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When you swim in the ocean of online advertising you want to swim with sharks, Media Shark to be exact. So if you want a digital advertising agency that offers the best advertising strategy fit for your company then you have swam to the right sharks. We’ll bite right into the digital marketing plan that won’t get away from our jaws.

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Display Advertising

Do you want to get the word out about your brand to an audience likely to interact with and find what you are offering useful in their lives or businesses? Do you want to make a branding play, promote a new product launch or boost an awesome sale? Then look no further than display advertising. Utilizing a variety of behaviors built upon topics, interests, intents, and audience strategies to find the right people for your ad; then shows them a stunning image ad that can display on millions of websites. This technique is unique because you don’t have to know exactly how a potential customer will seek you out, but how you will seek them out. Sharks hunt their own prey…

Video Advertising

Do you like things that move like a shark through the ocean anytime you view amazing content that showcases your organization? Video ads are the perfect advertisement for those companies who want a high-quality ad with a little more engagement in mind.

Showcasing your ads in front of these users (not only on computers, but also tablets, mobile phones, and televisions as well,) provides video ads with a unique captive audience. The use of video creates a way to grab your viewers attention. It has the potential to be an expansive digital advertising option with its increased grab factor. 

Audio Advertising

We are living in a media world and we are Media Shark. Audio advertising can be an effective ad strategy with similar captive audiences to video advertising. Audio is the relative newcomer to the digital ad world but it has definitely taken a bite out of the competition. Audio ads are just as they seem: An advertisement that will show up in streaming platforms popular today (Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Etc.) with voice or music being how the ad gets disseminated and with a possible companion image that can be interacted with. It is pretty straightforward and a great way to help create more engagements in unique ways.

The Media Shark Advantage

Media Shark Targeting Capabilities

Targeting your online audience has never been easier and more cost-effective with Media Shark. With unique advertising strategies and access to multiple behavioral databases, you’ll be shocked with what we can do.

These targeting capabilities include:

  • Geolocation
  • People buying specific products online
  • Specific phrases or keywords
  • IP targeting
  • People shopping your competitors online
  • Online users who liked specific products or services on your website


Getting more precise with your online targeting means you’re not wasting ad dollars on shoppers who aren’t interested.


Cost Efficiency

With Media Shark you only use your marketing fund if your online audience engages with the ad. This means you’re only paying for the results that we drive. Think of Media Shark like your digital financial investor. We manage your digital digital marketing portfolio to drive you industry leading results.


Lower Cost Per Click Pricing

Not only do you just pay for performance with Media Shark, but the average cost per click can range under $1. Our programmatic buying abilities and media buying superstars manage your programmatic campaign to ensure you get the best price by leveraging a magnitude of networks and media outlets.


Custom Reporting

Every campaign with Media Shark receives a custom reporting and online dashboard. Whether you’re running digital commercials or running your first programmatic campaign, you’ll get the insight and data to better understand your targeted audience with Media Shark.

Here’s a small list of custom data points we can build into your reports and dashboard:

  • Ads
  • Devices
  • Audiences
  • Placements
  • Geographies


Get more insight with Media Shark with your programmatic campaigns.


Drive More Engagement & Conversions

When combining all the benefits above it’s easy to see how programmatic advertising is the future of ad-buying. With leveraging more precise targeting you’ll see faster engagement & conversions with Media Shark. We never automate our ad-buying, so you’ll always have someone overseeing your campaign.

Custom-Tailored Reporting

At Media Shark we know the shark is only as good as its bite. That is why all of our digital advertising services come with stunning and custom reporting. Media Shark’s live reporting platform derives data directly from the ad networks your ads run on which establishes complete accuracy. Our reporting gives your organization the information needed to strategize intelligent advertising decisions to help grow your business with Media Shark.

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