Month: December 2020

How to Optimize YouTube Ads

How to Optimize YouTube Ads: The Guide You Need Youtube has more than 2 billion unique visits every month, and according to Youtube’s CEO, that number is ever increasing. And even more, people are using Youtube as a means of entertainment. Without a doubt, Youtube is a platform that businesses need to utilize to grow. That is […]
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8 Great YouTube Advertising Ideas

8 Great YouTube Advertising Ideas for Your Business Did you know there are over two billion active monthly YouTube users? That means you could get millions of eyes on your ads when you choose to market on YouTube. But how do you come up with the best YouTube advertising ideas? Since lots of brands and companies advertise […]
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Types of YouTube Ads: Choosing What You Need

Are you a marketer who is new to the Youtube realm? If so, there are different types of Youtube ads to consider. Examples of Youtube ads include skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads, and pre-roll ads. Bumper ads and pre-roll ads fall into the non-skippable category. With skippable ads, a video usually lasts 30 seconds. […]
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YouTube Advertising 101: Getting Started

With two billion users logging in monthly, YouTube is the world’s second-largest social media platform. If you’re looking to reach a new audience or add a new channel to your marketing in 2021, then YouTube advertising might be a smart move. This guide will help you get started with YouTube ads. It includes the top tricks and […]
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