the wipe TikTok video. Look up phrases like “Wipe TikTok videos posted by friends in the Philippines”. You’ll get search results that follow the parameters in that specific search term.

5. Follow Conversations and Posts That Use a Specific Link

Do you want to know more about the conversations around a shared link? Links on Facebook get shared a lot. Often, the links come with extra commentary with each share.

If you want to know how popular a link is, search for it via the search bar. When you find the link, you can see how many people are discussing it on Facebook. All you need to look for is the “People Talking” indicator.

6. Pull to Refresh Search Results on Mobile

When you do a search on Facebook on your phone, you can do a quick refresh by pulling down. If you haven’t yet, you can do this on your wall, too. This type of page refreshing got inspired by Twitter’s innovative feed refresh style. 

It’s great when you’re looking for specific pages and you want real-time updates on your search. You can do this if you’re awaiting posts on sales on days like Black Friday. Over 90 million businesses use Facebook’s free business tools, and there’s bound to be tons of great deals you can find with one search.

7. Learn Where Your Friends Like to Eat

Do you have Facebook friends who are foodies? Do you like dining at nearby restaurants where they’ve left only great reviews? Well, the secret restaurant search tool is the best search bar update for you.

All you need to do to use it is to put “restaurants nearby” in the search bar. Enter and then pick Places at the top. Next, look at the menu at the left and click on “Visited by Friends”.

From here, you get only results specific to the criteria we set. You can even filter the search results if you feel like eating a specific type of meal. Pick pizza, Chinese, or any other kind of cuisine you feel like eating to filter the results further.

You can make your search faster and simpler by typing in “pizza” before you pick the Friends filter. It’s a great way to surprise a lover with great food. It makes finding new vegan options easier to find as well. 

The best part about this is that it works for other businesses as well. If you want to go to a hair salon your friends have tried, search “salons nearby” instead.

8. Stay Updated With Facebook’s Search FYI 

Among social media platforms, Facebook is one that’s popular among all demographic groups.

Because of its popularity, Facebook had to include the Search FYI tag to keep everyone in the loop. That means users in every age between young and old can get news and updates from the search bar. 

9. You Can Limit the Information You Give Facebook

Privacy remains to be an issue with many Facebook users. If you want to keep your information to yourself, the key is to not put it up online. Otherwise, you’re giving the network permission to share this information with others.

The new Facebook search bar is more powerful and smarter now. You have to be smarter than it if you want to keep information private. Change the privacy settings of your photos if you want them to be visible only to certain people.

Let’s say you don’t want strangers to know about your current employment. Don’t place it on your profile. Even if someone looks up the business, you won’t appear in the search.

10. Use the Quick Help Search for Technical Aid

This one isn’t so much about the new Facebook search bar, but it’s useful and adjacent to the topic.

Do you ever wish you had an F1 shortcut or Help Center command for specific websites? For example, you won’t learn much about YouTube CPM rates on YouTube. Instead, you’ll find more content about YouTube CPM from blogs like ours or others’ tutorials.

Facebook has a feature that works like the F1 Help key on Windows computers. All you need to do is to click the question mark icon at the top-right corner of Facebook’s desktop site. This will bring you to the Quick Help screen. 

It’s a simple help reference tool that’ll address all your technical needs. You can type in questions on its search bar. 

Note that the Quick Help feature is only accessible on the desktop version. If you’re on the mobile app and you need technical help, find Help & Support. This appears when you tap the three vertical lines at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

11. Everyone’s Search Results Are Different

You can’t expect an acquaintance to find the exact results when they look something up on Facebook. This is because everyone has different online activities, preferences, and liked pages. This point ties into the personalization scheme that Facebook is applying.

Did you know that around 200 factors are in play for search ranking within Facebook? Those include everything you do on the platform, including pages you like and engage with. These factors make the difference between your and another friend’s search results. 

Sometimes it’s better to share a link rather than have a friend look it up on the site.

12. You Can Discover Great Deals With the Facebook Search Bar

Did you know that you can access the Facebook Marketplace through the search bar? All you need is to include words like “sale”, “free”, or “discount” in your search. When you enter a search, you get results that are also listed in the Facebook Marketplace.

If you didn’t know yet, Facebook Marketplace is the social media platform’s adaptation of eBay. Everyone from retail owners to a neighbor who’s looking to get rid of their dining table set can sell on it. It’s a great place to buy and sell because Facebook won’t charge any fee to sellers and buyers alike.

13. You Can Find Facebook Posts Using Keywords

Keywords are the building block of all activities on the web. It’s what marketers use to establish and boost their marketing strategies. As a Facebook user, you can now use keywords to find specific posts you may have missed sharing.

All you need to do is to pick the Posts filter at the top of the website or app. The more keywords you have, the better your chances of finding the post. You can also include the name of the person who created the post to narrow down a search.

14. Hunt for Older Content With the New Search Feature

Get ready to have old photos and cringe-worthy posts of the old you dug up and out.

The new search bar now lets you dig into the past to find old content. If you don’t want them found and shared among your friends, change their privacy settings now. If you don’t mind showing your friends or the world how changed you are now, keep them as they are. 

15. Searches Outside of Facebook Don’t Affect Your Facebook Search Results

Do you worry that the things you searched outside of Facebook may come back to you on the platform? 

Indeed, Facebook’s new search bar wants you to find everything you need within the platform. However, its search results have no impact on searches you made outside of Facebook. It won’t be like looking something up on Google and finding it on Instagram later via ads.

For example, you looked up “Joe Biden” on Google. You don’t need to worry about politics-related searches showing up on a Facebook search. That is unless you also look up “Joe Biden” on the new search bar.

Make the Most Out of the New Search Bar

Facebook is getting easier to use thanks to these new features. You can expect more development on the Facebook search bar as time goes on. Still, you want to be vigilant over your privacy and the privacy of the content in your Facebook profile.

Change the privacy settings of your profile now. Make sure you always practice smart Facebook browsing and usage. 

That’s it for the 15 things you didn’t know about the new Facebook search bar.

Did you enjoy reading this list of the new Facebook search bar features? Check out our other content on our blog page. You can also talk to us if you have any queries about digital marketing.

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