7 Unique Ideas for Digital Ads in 2022

digital ads

The internet can be a powerful tool for finding information and for promoting a business. An average Google search can generate as many as 40,000 search queries each second. 

New advances in technology have improved the way advertisers reach their target demographics of consumers. Using digital ads can boost brand awareness, generate leads, and lead to increased sales. This requires marketers to stay up to date on the latest trends and ad ideas in order to get the most effectiveness out of their advertising budgets.

If you’re looking for marketing ideas to improve your digital ads and change up your digital marketing strategy, this blog post can help you with 7 unique ideas for your digital ads.

Keep reading below to discover more ways to use digital ads to their fullest advantage.

1. Social Media Marketing Is a Top Contender

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms, with TikTok swiftly joining these ranks. In the U.S. alone, Instagram has around 153 million active accounts.

Social media provides a prime medium for running digital ads. With its robust following of consumers young and old, it is possible to tap into an adapting market with the potential for exponential growth. Moving forward into 2022 and beyond, this potential can only grow larger, meaning your business can reap these benefits for itself.

Even better, you can tap into specific interest areas and demographics that are the most relevant to your business for social media marketing. Use interactive digital ads that catch the user’s attention as they scroll through their feeds. This will get more eyes on your company’s brand.

2. Increased Creative Content Marketing

Creative Content Marketing involves creating content for a blog within your company’s website. Where most digital ads are visual and outwardly display as ads, Creative Content Marketing is more subtle.

Specifically tailored content aligns with your brand’s product or service in an engaging and reliable way. It creates interest in your products and allows you to establish yourself as a leader in the industry through persuasive yet informative blog post marketing. 

This method of digital marketing can work well for smaller companies looking to have an impact with a tight marketing budget. For larger companies, they can use creative content marketing in tandem with other types of ads. It shows you care about the consumer over a sale, which can build up consumer loyalty over time.

Incorporating SEO-enriched content into your current and past blog posts also helps move your site’s ranking on Google search results.

3. Personalized Digital Ads

Personalized digital ads can help consumers feel more connected with your brand. It drops the formalities of the business and consumer dynamic. Instead, your brand becomes more like a trusted friend who truly understands them. 

Facebook does this through its Memories feature which displays photos and videos from the user’s previous posts. Facebook also does end-of-year reviews and lets its users create custom photo birthday cards and friendship anniversary content to share. Music app Spotify has become popular for its year-in-review playlist that shows the most listened-to songs and artists of the year.

Personalized digital ads can also include email content with the person’s name in the header. Or for fun ad ideas, create a fully personalized shopping experience with products related to the consumer’s browsing and shopping habits.

4. Influencer Driven Marketing Campaigns

An influencer collaboration can help elevate your digital marketing strategy. With influencer collaborations, you seek out the social media influencers who are most in line with your brand’s ideals and vision. They represent and plug your brand or product on their social media platform to their followers for a fee.

Celebrity endorsements are a big plus for representing digital ads, but they can be prohibitively expensive. Influencers are celebrities in their own right on social media. They have a fan base of followers in the millions that you can piggyback off for a powerful reach.

At least 79% of brands use Instagram for influencer marketing of their digital ads. 

5. Expanded Use of Video Ads

In an era where nearly any topic or question is searchable, it’s important to have different types of ads available. This allows you to reach your ideal consumer base through targeted advertising. Video ads are a great form of digital ads because they have both a descriptive and a visual component to them.

With a majority of consumers being visual learners, they’ll appreciate a business that shows them the answer in an easy-to-understand way. Explainer videos are becoming more popular for their ability to relay information and describe a pain point and solution simply.

You can also use video ads as a way to demonstrate your product in action. When consumers see how something works before buying it, they’ll be more likely to purchase it for themselves.

Using services like YouTube and TikTok for advertising gives you access to a video platform with millions of eyes searching for curated content each day.

6. Incorporating Digital Ads Into Virtual Events

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the show must go on as usual for businesses. With events canceled and people spending more time at home, the need to reach those people caused advertisers to invent new forms of digital ads out of necessity.

Looking for safe entertainment they could take part in at home, virtual events became appealing forms of entertainment as well as ingenious marketing ideas. Today, many brands still rely on the use of virtual events to connect with consumers through digital ads.

Companies can reach a vast amount of potential consumers watching the event. Whether they’re viewing from home or on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets while they’re on the go. Your brand is front and center where the action is.

7. Utilizing AI and Voice Search Technology

More brands are turning to chatbots to offer answers and support 24/7 to their consumers. AI technology allows consumers to interact with your brand through your website. They can ask questions, request samples, and sign up for email lists, which can help you generate new leads.

With an increasing number of voice search technology services on the market, it’s also important to position yourself in the ranking for appearing in these search results as well. Research key phrases and common inquiries relating to your brand. This helps you determine the best ways to reach your consumer base within your industry. 

Elevate Your Digital Ads with Media Shark

Digital ads are a potent form of advertising for your business. The internet and social media platforms extend your business’s reach far beyond traditional static TV and radio ads. If you don’t know the right strategies and types of ads to use, it can be confusing and costly. 

Media Shark understands the complex process that comes with digital marketing. We offer full-service programmatic, SEO, and social media ad services. Media shark can help you take a bite out of your digital advertising to achieve the results you want. 

Contact us today to get a quote for your digital marketing needs.

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