demand side platform

Full Breakdown On What Is a Demand Side Platform?

101 Guide To What Is a Demand Side Platform Ahead of all other media channels, programmatic advertising is growing the fastest. But does this help your business? You’ll want to know what is a demand side platform or DSP. One of the most common forms of programmatic marketing is the demand side platform (DSP). DSPs automate digital media buying […]
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Why You Should Hire a Media Buyer for Media Buying

A Comprehensive Guide to Why You Should Hire a Media Buyer for Media Buying You can save money and improve advertising results by hiring a media buyer to manage your marketing spend. Hiring Media Shark to manage your media buying will help you drive your costs down and target your exact online audience! As technological marvels […]
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demand side platforms

RTB Marketing and Demand-Side Platforms

Demand side platforms or also known as DSPs are changing the marketing game forever and the same can be said for real time bidding. Two of the most important acronyms these days are RTB and DSP. While they might blend in with the others at first, they’re actually very useful tools in a marketing arsenal. […]
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What Does RTB Stand For?

What Does RTB Stand For? RTB stands for real-time bidding, it is has become a popular method that advertisers use to place ads online. However, you may come across the RTB meaning for the military, which is “Return to Base.” But if you’re looking to learn about RTB advertising, you should know that it’s all about real-time […]
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How to Effectively Employ RTB Media Marketing Strategies

How to Effectively Employ RTB Media Marketing Strategies You can streamline the process of managing digital campaigns and maximize your advertising ROI with an effective rtb media marketing strategy. You’ve probably heard about programmatic and real time bidding advertising. If you’re not sure about what these terms mean, however, you’re in the right place. These […]
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What Is RTB Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

If you’re a business who wants more effective marketing, your plan has to include rtb marketing. It’s not even a question anymore if people are shopping online. The vast majority of Americans are online shoppers, so any good marketing strategy needs to include advertising where people are buying. However, it may be difficult to know what online […]
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