9 Benefits of Using a Programmatic Video for Marketing

programmatic video

Building a marketing strategy in the digital era levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes. With a programmatic video strategy, your marketing methods expand to reach a bigger audience.

On an average day, online users view 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements. There is no reason why yours isn’t one of them. 

Are you interested in creating programmatic videos for your marketing strategy? Keep reading for the nine awesome benefits of using a programmatic video for marketing. 

1. Programmatic Video Is Budget-Friendly

Unlike traditional advertising, programmatic video marketing methods work within your budget. You no longer need to work within the restraints of set windows of opportunity that don’t allow audience targeting.

Instead, you can run multiple ads on several platforms with digital marketing. You can stop an underperforming ad at any time, as well as increase spending on ads when you see they are reaching overperforming.

With features like cost-per-view (CPV), you only pay when someone interacts with your content for a set amount of time.

2. Your Potential Reach Has No Limits

Marketing plans that include programmatic videos are beneficial because there is no limit to their reach. A year ago, it was estimated that seven-in-ten Americans used social media. That number is estimated to increase annually.

With the right videos and a strong marketing strategy, the potential of a video campaign has the potential to outpace your anticipated reach.

There is no way to determine how people will react to your content. A positive reaction will benefit your brand in multiple ways. Your reach will bring in a bigger audience, and you’re sure to have a greater return on investment.

3. Create Marketing Strategies to Fit Your Brand

Too often, we see smaller brands imitate the marketing plans of their competitors. It’s okay to incorporate marketing strategies that work. However, your content needs to speak to your brand’s personality.

Understanding your audience will help with the creative process. For example, your product might get geared toward an audience located in places with cold climates. You wouldn’t want to create videos shot on Florida beaches in the middle of winter.

Just because a video receives a huge reaction and goes viral doesn’t mean it will give your product or service visibility. It also doesn’t always convert to sales. 

4. You Control the Process 

Another benefit of digital marketing is it gives business owners greater control over the marketing process. In the past, a business had to hire a marketing firm. In most cases, the firm had control over the entire creative process and where ads would appear.

Programmatic videos can get created quickly and easily. Sometimes the business owner can create content and post it to the designated platforms. 

Social media has many tools to assist businesses with uploading content and creating ad campaigns. They also provide marketing plans with the insights needed to measure the campaign’s progress. 

5. It Boosts Your Email Marketing ROI

Despite what some people think, email marketing is not dead. As search engine optimization has improved for programmatic videos, its use in email campaigns has turned a corner.

Increasing marketing methods improve your ROI overall. Having the ability to deliver content directly to someone’s inbox eliminates the distractions of social media. 

Email marketing also allows you to create profiles for each subscriber. With this information, you better understand when they are most likely to open an email and how they interact with the content. Best of all, you can deliver multiple videos within an email. 

6. Allows You to Keep Pace and Exceed Competitors

One of the biggest things that separate competitors are the ability to reach their audience. Programmatic video levels the playing field and allows you to keep pace with your competitors.

Not only are your videos running on the same platforms, but you also have the capability to reach the same audience.

Study what your competitors are doing and their results. Understand what’s working and what’s not working. Learn from these insights and create a solid marketing strategy that gets the desired results.

7. It Allows You to Target Specific Audiences

One of the key marketing strategies when working on marketing plans is to develop your target audience. The idea of a target audience should be with you from the concept stage of starting your business.

Pointers like age, gender, geographical location, economic status, and even race get considered. 

You can create the same programmatic videos that target different demographic sets. For example, you can create multiple videos with the same concept, but each version is geared towards different subgroups within the target audience.

8. Utilize Video Sharing Platforms to Grow Your Brand

When thinking of digital marketing, it is valuable to move beyond typical social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Video-sharing platforms like YouTube are a great place for programmatic video marketing strategies.

What makes them unique is people are on the sites seeking video content. These platforms have created revenue-sharing opportunities for content creators. Advertisers reach a wider audience because viewers must watch a portion of video ads before they can view the content.

9. Keep Track of Brand Exposure

Digital marketing allows brands to track their exposure with real-time reports. Google Analytics, website analytics, social platform analytics, and other applications provide essential insights data.

You can learn how your videos perform. Cross-comparisons let you see where you should put more effort and money.

Digital Marketing is the Way to Go: Get Started Today

Now that you know how programmatic video can help your business gain visibility, what are you waiting for to get started? Your target audience is online, and you can increase their chances of seeing your ad.

We offer SEO for global impact, and insights for lead generation on YouTube, Tik Tok, and Over-the-top media services. We can also help you run your brand’s digital ads and programmatic videos for marketing.

Are you unsure where to start? Try our ads results estimator to see the potential earnings for various marketing methods.   Edit Article

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