Easy Ways to Improve Your Digital Ads

digital ads

Did you know that in 2021, digital ads and media were projected to account for more than half of all US ad dollars? 57% to be precise. Companies have come to rely on digital marketing trends to survive in today’s world. 

But, digital marketing is more than just creating content and hoping it reaches your potential clients. By creating a diverse digital ad campaign with audio, video, and written content, you are much more likely to find something that reaches and resonates with your target audience. 

Keep reading for 5 ways to increase ROI and brand reputation through your digital ad campaign. 

Programmatic Video

Before we dive into programmatic video, let’s establish what programmatic advertising is.

Programmatic advertising is the process of buying and selling ad space within an automated environment. This process uses algorithms and data insight to direct ads to the intended audience at the right time and the right price. The best part? It works for all organizational sizes!

SMEs, medium organizations, large businesses? Programmatic advertising can be optimized by all.

Programmatic video ads have the potential to create a huge impact due to the medium it is being delivered. People have come to prefer watching video content over reading text, and your company can potentially reach your target audience as an embedded ad, like before a Youtube video begins playing, or in their video feed on a platform like Tik Tok. 

Just make sure that the ads you are pushing out are relevant to the data set. In other words, if you are going to advertise your makeup brand, make sure it’s linked to videos by makeup artists or beauty-relevant channels. You wouldn’t want to waste your ad budget by sharing it with people searching for something completely unrelated to your product or service.


OTT, or “over the top” advertising, is the practice of streaming content to consumers, directly over the web and on many different devices, like smartphones, tablets, iPads, and more.

Some say that this is the future of entertainment, but how does this translate into your digital ad campaign?

Many services, like Hulu, implement tiered subscriptions which include video ads in the beginning and throughout streaming. You can take advantage of this ad space by using connected TV adverts. This is a newer type of OTT advertising that uses the data of connected devices to curate ads and influence ad display.

This can look like seeing the same ad on your computer as you did on your iPhone, which increases brand awareness and recognition. 

This advertising also generates similar, but customized ads for all devices on the network. So this can mean the people you live with may also be getting similarly targeted ads. 

OTT technology within North America alone has a 51% adoption rate and it continues to show impressive growth in Europe and Asia-Pacific. This tool is definitely not one you want to skip over. 

Programmatic Radio

Similar to programmatic video, programmatic radio is a data-driven, audio-oriented adaptation of programmatic advertising. Programmatic radio ads rely on real-time data from your target audience to strategically place ads on audio markets. This includes digital audio streaming platforms, satellite radio, podcasts, terrestrial broadcast radio, syndicated radio programs, and more. 

When you use this type of ad, you are reaching consumers who are already primed to take on information about your product or service. One example of this is a morning talk show about business best practices advertising a local marketing company. It increases brand awareness and credibility by being associated with a source listeners trust.

This method also prevents blocking of the ads. With video, many users can skip after a few seconds, but on the radio or through the use of audio ads, listeners can’t cut it short in the same way.

Google Display Ads

Google offers display ads, which are just one of many types of campaigns available to companies. Display ads are slightly different from SEO because the search network generates content when things are being looked for, but display ads can capture someone’s attention earlier in the buying cycle.

Display ads can essentially place your ad in front of someone before they begin their search for what you offer. From here, you can segment your data to ensure you are reaching people with your ad who have visited your site or expressed interest in your services. 

There are a few different kinds of display ads.

  1. Banner ads: More traditional forms of advertising usually appear at the top or along the sides of a website. Make sure you use creative visuals to capture attention.
  2. Interstitial ads: These ads are quick diversions. They often redirect the user to their destination after they interact with the ad.
  3. Rich media: These are the interactive ads that have clickable, watchable, or listenable elements

Display ads through Google can reach people worldwide across more than 35 million websites and apps, like Gmail and YouTube, so you want to make sure you are using the best ad for your business. 

Digital Ads

Digital marketing ads are one of the best ways to increase the reach of your business. But, you need to be strategic, and that means making sure your ads work.

How do you do that? Start by ensuring you are using relevant keywords in your advertising copy. This will improve your data to ensure your ads are being shown to the best-performing potential clients.

Once your ad is in front of them, they will hopefully explore your site, see all you have to offer, and convert you to a client. 

Ready to Start?

The world of online marketing and digital ads is constantly shifting. To remain relevant and ensure that your marketing budget isn’t being wasted, look for new and creative ways to share your services. 

To find out more information about how programmatic advertising can take your business to the next level, check out all our blogs about it! We can’t wait to see your ads online.

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